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  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 5d

    Happy birthday siso

    Thanku for always being there for me and for being my such a lovely best friend❤❤ and yaa don't stop fighting with me���� u know it's our daily routine ����

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    Birthday of 14_a_girl_in_the_dark

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 1w

    Our imagination flies when something plan transform into action.

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 2w

    The most beautiful thing is to love yourself.

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 2w

    Every morning brings new day...

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 3w

    Everyone astray from their path but it depends upon you to take it as opportunity or threat.

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 3w

    I made promise to myself that i will never let down in any situation

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 4w

    In this world,
    I am wandering and searching one who can hear my inner voice with whom i can share my feelings.

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 4w

    Better to be alone than to love someone.

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 4w

    क्यों खुदा ने दी लकीरे जिनमे जाहिर नाम नही तेरा
    लिख रही हूं दर्द सारे यू तो शायर नाम नही मेरा
    इतना भी कोई बेवफ़ा होता है क्या
    असल में तुम नहीं हो मेरे
    तुम नहीं हो मेरे.....

  • 14_a_girl_in_dark 6w

    इश्क़ बड़ा ही मासूम होता है ।
    यह हमें हसाता भी है और रुलाता भी है।।
    इस इश्क़ में डूब जाने को मन करता है ।
    पर क्या करू तुमसे दूर होने का भी डर रहता है ।।