Reality is often disappointing.

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  • 7 11h

    Is this all it's gonna be?...


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    choking on the smoke
    of the cigarettes
    caught in the web
    of regrets
    sitting alone
    with bottles of beer
    at 3 in the night
    i look up to the sky
    and wonder

    Is this all it's gonna be?
    or is there more to come

  • 7 14h


  • 7 2d

    As far as i can see it's all nothing but misery
    Darkness taking over my life acting monopoly
    Holding on tight gripping over me
    The lights are fading i'm losing my sanity
    And my soul is trynna break free
    It is all in vain and i see
    The world seems against me
    As i'm not following their philosophy
    Different and not the same
    I'm not insane but differently sane
    Lately i have been such a mess
    Provoking myself for things that are needles
    In pursuit of peace i have been so reckless

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    In pursuit of peace
    i've been so reckless

  • 7 4d

    The way she smiles
    The way she looks
    I just can't think
    of anyone better

    even when she cries
    she's beautiful
    she showed me life
    could be so much better

    no one can
    be that girl
    she's just perfect
    in every way i define

    she makes me smile
    when i look at her
    she made me feel alive
    like i was never

    she pulled me back
    out of the dark
    brought me to life
    when i was withered
    and i can't love other
    she made me better
    my first and last love, for life

    I can't ever love again
    Oh, i can't ever love again

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  • 7 5d

    Ignore the mistakes...

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    Quarantine Tales

    Hey, readers how you all doing?
    Well you must be scared right and i know it's obvious coz of the bloody coronavirus
    But don't worry it will be alright soon, hope.

    Today i will narrate the story of a girl, not just any other girl she is breathtakingly beautiful and wonderdul and i'll tell you about her dream,
    A dream to go to the city of Paris one day and live all of that she dreamt about.

    One thing i'll let you know she adores the Eiffel tower so much that you'll find it in everything she owns, be it a key chain, laptop wallpaper, phone wall paper everything but i know one thing that when she'll be standing in front of the Eiffel, it will bow down to honour the love she has inside her and the Eiffel will be awestruck by seeing her soul, i can bet on that and i know i will win♥️

    One day she'll be on a flight to Paris, to make her dream come true and i hope she'll find the her love, the one who'll respect her and love her like no one ever did, holding hands, looking into each others eyes they'll step down together on her dreamland and on her face will be this wide million dollar smile, cheeks blushing red, eyes filled with tears of immense joy and happiness, blood flowing as if a formula one race is going on and hands gripped tight to the one she loves♥️

    Walking on the streets at night, feeling the cold breeze flowing over her face she would be breathing freely like she never did, all the mess and chaos in her head, she left way behind and  only things left with her will be love, calmness, happiness and smile that is not fake.

    Living in hotel with a rooftop room with a view of the night sky full of stars twinkling as if dancing on song, a full moon shining bright like a pearl in the sky and the terrace decorated with lights, scented candles, a bottle of wine( the best one)
    Drinking wine all night and dancing on the old skool bollywood songs acting like the hero-heroin, jumping all around like kids playing and lie down heads to the sky watching the stars and living in the moment holding each others hands tight, not saying a word but feeling everything as if nothing else matters at that time,
    Then suddenly at midnight again wandering the streets eating the french food, slowly walking towards the Eiffel.
    The moment she'll be there that slow walking will turn to excited jump-walking and the slow talks will trun inton screams of joy and he would be looking at her thinking this could not get better than this, she'll for it and pulling his hand running wild and free and with sudden stop, slowly looking up and living the dream, standing there lost in all that she'll suddenly hear her name from him, calling her to turn around and when she does, she'll see him kneel down holding flowers(yellow orchids) in his hands and at that moment the tears of joy in eyes will come running down and he'll wipe them and hug her tight and she'll feel the love, she'll feel safe and their hearts will beat in sync connecting from soul to soul and then he would kiss her on the forehead and then on the lips and the whole world will come to hault as if the time is running very slow
    They'll sit there for some time and then head back to the hotel room she'll be drunk so he'll hold her into his arms and take her to the terrace bed and lay her down gently and she fall asleep he'll be looking at her and thinking how wonderful the moment is.
    She'll wake up in the morning hearing soft songs playing in the background and he'll wake her up with a kiss on head and make her breakfast with a cup of coffee and this will be the best day of her life
    I pray and hope she'll live her dream one day♥️

  • 7 5d

    i guide others to the treasure i can not possess and that is self love XD

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  • 7 1w

    And sometimes even just a hug can do wonders.♥️

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  • 7 2w

    There is a girl so innocent and so brave, batteling through life, broken but beautiful inside out. Her name you ask? Well, it's Hannah, hannah baker, no i'm kidding it's just Hannah and meet me Robert, her friend (The greatest of all) and i'm here trying to figure out why the hell a girl like her is so broken from inside and i want to help her heal. Wait, no i'm not a saviour or something i'm just a normal guy and to be honest i am broken too but let me say this, helping her smile and making her forget about everything bad no matter if it's for sometime, seeing her smile my million broken pieces act as one, and i feel good at that moment, i feel happy, so eventually it's me that i'm helping but you see what's happening here, stay with me reader,
    Coz this story is going to get more beautiful as you'll read along.

    So let me tell you more about this star that fell on earth on 02nd october 1997 and yes it's hannah not me for that matter, see the thing is i can never really put into words what i've felt and seen in her but i will try my best, i will tell you through poems about her, so keep up with me or you'll be lost in this awe inspiring tale.

    "All of the wounds
    hiding beneath her skin
    all of the love
    caged within
    a soul that is
    torn apart
    a broken heart
    hurt, pain and deceit,
    she has got all but love
    But that didn't let her beauty fade away
    Instead tranformed her to be
    Who she is today
    A fighter, a warrior"

    Hannah is just a normal girl you would say when you'll first meet her but slowly when you get to know her there's no going back, you'll be wanting to dive deeper and deeper into her soul, exploring, admiring and craving for the love you see flowing through every part of that soul, broken yes but beautiful.

    The extent to which she'll go for someone she care about, the selflessness, all the love she pours in every bond is just beyond despite of all the betrayals and obstacles throughout her life
    I know you must be wondering how can a person be like that, it must be a fairy tale or something coz no one is perfect
    Well, she might not be perfect as no one is but this fairy tale is as real as it can be, pinky promise you'll know when you'll know what's hiding inside.

    Trust me when i got know her i was wondering that she is like a dream come true, and there's nothing wrong that can happen to her as a person so giving, so loving and caring will be the top priority of the ones in her life no doubt about that.
    But is that the case you'd ask, is she really getting all the love in this world that she deserves?
    As far as i know, it's a big no, not even close, rather she's taken for granted at times, and betrayed by the ones she loved once

    Let me tell you about her smile and thereis just one way,

    "Tumhari smile kitni dangerous hai pata hai? ... mere paas dil hota na, teri smile pe pakka aa jaata"

    But this smile is not always happy, sometimes it'll be hiding pain that's breaking her from inside, yes she does magic but to you it will always appear alluring and only she knows what's going inside.

    "She is just like a poetry
    So beautifully composed
    Just needs the right one
    To understand her deep soul"

    A kid trapped in a body of an adult trying to break free from the restrictions this world is putting on her, wanting to runaway from everyone, alone, in search of peace, this is what a soul like her is dreaming of, this is not what she deserves, but this is what she's getting and after all this people still be complaining,
    She deserves all the love this world has but you know what she doesn't even asks for all of that, she just wants little things that matter to her, a bit of love, respect, support and care how wrong can all this go
    She gets happy by just seeing a flock of birds flying around, amused by planes going over from her head up in the sky dreaming of the day she'll be going in one to her dream city paris,
    You bring her a pack of cadbury nutties and see the smile on her face or bring her flowers and tell me if she stops smiling, i can bet on that. To the one who'll be her lover, you my friend are the luckiest person

  • 7 3w

    Bg - @7

    Gehraiyaan vo teri aankhon ki
    Dooba raha mein toh unme hi
    Dhundhli si vo yaadein teri
    Baatein vo mere dil ki
    Garmiya vo teri baahon ki
    vajah bani meri sanson ki
    Chehra tera vo dilnashi
    Mile sukoon dikhe jab bhi

    Aaye na vo din kabhi
    Mit jayee jo yeh yaadein sabhi
    Aaye na vo din kabhi
    Naa bhulu tujhe mein kabhi
    Dhundu tujhe ab har jagah
    Par tujhsa mila na koi
    Kaash tu fir ho mera
    Ab naa jaaye mujhse dur kahi

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    Vo yaadein teri
    Vo baatein teri
    Vo teri hassi
    Na bhulu kabhie

  • 7 4w

    Trying to find peace, broke down, i'm dreamin'
    Rooting for myself, in the dark, i'm screamin'
    Life is but a dream, we are all, just sleepin'
    You think you know it, but that's what it isn't

    Going after light, hope to live, i'm chasin'
    Taking every step, going down, i'm stumblin'
    What's left of my soul, bits and pieces, i'm grippin'
    Seeing things in the dark, mess in head, i'm trippin'

    Taking this, taking that, taking all, let it sink in
    Suddenly midnight, waking up, i'm thinkin'
    Letting somethings out and the rest, i'm keepin'
    Every step that i take, i don't know what it's bringin'

    I don't feel great, head down, i'm sittin'
    Staring at the walls, day and night, never blinkin'
    Doing things, going out, but i'm never in it
    Lost myself on the way, hope to try, and win it

    Demons in my head, taking hold, trynna play me
    All these times, all these things, yeah it did change me
    Been through hell and back, for the change, you can't blame me
    After all that has happened, everythings lost, so is the same me