Expression thru poetry is beautiful.

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  • 300roses 15h


    Dark clouds loom
    The skies gloom
    Lightning zoom
    Thunders boom
    Hide in room.

    Winds battered
    Rain splattered
    Roofs rattled
    Roads cluttered
    It's flooded.


  • 300roses 17h

    It takes ages
    to find the right words
    to tell a story,
    yet just
    seconds to share it.


  • 300roses 1d

    #mmvc #writersbay
    Inspired by a boring course I'm doing now.

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    Seat in place
    Mind in space
    Thoughts in trace
    Not in pace
    On retrace.

    As I mull
    Senses sull
    Mind goes null
    I turn dull
    To sleep lull


  • 300roses 2d

    A long winding road
    shrouded in darkness
    stretched ahead,
    But I shall not fear,
    for you are with me.
    You are my guiding light,
    Like a lamp,
    you light up my path,
    so I could see every step I take.
    You are my guardian angel
    watching over me.
    With you by my side,
    I shall not fear,
    for you would not
    let me fall.


  • 300roses 3d

    The Old Tree

    The old tree was still there,
    living in the same ground.
    Time had left its mark on the tree,
    Gone was its luscious glory.
    Much of its leaves had fallen off,
    its sparse crown now
    resting upon brittle-like branches
    held by a trunk
    carved with wrinkles.

    The old tree spent its days
    witnessing changes in
    its surroundings &
    the coming of new eras,
    like watching an endless drama
    that kept evolving with
    new characters & storylines
    being introduced.
    In its enduring life,
    it had seen the
    best & worst of time,
    yet through it all,
    one thing never changed,

    The old tree remained rooted
    where it was, unwaveringly
    & unnoticed.


  • 300roses 4d

    Dewdrops are like blessings
    from the skies,
    Each drop as precious
    as a pearl,
    Each drop nourishes life.
    Cherish the droplets
    resting on the blades of grass,
    leaves & flower petals,
    for they are transient.
    By & by
    dewdrops would fade into air.
    Delight in their glistening beauty
    while they linger,
    before they bid you goodbye.


  • 300roses 4d


    Sin never slumbers,
    it's always lurking.
    Like a snake,
    it slithers into my mind,
    coiling itself around
    my thoughts,
    tempting me at every turn,
    it stifles me.
    Every waking moment,
    I'm vulnerable to the
    clutches of sin,
    I somehow fall into the
    trap of sin.
    Try as I might to fight it,
    I fail miserably,
    I'm human after all.
    Sin never tires,
    it's always waiting.
    Sin has me in its grip.


  • 300roses 5d

    Old Jukebox

    You're like a song
    in the old jukebox
    that I chose to play
    each time I pushed in the coin.

    As the song played,
    its nostalgic melody
    began to form an artistic path
    with its musical notes,
    taking me on a lovely stroll
    down memory lane,
    back to our good old days.
    The song lyrics told the story of
    our carefree youth,
    where joy & laughter filled our days.
    Spirited & without a care,
    we went on fun adventures &
    explored novel interests,
    ever eager to create new
    experiences together,
    We did.
    Beautiful memories lined
    the road we travelled on,
    with our footprints imprinted on it.
    Each memory bubble beckoned
    to me as I strolled towards it,
    I saw our happy faces
    in every bubble,
    They made me smile.
    They were our precious memories.

    You're like the special song
    in the old jukebox
    that I would choose to play
    over & over again.


  • 300roses 1w


    with grace
    of life's trials,
    Grow stronger with every adversity.


  • 300roses 1w


    The sky delights in the presence
    of his "shiny" friends -
    the sun, the moon & the stars,
    for they grace his
    vastness with their shine.
    By day, the sun glistens with
    its brilliance,
    By night, the moon glows with
    its serenity,
    while the stars kiss his
    wide canvas with their sparkles.
    He relishes "basking"
    in their light.
    The sky has a secret fear though.
    He fears one day
    his friends would cease to shine.
    Without them,
    his world would be cast into
    total darkness,
    He could not imagine nothingness
    in his immensity for infinity,
    This scares him.
    He hopes with great fervour
    that his friends would never
    lose their shine,
    He hopes with all his heart
    that they would keep shining for him,
    for as long as eternity
    shall last.