they said .".just wait ,you will get over this soon" I said.."do you want me to wait forever" 'No place for love'

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  • __annika_ 4w

    Hey guys it's not the poetry nor a story it's something I felt and I thing each one of you will go through it. That is confusing it could be between two people or your future ..it can be anything... Sometimes it feels like you are totally lost and it's hard to find a way and ..you just start crawling for help but nobody response you.. Sometimes it feels like this is the end and you are going to fall but you stand up again and again.. sometimes it feels he is best for you within one second that same person feels like a stranger..why we crawl for that person who never valued us..why???
    Why there is sadness in every happiness?
    Why there is struggle in every success?
    Why a sad story for a good ending?

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  • __annika_ 12w

    I just miss my school friends ... now they are busy in their own life's so I do..

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    Miss my friends

    Yeah people change with time ..but the memories, feelings, moments always stays with them.
    And it keeps reminding that you were special for someone..a friend who is still waiting for the same moment to live it again and again

  • __annika_ 14w

    People might be their for you but not always @tangled_15 @abhibd

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    I stepped out from my world
    Everyone was alone in their own ways
    Helpless and empty in their own ways
    So, I was in my own ways

    Things were changed so I was
    I lost that complaining girl ,
    A girl who used to cry for little things.
    A girl who was always ready to help.

    that helpless girl has
    no one to lose &
    no one to find.

  • __annika_ 20w

    A virus could harm this much was never imagined. People are suffering alot to get over from this. Our government has taken a very good step to avoid the spreading of this virus named as COVID-19. It's very glad to hear that people have so much supported our prime minister in this.
    The voice of utensils was sound of the victories that will be won.
    On the other hand I feel very angry on those people who were troubling a women police inspector when she was doing her duty. Today is the second day when people are not allowed to go outside but people have taken it as fun , when police comes they goes inside and when there is no one they start fooling outside. Same with the unnecessary shopkeepers .
    I just want to request them ,don't take it as a fun as you are getting holidays. These are for you to stay at home, be safe and secure.
    And please don't go for wrong myths.
    Stay at home ,play pubg like I do,spend time with your family and pet too. Watch news and be aware.

  • __annika_ 21w

    Bahut mushkil hota haa Kabhi es dil ko smujhna
    bahut armaan lagaye betha rehta ha ye dil
    ab toh aadat si bhi hogyi ha esko
    tut ne ki
    gir ne ki
    jhukne ki
    ab tw bs dar lagne laga ha kisi din ye bikhar ke jud na paya tw

  • __annika_ 24w

    Part of me

    I known to be the craziest and naughtiest student of my class. I don't remember when things started bother me, for me the fun and doing stupidity was the only thing I really do. I don't remember when these stupidity became my reality.
    I never cared about anybody's feelings and now I can't even see anybody sad. A lot of things have been changed but people remained the same ,they look at me at the way they look at me before . They judge by looks and I wish it won't bother me any more.

    Sometimes being yourself is isn't easy because people don't work for you ,why they should understand you?
    Be happy yourself no one is going to be there in your hard time .

    Time may heal but time may give more wounds much deeper and harder.

  • __annika_ 24w

    Her restless mind

    Her thoughts were running
    Her breathes were deeper
    Her body was tingling

    She was
    Afraid to lose
    Scared to be found
    Weak to handle
    Hard to take

    Her restless mind

    Sometimes its really hard to understand what's going in your mind and what's real

  • __annika_ 65w


    Why I got faded??
    Why I have to suffer?
    Why evil is ruled?
    Why I was used?
    Why I was exhausted?
    Because of my innocence ..
    Because of my heart
    which is always ready to forgive..
    What was my mistake???

  • __annika_ 65w

    I don't expect anything from anyone and there is still hope in mee..^_^
    @hope @dragonfly99 @abhibd @16hollowedheart
    @barney_stinson @tangled_15

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    A way..

    Running from all the hurdles I came a way.
    Haunted by all the memories I came a way.
    A way where sun never going to die.
    A way where thousands going to stand my mee.
    A way where my past no more going to hurt mee..
    A way...

  • __annika_ 67w

    I am tried of running away from it...
    But I am afraid to face it too..

    I am tried of finding that something part..
    Which barely don't exist as I depart..