--I'm a broken piece of art I don't need fixing The cracks within me Are what make me the world's greatest masterpiece--

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  • ____miia 4w

    If we're a mistake
    Can I repeat it
    I don't wanna learn
    Whatever lesson it is

  • ____miia 4w

    Don't blame me
    Don't say its my fault
    I wasn't controling your feet
    When you walked out

  • ____miia 4w

    If you're gonna be man enough to cheat
    Be man enough to take the confrontation
    I didn't sign to be the man in the relationship
    I've had enough of cowards

  • ____miia 8w

    He said:
    "Your wise for your age"

    She answered:
    "Then that means I've been broken young"

  • ____miia 9w

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    Counting Stars

    Nowadays I've been having sleepless nights
    Kinda found it hard just to close my eyes
    Instead I lay and stare out far
    Then I start counting stars

    It's a bit stupid I know
    But so was letting you go
    I can't help but remember how you sped of in your car
    I didn't care about myself, I kept thinking how you are

    I admit, at times you were right
    Like when you said without you I don't have a life
    Atleast then I wasn't drinking alone in a bar
    Constellations weren't writing your name on my heart

    These days our love reminds me of the milky way
    Like how you can't see it but it always stays
    To be fair, I guess I'm the only one inlove
    I just like thinking about an "us" to keep my sanity
    Cause without you, I'm lost in a whole other galaxy

    So now I'm in bed writing poems about you
    I'm hugging pillows, hallucinating its you that's true
    Yeah I didn't realize I had fallen fully
    Proof? How 'bout me still rocking your old hoodie
    I've lost almost all my stability
    When I let go of the handle bars
    Oh look! I fell and still here I am counting stars

  • ____miia 9w

    At the edge of a cliff

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    At the edge of a cliff
    You had the chance for me to live
    Wasn't holding for life
    I was hanging for love
    Wanted to see if you let me slip

    You saw me reach out my hand
    Saw me screaming tossed in the sand
    At the edge of a cliff
    You saw me falling