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  • 8_infinity 3w

    May the new year be just the way you want it to be.Wish from the deepest core of your heart, wish fearlessly.The universe is listening!

    A blessed and Happy new year fam!

  • 8_infinity 3w

    Can we stop cursing the year that was 2020.
    For showing us
    Who we really are.
    What did it do?
    Forcefully carry forward
    A virus that was born a year earlier!
    As I see it,
    It gave us oppurtunities aplenty.
    To slow down.
    To rethink the gameplan set by humanity.
    But learn, did we?
    Nope, as always we blamed it on somebody
    Instead of taking responsibility
    Of hopeless actions
    Trickling down generations
    Here we are cursing a year
    That just tried to make things better
    Gave us chances to rebuild ourselves
    For us and the future..

  • 8_infinity 5w

    I care; sometimes more than I should.
    Because I know what it feels like,
    To be uncared for.
    I listen; sometimes for hours.
    Because I know how a heart breaks,
    When there's to share with.
    I love; with all my heart and more,
    Because, this heart knows the pain,
    Of longing for love.
    I forgive; just as easily,
    Wouldn't I want to be forgiven too?
    I forget; all that had hurt me,
    Because making space for happy thoughts
    Is much better..
    To be a little more of a human
    Than I was before.
    The empath in me is all this and more.
    And everytime life throws a curve,
    Or smiles at me,
    I believe, she is opening a long locked door..

  • 8_infinity 5w

    Yes, exactly that.
    A wish, a desire, a need, a want.
    Our own backyard
    Our own lawn
    A nice little place
    For the baby and puppy
    To run around.
    His gaming room
    My cozy corner
    Our own place to snuggle
    Every weather.
    A balcony overlooking a garden
    Neighbours happy and friendly
    Warm and cozy vibing kitchen
    And fine decor.
    A wish, a desire, a need , a want.
    Of a home to come back to.
    Filled with love and oh so elegant!

  • 8_infinity 7w

    A lot of talkers
    A handful of listeners..
    A lot of takers
    A handful of givers.
    A lot of achievers
    A handful of happy.
    Are we missing something?

  • 8_infinity 8w

    Longing for quiet time..

    And one day
    You'd wake up late, really late.
    No alarm clocks,no snooze buttons
    No rush,no voices.
    That peaceful morning with a cuppa
    The soft golden rays of the sun
    Caressing your face.
    Birds chirping around you
    While a gentle breeze and a smile
    Mid-day arrives.
    And it gets a bit quieter.
    But the Television keeps you company.
    The playstation set, the games
    Get better.
    Slowly, dusk flows in to welcome the twilight
    Its getting darker.
    Yet, there's no rush, no voices.
    Its still quiet.
    A drink in your hand,
    You begin to wonder.
    Where have all the noises gone?
    There's nobody on the phone.
    By night, you long to hear someone call.
    A human, a pet, anyone.
    You and the partner are finally at peace.
    With the life you so desperately wished.
    But, now, in the encircling quiet
    You wonder..
    Where have all the voices gone..

  • 8_infinity 11w

    Just care.
    Won't cost you anything.
    Won't hurt anyone.
    May be a word of encouragement.
    Or sit silently beside the one
    For whom words remain but none.
    Please do.
    A little for other.
    A little for you.

  • 8_infinity 12w

    Go peacefully into the night.
    She will heal you,
    There's no need for a fight.
    Her soft glow will surround you
    With warmth, like you never get anywhere.
    As the ever graceful Luna directs
    Your path to serenity.
    Each time you trust and believe
    Everything you desire,
    Oh the beautiful universe
    Would readily give.

    Go peacefully into the night.
    Even when the end is near
    And chaos dims your sight.
    Relax now,
    There's no need for a fight.

  • 8_infinity 18w

    I don't want a huge mansion
    When I can no longer feel its beauty.
    Don't want that vacation
    Where, health demands staying in the room
    To be a priority.
    Don't want to save up to live my life
    At a later stage.
    Killing myself to get to that point
    And not live today.
    Don't want to get so busy
    That forgeting family and friends comes easy.
    Lastly, don't want a heart
    That does not feel anymore..
    If not serving my purpose
    Then, what am I living for?

  • 8_infinity 19w

    Click bait

    We've all been there.
    Seen, been through it, may be over it by now.
    If you're not, then here's a snippet.
    A guide to a toxic humans way
    Of making you feel special..
    First comes the droplets of affection.
    Then the sprinkles of jealousy
    In guise of "care".
    Oh, the dry desert they create in your heart
    By taking all of your energy.
    Disdain, manipulation and condesence
    Show up in perfect synergy.
    But wait, the show's not over.
    For when they need you,
    You are showered with
    Everything you desire
    And just like a desert lapping up
    Each drop it gets of an occasional rain,
    The one at it's mercy
    Feels heard, seen and cared for.
    Click bait is the name of the game.
    That the toxic one plays.
    The cycle would continue,
    Unless you can call it day
    And break the chain..