I love to unravel the fibres from my cardiac fabric:)

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  • __aurora__ 19h

    Note: I used Moth in my marmalade to express some kinda irony:/

    Also, maybe this is more appropriate


    // Self portrayed 'democracies'
    ravage the world and humanity is
    reforged into a new moon.
    (No vestige of its existence) //
    @writersnetwork Thank you:)
    Tbh it doesn't really matter. Genuine readers always read. I've read many works which are to be appreciated too:(
    @hidden_sunshine Can't thank you enough.

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    Moth in my marmalade!

    ~ A resurgence of xenophobia and racism.

    /How cruel can a new-moon pallid night be,
    when the only light is forced to eschew it's own identity?/

    "Femur; the longest bone
    can lift heavy weights."
    My femur is broken;
    The marrow bleeds black like your rusted hearts.
    Excessive weight on me,
    I had to walk around with.

    My diaphragm is irregular in its motion.
    My lungs exhale out smoke
    of the burnt fragments of hope.
    My alveoli burst several times,
    and now they bleed venom into my heart.

    in every way now.

    I'm suffocated,
    AND I've failed,
    when a femure around my neck
    push me down into an abyss of asphyxia.
    " I can't breathe.

    A sky with graveyards of stars,
    that die into supernovae or 'black' holes.

    The dust of endless explosions
    fly across the tenebrosity to lie on my lashes.
    With a blink,
    dust flies off along with a plucked lash.

    If it lands on your palm,
    would you want the moon to be back?

    " I can breathe now."

    •~• Kay Tee

    // Coffins are not buried away this way.
    They won't go deep.
    Nights are not always dark this way.
    They won't be humane.
    The space is not full in some way.
    Your place in it matters. //

  • __aurora__ 1d


    the night crawls past the twilight;
    The dark zephyr brings back psithurism.
    Leaves rustle like a Diamondback's rattle.

    Nature sings an agonizing lullaby.
    She lulls me into an intoxicating somnolence.
    Irregular rhymes of slow exhales
    slowly melt away the ancient sorrow in me.

    The vapoury crystals that my lungs effuse,
    come back to sit on my cheeks as teardrops.

    The gibbous moon is festooned by a halo.
    Half full and half empty,[the moon]
    The stars hide behind the veils of tenebrosity.
    The moon outshines them.

    Don't you see the same alluring sky,
    under whose embrace we dreamt our dreams?

    upon our solivagant sails,
    our courses converged.
    Like two ships sailing in the night,

    The gloom of the dark
    is a safe haven.
    "when the sun goes down,
    the stars come out."

    •~• Kay Tee ��

    @raika I'm not sure if this is okay...?

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    "and when the night slithers away the pain in me, my eyes see you under their closed lids."


  • __aurora__ 4d

    A Field Of Buds.
    ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
    Fri 29 May, 2020

    To Maha

    Once upon a time,

    a lonesome backyard of my cottage,
    was draped over by a silken
    rainbow cloak of young buds;
    they seem like the hypnagogia that twilight often brings.
    And, among those neonates, there was a bud,
    as brilliant as the others, and yet, so distinctive.

    The bluebottle never forsook us and
    It flew from your dewy petals to my waxy skin
    Molecules of dust are what we share.(maybe)
    Irises of my misty eyes distend
    Till you metamorphose into a flower.
    Maybe a sunflower,
    Coz my back beckons the east.

    The bluebottle has stopped visiting now.


    "Sometimes, neighbours can be miles apart.
    You don't need to me by your window, senior!"

    •~• Kay Tee����

    Sorry Maha,,
    Couldn't write this sooner.
    I was stuck with online classes.:(

    But,, hey!!!!
    You've got another year to be a teen!!��

    Cedric loves you, okay??

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    A Field of Buds...



  • __aurora__ 5d

    The past is a treasury of tiny crystals of a dream that you once dreamt.

    All of it is a dream.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #past

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    The Past...

    A dream that you once dreamt.

    •~• Kay Tee

  • __aurora__ 1w

    It feels like yesterday.
    Time, for the first time, feels like an illusion.

    Hope is buried under a façade coffin
    bedazzled with façade flowers.

    It feels like today.

    Trust is obscured from my vision.
    It's hidden in one of the many undiscovered
    chambers of the pyramids.
    larger than
    the tomb of queen Nefertiti.

    It feels like moments earlier
    I burned my skin by the acid
    that my body contained for so long.

    I'd be forgotten, by everybody;
    even by the soil that would relish my remnants like a hungry scavenger.

    Should I go to Egypt?
    I wish to mummify myself;
    no one else would.

    I find my sanity turning to an escapee.
    I'd been clutching onto it for too long.
    Did it leave me?

    Can the iron in my blood be drawn
    out by an attracting device?

    The answers are symbiotic.
    All of these are physical changes.
    They are reversible.

    I dig back the remnants of hope
    and wear them as embellishments on my rotten heart.

    I return to that lost chamber and
    bring back trust from its stupor.
    I stitch the fabric of my heart with it.

    I take my sanity back in my arteries.

    With all of these, will my world be tangible?

    Prismic raindrops split
    A single light ray into 7 fancy ones.
    Do I lack time to bring another prism so that

    the light remains undeviated?
    So that I'm able to perceive things the way they are?

    What is it?

    Salt dripping down the loose strands of hair,
    I find time in the

    Spaces between the rotating blades
    of a ceiling fan.

    I find it in the ephemeral
    pause between every passing second.

    That's where you might too.
    Coz, it all is a sumptuously executed clockwork.
    •~• Kay Tee


    This is really weird, I know.


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    A clockwork.



  • __aurora__ 1w

    Idk what I wrote...?

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    The room was ephemerally aurum
    with the light of a lone bulb,
    bleeding faint incandescence.
    The glass
    was begrimed by the soot of annihilated tungsten.

    A pair of faces were illumined
    with the transient hope emanating from the warm light.

    Through the shadowy mural on the ceiling,
    a mistletoe peeped in; lush and alive.

    Today, it lies on the rusty carpet.
    Crumbled and dead.

  • __aurora__ 2w

    "She's flat. No curves.
    She's ugly."
    A despondent topography.
    " Narcissistic", low gossips of misanthropes.

    An irradiant sphere in the night sky.
    SPHERE:- The perfect shape
    is not so perfect after all.

    Zoom in.
    Zoom out.

    Zoom in
    Zoom in
    Zoom in.

    A surface full of chasms.
    "Spots are not pretty anymore, for the moon."

    The other one,
    There !

    She looks pretty,
    and she dazzles in the aureate morns.

    The earth revolves around it.

    Zoom in.
    Zoom in.

    " A blazing inferno,
    Touch her to die, O!
    She has black spots.
    She's uglier. "

    "She's not a sphere.
    Therefore, she is not perfect."


    After all this time?
    "Always.". [Earth]

    "The earth is round.
    She's PERFECT.
    She's beautiful."

    ——————————————— ~FIN~

    You, reading this.
    Yes, you..
    You might be under the sun or a man-made light.

    // See the black blot near you;

    As I see mine.( I'm a bit geocentric)

    It is a black silhouette,
    black as black as it can be!

    The thing that made this
    has contours, unneeded, unwanted.
    Blurry lines of frizzy hair,
    A petite body. //

    But, this thing blocks beams of photons!
    Light; A quintessential matter.

    Isn't this surreal?

    It's not a circle, not perfect.
    See, only Giotto could create a perfect circle.

    But IT'S YOU.


    I am Perfect.
    So are you.

    You don't need tears
    to fill up your deep gorges.
    THEY are YOU.
    Even they cease light, you see?

    //There's no rain in the moon.
    She knows that she's beautiful.
    You don't need tears
    to fill up your abysses. //

    I don't want to lie.

    The earth is not round.
    The water fills up the ravines.
    It is yet another moon;

    Turn geocentric, won't you?

    •~• Kay Tee.

    P.S I know you're not gonna read this full.
    Just in case you do,
    You are loved,, okay??^_^

    This is deeply connected to my previous poem, "Is this why she cries?"
    The spots and abysses also mean all the non-physical flaws that are imbibed in us.
    Hope you get what I mean there.^
    Click here to read that�� #is_this_why_she_cries

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    Giotto's Perfect Circle.

    Geocentrism [✓]


  • __aurora__ 2w

    Note--[Ignore,, if you know]
    Scorpion grass- Forget-me-not

    I dunno why I love flowers so much.♠️:-P

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    The path you walked
    is festooned with breadcrumbs.
    I'm trying to find your way back.
    Alas! At the end of the deep swathe,
    My eyes behold a scorpion grass,
    Peeping out of the split surface
    of the earth.

    "Was it meant to be a chaplet to your crown?"


  • __aurora__ 2w

    Forgive me,,I couldn't write 20.
    Here are the 12 things that I learnt.
    You don't have to agree with me.^_^

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    12 things that I learnt the hard way...

    1. Everyone is creative. The difference is that the creativity can be wild or mild.
    And, you need to find an outlet to that creativity. If you don't, procrastination will hug you tight.

    2. "Thoughts become things."
    If you follow this, you will be positive most of the time.
    It doesn't matter if you don't believe in the LOA.

    3. Positivity always drives away negativity. And, the strongest positive radiation is that of true love. Always, love your family and YOURSELF.

    4. A bit of narcissism is what you need.
    Don't forget to pamper yourself.^_^

    5. Most of the time, we are not connected to our true selves. I guess adopting the spiritual journey will be helpful. Meditation and yoga brings you close to your true self.

    6. Humans can be toxic.
    Try spending some time with the nature.[ Talk to animals and trees].
    Trust me it's calming.

    7. Never lose trust and faith in the almighty. Sometimes, crying it out while talking to THE ONE can help you.
    [ At least that's what a knucklehead did.] Never mind if you don't.

    8. This one, one of my teachers tell.
    " The 3 greatest teachers are--

    9. My mommy says, "The past is always a memory."
    And, when I think, it's true.
    The past can be lovely or sad;
    but, it's always a memory. So, don't cling on to it a lot. We don't even know if everything happens serially or randomly.

    10. TRUST
    It is a slippery thread that connects humanity together.
    Yin and Yang are inevitable.
    There will be times when you need to cut that thread.
    But, make sure that the number of threads you cut is always less than the number of threads you hold.

    11. Sometimes you might just be hungry.

    12.. Don't worry and don't overthink a lot. It's fine. You're just a tiny speck of stardust.
    Optimistic nihilism is what you need to adopt.

    ~• Kay Tee


  • __aurora__ 2w

    "Is this why she cries?"

    Saline water
    cascading down the checks;
    lush with naevi and macules.

    Water, seldom.
    Mostly,. AN OCCLUDER.
    It fills up the chasms on its way
    through her ragged skin.

    They look pretty on the moon.
    "Over there!"
    "Those are dazzling embellishments."
    "She wears them beauteous."

    for the moon,
    they are chasms.
    They hinder her charm.
    They are craters,
    created by alien matter.

    A downpour on her surface
    fills up her craters.
    As tears fill up the voids
    of endless abysses IN her.

    "Is this why she cries?"

    •~•. Kay Tee.

    // A lone alien matter
    Created endless craters. ON. her,
    And an endless void IN her. //