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  • 1367890369_ 3w

    Feelings with unknown source always make us anxious;
    Either Good Or Bad

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    Just with a single thought
    Thousands of oceans are destroyed
    Millions of tribes are annihilated
    New worlds are instantly formed
    Chaos & Peace cycle is created

    So much destruction
    So much pain
    The birth of a new life
    Creation of
    The cycle of Life n Death
    So beautiful yet so cruel
    So enticing yet so cold
    So naive yet so mysterious

    Just with a single thought
    A new art is born

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  • 1367890369_ 10w

    Roaming all around the world
    I finally found the ocean
    I've heard, this ocean
    fulfils the wishes of its divers
    Without any second thought
    I dived!!!
    Dived in the ocean of despair;
    With a wish; One damn wish
    To find the pearl of 'hope'
    I dived restlessly:
    for hours, for days,
    for months, for years...
    But, Alas! I failed successfully
    Or, Was my wish denied?
    I'm still diving in the despair
    To find that pearl of 'hope'
    Hope; to live a single moment;
    To feel alive; even for a sec...


  • 1367890369_ 11w

    Empires never grow on the beds of roses
    They are built on the battlefields...

  • 1367890369_ 11w

    Wandering around the world
    At last, returned to my birth place
    The house which once used to be a Home
    Which once was so full of life
    There was peace in the clamor
    I was struck back with shock
    After, I saw the same building
    Not a building but a ruin
    Peace was long gone
    Even silence was screaming
    So much chaos in the air
    Such coldness, even memories freezed
    Blood was dripping off from everywhere
    the walls, the floor and the roof
    Blood of our relations
    Blood of our emotions, feelings
    That building was begging!!!
    Begging for Love, for Warmth
    But, it was too late
    Too Late!!!

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  • 1367890369_ 15w

    Art is all about 'Reflection' & 'Perception'.
    So is 'Life'...

  • 1367890369_ 17w

    Humans!!! Huh!!
    They're so messed up, that, they'll do any good or bad as the circumstances demand...
    In the end, they're just animals who happens to be slightly smarter than the others...

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