I love tasting books and reading women...or vice versa!

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    #love #mirakee #quote #poem #writersnetwork

    So why can't I write about love????

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    I can't see you
    My eyes are clouded by love
    A love that's a shroud of prudence
    A love's that has fallen from above.


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    How to forget your past...ding...ding...

    1) Go to the nearest washroom. Stand infront of the mirror and say-
    Aaabraaa ka daaabraaaa gili gili chuuu
    Past mere ab bhaaaad me jaa tuuuuu

    It works. Trust me!

    2) Go to the nearest bar. Purchase a bottle according to your shraddha bhakti. Come out. Find the nearest gutter. Empty the entire bottle. Now, with full force, hit that empty bottle on your head. You will fell unconscious. But, when you will wake up you will find yourself saying these words-

    Mai kaun hu? Mai kaha hu? Mai kyu hu?

    Doctors say that it is the most efficient way of forgetting your past.

    3) Jump from a tall building. That one is much ambiguous. While falling, you will be so shocked that you will forget everything. Tumhari phat ke chaalis ho jayegi. Ab kya past kya future?

    4) Study a lot of Science. Become a scientist. A genius. Invent a machine that could erase memory. You see...your job's done.

    5) Lastly, just breathe. Read books. Do some hobbies. Meditate. Develop positive thinking and live your life with full energy. It will take some time...some effort...some downs. But... well...I'll meet you soon kiddo!

    Vaayu Rajput________________________________

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    A boy who's charming as devil
    Living life like a vagabond - evil
    Less money , more heartly concussions
    Even with some dirty confessions.

    He's somewhat handsome
    Somewhat lost in his own 'bharam'.
    Yes...he's tall of certain kind
    But in reality, he's short in mind.

    Creative he is, as said by all
    You can spot him painting the wall.
    To catch him, just bring a plate of pani puri
    And he'll be at your service ma'am.( i know it doesn't rhyme...stop finding the rhyme and look out for me people)

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    it conveys a lot!

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    S N A F U

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    What the hell is this life?

    I feel boisterous to announce this here, in public, in front of you all. Since the beginning of my existence, I've been devoted to a single cause- the cause of self awareness. I implored a plethora of my mentors(dead/alive) to give a simple answer to the biggest question of life- "What the hell is this life?" And, as ill luck would have it, no one, not even a single one of those highly embellished brains had the answer that could thaw the ice of my curiosity.

    Today, I found myself. I've found the answer. It was in front of me...all the time. It's in front of all of us. Our ancestors knew it better than us. All of us are enormously blinded by the iridescent rays of materialism that we neglect the most important concept of our being. Love. Yes, love is the answer.

    Love is not just a feeling, it's the energy that fuels the entire aura. It creates balance. It sings a bewitching harmony. It gives life a meaning. Love is all we need. Love is the answer. And, it's free!

    ________________vaayu rajput__________________

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    Love is like a breath of tranquility in the mundane life!

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    "I Love You!"

    ( ...well...maybe...I'm not I?)

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    This one is SPECIAL.��������

    Name _ Whispers
    By_ Siddhant Rajput

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    Even if we try to change things, sometimes it's better to let it go and move on. Moving on is not an act of feebleness but it signifies that there are things more important than the one we want to change!