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  • 1miranda1 26w

    The sad truth about life

    is no matter how good of a soul you have on the inside, they will always choose the most attractive one on the outside in a heartbeat

  • 1miranda1 39w

    I genuinely feel for people during this shitshow who can't focus on schoolwork and online classes,
    Or those having a hard time with shitty roommates or family members who annoy the hell out of them and feel there's no silence or privacy whatsoever,
    Or those who can't afford food/simply can't find anything they need because shelves are empty,
    Or for essential workers who have to deal with assholes who either don't appreciate them or don't respect social distancing rules,
    Or those who's lost loves ones or whoever actually has the virus,
    Or those who have mental health and it's quickly deteriorating because you can't deal with it any longer,
    Or graduates who've lost everything they were working so hard for,
    Or literally anyone who's felt life was so good before this happened and all your plans, hopes, and happiness got destroyed completely.
    We're in this together

  • 1miranda1 51w


    She sheds silent tears under a shady tree.
    He gently approaches her.
    "You deserve happiness. I want to make you feel happy, but I don't want to make you so happy that I become your only source to rely on; in case I desert you one day and leave you more upset than you are now."

  • 1miranda1 52w


    Weird how some memories feel more real than others.
    Some feel like mere dreams while others feel like you're reliving them all over again.
    A song would remind you of a certain moment or person,
    Because you'd listen to it together or everytime you went out.
    Once that certain person or moment is gone,
    And you listen to that song again,
    You start to cry because every lyric reminds you of that moment you wish you could have back.
    And you feel so upset you want to talk to someone,
    But don't know what to say,
    Because you can't just tell them,
    "I'm upset after listening to this song."
    Not everyone gets it.
    Listening to that song again long after the moment is gone hits a different level,
    Because you know that moment can never be brought back again.

  • 1miranda1 53w

    The Sky

    The sky is a magical thing you can stare at,
    And feel like you're on a whole other planet.
    But you're not,
    Because this is Earth and it always will be.
    But it just goes to show,
    It can make you feel so small,
    Thinking there's a whole universe out there.
    Beyond the moon and the stars,
    Beyond the sunsets and sunrises,
    Beyond the clouds and the wind,
    There's more.
    When billions look at it simultaneously,
    It's something we all have in common,
    Just like being human.
    Everytime I feel lost,
    I look at the sky.
    Because something so powerful,
    That's right above you,
    It's impossible not to appreciate.

  • 1miranda1 53w

    Me and Her

    The difference between me and her,
    Is that she'll always be in your life.
    She'll always be able to talk to you,
    Even when you don't want to talk to me.
    Whenever we'd fight,
    You'd always go to her,
    And she'd always be on your side.
    She protects you from people like me.
    Long after we split,
    You'd still have her.
    And she will have you long after I'm gone.
    That's the problem with having her while you have me.
    What makes us so different?
    Is she better than me?
    Is it because you've known her longer?
    Or that whatever we shared is nothing,
    Compared to what you've shared with her?
    Rather than jealousy, I feel unsafe.
    Unsafe that you'd choose her over me.

  • 1miranda1 56w


    To think, people were against me,
    Wanting me to respect you more,
    Because "you deserve better".
    I tried to be that better,
    But you became worse for me.
    I searched within myself,
    To find my flaws and fix them,
    For you.
    Yet you couldn't see me as the one you wanted before.
    Nor do you even love yourself,
    And apparently you never did.
    Oh look how the tables have turned.
    Even after everything I've done for you,
    I deserve better.

  • 1miranda1 56w

    So much for my happy ending

    Have you ever tried your hardest for something and have it fail on you?
    Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it's never enough.
    And most times, you can't even control it.
    It doesn't have to be you at all,
    Because it all depends on the other person.
    The other person who stops trying because they couldn't handle it.
    Because they couldn't handle you.
    Soulmates aren't for everyone.
    Some never even find one.
    But then again, commitment and promises aren't for everyone either.
    Do I feel bad?
    Not anymore.
    Because I've realized it was all a waste of time.
    You faked your trying,
    In hopes you'll feel something.
    But somehow, your spark is gone.
    How would I know it wasn't all a lie since the beginning?
    You made me believe all this time that it was my fault,
    When it was yours the whole time.
    I've stopped my caring.
    Why should I care so much about someone when they won't even bother to try to care about me.
    I'm done.
    I want to start over; if commitment and promises still exist in this world.
    But sadly, I don't believe it.

  • 1miranda1 56w

    Out of numerous life lessons for the new decade, here are a few that are most important to me #life #lessons #lifelessons #2020 #2k20 #newyear #happynewyear #writing #writer #mirakee

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    Things I've learned this decade~

    • the past is gone and it'll never come back
    • you only keep moving forward
    • don't spend money on things you don't need
    • get rid of whatever you don't need
    • don't turn your emotions into actions; react logically, once you think like this you'll realize when others act on emotions
    • always try new things
    • never wait on anyone; they will move on from you
    • do what makes yourself happy; never depend on others for happiness
    • appreciate what you have before it's gone
    • never pressure anyone into accepting you; if they tell you to fuck off, do it
    • we constantly keep growing old of things we closely held on to as children
    • things aren't always as bad as you think; communicate your issues and never make assumptions
    • leave anything and anyone who give you negative vibes
    • don't care about others; competition is never worth your energy
    • just because they're older, doesn't mean they're wiser or better than you
    • people will not like you; what matters is if you like yourself
    • always stop to examine your feelings
    • multiple chances are okay as long as you keep changing each time
    • always take risks
    • no matter what you do, make sure you enjoy it
    • if you really want something, work hard enough to get it
    • if you won't do it, someone else will

  • 1miranda1 56w

    Here's a little idea to keep tallying to make the year more interesting and have something to look back on when the year is over☺️
    #newyear #2020 #writing #task #challenge #happynewyear #mirakee #tracker #2k20 #talley #game

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    New Year Tracker~

    Classes failed:
    Books read:
    Animals petted:
    Parties attended:
    Lipsticks finished:
    Friends gained:
    Friends lost:
    Times cried:
    Movies watched:
    Series watched:
    Songs discovered:
    Library checkouts:
    Late library fees:
    Money made:
    Projects completed:
    New places visited: