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  • __aesthetic__soul__ 16w

    Dear Mr Unknown❤❤❤

    I know someday my destiny will take me to you bae and am waiting for that day so impatiently . You know babe I've planned so much for our first date like we will meet on a special day☺️ in a tranquil and idealistic place, we will grasp each other's hand instantly, and will give tight and mellow hugs to each other,will spend sometimes peacefully ignoring the whole world and will share a hell lot of intimate thoughts and secrets with each other. Though I know that day will come soon, still you know its too backbreaking for me to wait for that day because i just can't hold on my feelings anymore. I really wanna meet you soon, wanna hold you in my warm arms and just wanna confess that yes, you are the missing piece of my heart❤️❤️ which I have searched for so long. Yes, you are the one who completes me and can illume my life❣❣❣. But I know I have to wait and I will wait for the right time to come to meet you babe and I know that day is no longer away. Moreover, may God bless your hustle, dual your happiness, and love yaa!!! ❤️❤️❤️


  • __aesthetic__soul__ 19w


  • __aesthetic__soul__ 20w

    I don't cry for that person, who had left me alone in my bad breaks, rather I am thankful to that person cuz it made me realize my Worth!!!!

    Ishita ❤❤❤

  • __aesthetic__soul__ 20w


    A bond is just like a thread, if it's firm enough, it can bind people tightly in a virtuous relationship, but if it gets feeble due to mistrust and misinterpretation it becomes loose and gets split up!!!..


  • __aesthetic__soul__ 20w

    Life is an endless journey but it depends on us how much we can travel .....

  • __aesthetic__soul__ 40w

    My heart beats only for you!!!

    Whenever i see you , my heart starts beating
    With mythical lyrics that fills it with bliss....
    Seeing you everything become special..
    And i feel as if that very moment shall be cherished..

    I cant make you understand..
    Cuz i myself cannot measure the depth of that tone...
    Just a glance of yours , makes my day perfect
    And can devoid my lone ....

    Your presence vanquishes
    every ordeal i go through...
    But your absence empowers my
    despair and heartache too!!!

    I feel so beauteous spending times with you..
    U make my heart to feel good and glee!!!..
    Oh God!!..I really wanna know the reason behind why only for you , such happens to me!!!!

  • __aesthetic__soul__ 60w

    The ones, who steal our hearts , just like thieves...
    The ones, who becomes the most favourite partners of all our mischieves!!!!...

    The ones, who stand by us in every situations and influence us to try...
    The ones , who are always there to lend their shoulders for us to cry!!!..

    The ones, with whom we can share all our secrets...
    And who can be called as our dearest soulmates!!!

    The ones, who sometimes fight with us and be the reason of our sadness....
    But at the same times ..they are the one , who can do anything to fill us with happiness!!!!...

    Though they are not connected with us by blood, rather they are attached with us by heart to heart ....
    And this strong attachment will never let us to be apart!!!!

    The ones, on whom we can do blindly trust....
    These are the ones, who will let this bonding to long last!!!....


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  • __aesthetic__soul__ 64w


    Free from everything....high above the sky...
    Am i the only one , who wants to fly!!!
    Leaving all those worldly truths and contraries...
    Flying high and high with those flock of birds and fairies....
    It's my heart's desire to have wings to fly.....
    Wishing this world a humble goodbye!!
    Willing to turn the myths into reality...
    And all these thoughts increases my crave and curiosity!!!...
    **But the truth is!!!.**
    Everyone has a dream ,full of mysteries, pinch of romance and a basket of tales...
    But only some have the flair to turn their dreams true , rest all fails!!!..
    Though, now they can't but someday they will fulfill their dreams...
    When they will understand that dreams are also a part of life and they should be fulfilled by any means!!!


  • __aesthetic__soul__ 65w

    My fate winked in that moonlit night!!!

    Last night, I was wandering alone on the streets!!
    Suddenly, I started walking towards her gate!!
    And luckily ! She was on her terrace....
    And I saw her at that night , just bcuz of my fate....

    The night sky was spectacular...!!
    The stars were shinning bright!!...
    But she was shinning more than that...
    And her gleam outdid everything in that moonlit night...!!

    Though , the moonlit night made everything look adorable..
    But her eyes only gazed at me!!
    And the gentle smile that she gave ...
    Made my heart to fly with glee!!!

    As I knew that night won't come again...
    So I wanted to spend the whole night gazing at her!!
    And I wanted everything to be paused overthere ..
    Foreveer and Ever!!!!!

  • __aesthetic__soul__ 73w


    You don't remember, but I can remember the day we met!!!
    You don't remember, but I can remember the day we went for our first date!!!
    You don't remember, but I can remember the day you said that I Complete you❤❤
    You don't remember but I can remember the day you made my dreams true!!!
    You don't remember but I can remember the day we decided to leave eachother!!!
    You don't remember but I can remember the day ,we both again came together!!!
    You don't remember but I can remember the day for the last time we fought!!!
    And you know what!!!..dear I can remember that someday we used to love eachother a lot!!!!