Letters to the world hidden under the floor boards.

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  • 7paper_planes 2w

    Spiritual Power Outage

    In the light
    THEY were created
    THEY lived
    THEY worked and smiled

    The light disappears and chaos became instead

    In the darkness
    THEY were doomed
    THEY hid
    THEY slept and cried

    WE see in the dark for inside is light

    Don't THEY know WE pray with our eyes closed anyway?

    WE are not afraid of the dark

    But in the darkness those who fear search for those who have the light

    For THEY have been blinded and cannot see

    THEY look for us where THEY know we reside

    Driving past our churches
    Walking pass us at work hoping to be noticed

    Sometimes we fail to see their cries for help
    We miss their broken

    Sometimes those who are saved and who already have the light forget how it was to be left in the darkness
    Lonely, vulnerable, and afraid

    Those with light must remember those in the dark
    We are here to gather the harvest for the Great Wedding

    Do not forget to look in the darkness

    For WE are not afraid of a simple power outage


  • 7paper_planes 3w

    Forgiveness in God

    Everyday I make the same mistakes
    On repeat
    Lord you see me, you know what I do, what I did
    Why would you still come back again?
    One day I am blessed, the same day I sin again
    There are thorns in my side, songs I can't hide
    Things I want to erase become imprinted on my face
    Words can't be unwritten, I cannot unbreak the broken
    Nor find hope in things that are hopeless
    I can't even forgive myself for those things I am truly guilty of

    I always think that I will fall back into them, these sinful ways
    So I purposely leave room in my sorrys for my sins to hide in and live on in

    Will you forgive me for this sin too?


  • 7paper_planes 4w

    You too

    Something has happened to me and I can't seem to recover from it

    Yet it's a common tragedy
    People walk around it everyday

    Yet I've seem to have fallen in
    Not once has it happened but several times in the same moment
    And I still don't know what it is

    I don't get up I just lay there
    I don't hurt
    I'm not in pain

    I just...am.

    And that seems worst than bleeding or running out of air

    Are you here too?
    Laying among broken things in the dark
    Confused and hoping
    And yet wishing for nothing all the same
    Do you hear them calling your name but your body still refuses to acknowledge their longing of hurt and pain?

    Are you here too among the shattered and overturned?
    Do you even care?
    Do you even know that you're here?
    I can't see anyone else but I hear them
    I feel them but this room remains empty
    Airless and weak

    Hollow enough to see right through to the deep end
    Where it's either so quiet or full of haunting screams
    Heaven or Hell it seems

    But here in the in-between I can see both sides
    And I'm just here empty
    While heaven rejoices and hell weeps

    I'm just here.


  • 7paper_planes 7w

    "They say" series


    Why try to find ways to make it easier to stay?

    We don't belong here anywayz.

    Let's just go home and invite others to come and stay.


  • 7paper_planes 9w


    They just seem to always come around now
    Ever since I found my way back to my first love
    The devil sends out his attacks
    Those sneaky feelings of depression and deep loss
    Though nothing has even happened
    They find me every way I run

    Like a snake that waits for prey to get close enough
    Close enough to happy
    A hidden snare is there

    They lurk about in the trees and lie and wait under fallen leaves
    To pounce and sink in their teeth
    That strong dark poison
    Seeping in

    Heavy and numbing
    Like an old friend coming back
    patting my shoulder pretending to care but only came to take my heart away again

    I'll cry at random times and
    It feels so severe too
    Like the strings holding my heart and soul in place
    Snap and break
    And my heart falls away disrupting my...everything
    Everything I was
    By the strength it takes to stop holding back those mysterious and painful tears

    I groan
    My body moans and my soul screams
    Something...or everything inside me is breaking

    I emotionally and mentally die
    Yet physically have not even moved a muscle
    Besides to wipe the tears from my eyes or to grip my stomach as it feels it might fall open

    And then all too suddenly...
    It disappears
    As if having never been there
    A dim dullness only remains

    My heart back in place
    No more noise
    Just a quiet that seems too strange

    But I am together
    In one piece

    But in the back of my mind I know something is broken or missing
    But I never have enough time to dwell on it to examine what it was that I've lost

    Because happy is still waiting for me to find her
    I'm just afraid that when I do finally finally find her that that thing I couldn't identify before will crawl out from behind those trees and bite my heel


    Yet even though I might stumble
    It was already foreseen

    I will crush its head


    Genesis 3:15
    And I will cause hostility between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will strike your head, and you will strike his heel.”

  • 7paper_planes 9w

    In Dream

    It has been a long time but I've just now remembered who I've always wanted to be

    The world was just moving too fast I got caught up in who I was becoming and not who I wanted/needed to be

    Her presence felt the most strong when I was asleep
    Dreaming of things thought to be impossible in reality

    I watched her there
    And her words were power in that place her thoughts and ideas were real
    She wasn't afraid
    She was peace
    She was free

    When I awoke to reality she was on display in a beautiful cage
    Locked away

    Like everyone saw her but really only what they wanted to see
    Like each person was looking at one piece of the puzzle but when you step back it's a whole other thing entirely

    But at night in her dreams
    The field of imagination became reality
    She was in a way still trapped...
    Layed down and unable to move
    Arms bond and legs tied
    Yet heart loosed

    Even still they couldn't reach her in her dreams
    There was a way to escape death and also life
    Neither alive and not yet dead
    In a sleep.
    In a dream.


  • 7paper_planes 14w

    How long has it only been you?

    Empty rooms and torn pages
    Echoing whispers and made up faces
    Loneliness wasn't real until I wanted something new
    It was just reality for me and I knew it too

    But one day I woke up from a dream and realized I wanted to share my depth with someone other than just me
    But I was rejected by all

    They pushed me away and broke my face
    Said I'd be alone forever
    To just accept my fate

    That's when I realized "loneliness"
    As it was in its true state

    It was always just a way of life it was apart of me but then It became separate from me and I began to despise it
    When something is apart of you
    you don't see it as unnatural
    It's naturally of you
    So when I no longer felt loneliness as my friend
    I broke my trance and ran

    But when I took the chance no one took my hand

    I knew what I wanted and was told I couldn't have it
    I lost myself and my descend had begun

    Love became all I ever wanted but I couldn't reach it
    It became my thoughts all day and it woke me up and put me to sleep

    It even followed me into my dreams

    This thing...love
    Lasting and true
    Yet only I could never keep it in view longer than a few moments that were sacred by heavy looks

    Like painful memories to broken people
    Or like fallen leaves to tree branches
    Love never wanted me

    I could never really call it mine
    I always had to sacrifice
    Wait. Or give it time.

    When I finally receive it
    it fleas like the sound of those sweet nothings in the breeze

    Why does everything I love always get taken away?
    And even still I'm forced to watch others receive what I long for everyday

    I will never hear any one ask me
    How long has it just been you?

    Because it will always be.

    No one will ever approach me because I want it too much

    So it'll stay the same

    Empty rooms and torn pages
    Echoing whispers and made up faces
    Loneliness wasn't real until I wanted something new
    It TRULY IS just reality for me


  • 7paper_planes 14w

    You Wouldn't Know

    You wouldn't know that it is better to
    Tell me ugly truths then to tell me beautiful lies
    It's better to bring pain then to allow me to feel your gentle embrace.
    I need you to yell at me instead of bringing soothing quiet
    Because that would make me comfortable and I don't need nor deserve it.

    If you ever want to leave please rip your hands from me rather then making them linger....or I'll remember them and their imprints

    Have anger with me rather then leaving me with sweet memories
    Because I can't take them with me when I go.

    You wouldn't know that it is better to leave me wondering rather then having me remember and wanting more.

    Just tell me when you begin to hate me because it is better for you to just turn away from me at once...then to have you stay and walk around with a strange face knowing I'm not what you want.

    Leave me at once don't try to hold out the incoming pain.
    Let me feel it all at one time
    I'll be fine.

    It's good for you to create new wounds then to try and fix my already tarnished skin.

    Make new pain for me to suffer through. Don't try to fix what's been broken with age.
    It's wasteful anyway.

    You wouldn't know that doing these things makes us..okay

    If you were to do sweet things and say nice things....then leave
    I would miss you forever and never fall in love again....I'd be ruined and I'd regret it.

    But if you treat me bad then leave me mad
    I'll feel as if you didn't deserve me and that everything that happened didn't hurt me and I'll have a chance to move on and change, become better than ME.

    But I would never tell you this to contain your happiness sooo...

    You still wouldn't know.



  • 7paper_planes 17w


    I'm in pain today
    So my handwriting is ugly
    Long strokes and sharp corners
    My words become like daggers
    Not smooth and gentle instead pointy and rigged

    Heavy are my hands as each word bleeds from the ink

    It's always the same
    In pain everyday
    Yesterday I hid it so well
    But today the bruises have risen to the surface
    Reds and purples paint my broken skin

    What's even worse?
    I don't know why I'm in pain
    It's dull and numbing
    And without origin

    All I know is I can't hide it
    Not now
    I can't smile over it
    I can't pretend

    So today you can see
    If you look just once you'll finally see me
    Out in the open
    Her truth spoken

    I'll truly be me
    You'll see the dried up streams
    That carried heavy storm waters away from her eyes and toward her straining heart as it screams

    Her eyes are so tired
    But they won't let her sleep
    Won't let her dream of better things
    Not even those seas of sweet nothings

    Where is my happy ending?

  • 7paper_planes 19w

    Us two

    I watch you as you carry your lonely bones around.
    I witness the strength it takes to actually lay your body down.
    As you take the coat off your back I always pray that the weight of the world is removed from your shoulders too.

    Tidal waves and mighty winds is all it took to break you and make you cave in.

    And when you break down you can't breathe
    So I offer you the oxygen out of my own chest but you
    Deny any rescue
    Certain you'll save yourself.
    Please be careful
    Breathe easy for me

    Before you leave out the door you make sure to put your mask on first.

    Hiding behind other people's simple lives.
    But not with me
    I won't let it be.

    No I don't wanna talk about myself
    Just tell me where it hurts

    Instead of heavy storms I'll bring a gentle breeze and calm waters.

    Once I heal your bones and fix your smile then maybe one day I'll try working on myself.

    After I love you
    I'll learn how to somehow feel love for myself.

    It'll be just us two...

    Forces to be reckoned with.

    _inspired by a song
    *Sleeping at last-Two