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  • __bhavya__15 12w

    It's easy to love someone when things are perfect and everything is wonderful. But to love someone when things are difficult, when they're not being perfect, when they are messing up, flaws are seen, mistakes are made, I think that's what really allows you to see how much love really is there. Anyone can love someone who is doing and saying all the right things, being everything you want and need, when they got it all together, when they have it all figured out, but to love someone at their lowest, to love someone despite how broken they feel, when they're lost, when you are willing to stand by them no matter how challenging or difficult the things might be, I thing that kind of love is a lot more meaningful.

  • __bhavya__15 14w

    The Theory Of Emptiness.

    When you fall in love, you tend to surrender yourself to your loved one. You believe in everything they say without looking into the facts. You go to any extent just to see them happy. But miserable fact about people in love is they lose interest with time. Maybe your story is all about butterflies and fairytales at the beginning, but there is no promise that the person will carry out the same affection, efforts and attention till the end. They tend to draw apart eventually. Especially when you are engulfed, addicted and drowned in their love. You choose them, over anyone else, under any circumstance and even before yourself. And then suddenly you are the only giver in the relationship. You give and will keep giving even if it empties you. You will put all you heart, soul and body to make things work. Little do you realise that in the process of maintaining the equilibrium you lose your self too. That's the thing about love, isn't it? You will never be able to give up. You will never get tired. You will never be able to unlove. Love overcomes everything. Even the voidness that it creates.

  • __bhavya__15 14w

    I overthink because I am afraid that I will be underloved.
    I need constant assurance because I cannot let you give up on me.
    I am insecure because I worry about being replaced.
    I am possessive because I do not want to loose you.
    And this is not because I do not trust you, but because you make me happier than I ever thought I could be. I am just scared. Scared that all those perfect scenarios that I wove all throughout my sleepless nights would turn to dust. I've never been so scared of losing something in my life, then again, nothing in my life has ever meant as much to me as you do.
    Could you just hold my hand with a gentle squeeze, and assure that all this will last forever?

  • __bhavya__15 19w

    Nobody is good or bad at love. It all depends on whom we are trying to love. Sometimes you will not be able to love someone who falls head over heels for you, no matter how much you want to, and no matter how much you try, you may feel bad for them but definitely cannot love them back the way they love you. And sometimes, we come across an individual, who gives us all these butterflies, make your heart race and get you weak in your knees, and this may or may not be mutual. There is no promise that they'll feel the same about you. You will always think about them, worry about them, miss them, love them and even care for them, even if they do not show you a hint of your affection back. This is all it takes, 'One person' to fall in love with, in the right way.

  • __bhavya__15 30w

    From a playlist of sad songs to that of happy ones,
    From supressing tears of agony to letting flow tears of laughter,
    From doubting her flawed perfections to taking pride in them,
    From being reticent to growing bubbly,
    He helped her to rediscover her lost self.

  • __bhavya__15 32w

    Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas!! I know it's really busy up there at the North Pole. I hope Rudolph and the eight other reindeers are doing fine,and that the elves are doing a great job at finishing up the toys. They must be getting really excited as the Christmas Eve is not far away and that they will soon be helping you deliver presents to children all around the world.

    I've never written you a letter before, but I think that you are the only one who can fulfill my wish and the only one with whom I can share my thoughts for this Christmas. I know you are really busy now but I hope you will spare a moment to look down into my letter. I left my home for the very first time to go to the college that is far away from my town and it took a lot of time for me to adjust in a place that didn't feel like home. I didn't have my mom by my side always now and I was expected to become more independent. I am not available to my father to take me out for late night drives and to treat me with an ice-cream late at night. Above all, the saddest part is me being away from my home this Christmas. It really hurts, and no matter how many video calls you do, it won't be a substitute to your family's physical presence.

    The essence of their unconditional love, the warmth of their gorgeous smiles, the liveliness in their eyes, the happiness in their voices - it does get lost somewhere in the distance. Now, I'm miles away from my home and haven't seen them for months, and the most disappointing thing is I cannot do anything about it. When I was a kid, we always had this wonderful family time together during Christmas. Like decorating the whole house and making Christmas cookies. My all time favourite part of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree with my parents, brother and grandparents. It's that one moment when you feel like time freezes and you don't want that moment to end. But being a kid does not last fovever.

    Today's Christmas I'm nineteen. I'm sitting in my balcony. It's a different city now. I hear my mom's crackling voice through phone as she says, "Merry Christmas". I smile. Maybe, the smallest one my cheek would have. We talked for an hour until she disconnected the call. I look up at sky where the stars are shining as bright as they can. I wonder if there's a kid some where far away, who went to market with her father to buy a Christmas tree and smiled as bright as the stars that shined. I really don't want a fancy car or a walk in closet room like the other teenagers wish for. All that I really want for this Christmas is my family and a big fat Christmas tree to decorate it with tinsels, stars, balloons, lights, candies and gifts.

    A hosteler.

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    Dear Santa,
    All that I really want for this Christmas is my family and a big fat Christmas tree to decorate it with tinsels, stars, balloons, lights, candies and gifts.
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  • __bhavya__15 39w

    'I'm going to tell him every little thing.' her bestfriend smirked.
    'Tell him what!?' she widened her eyes.
    'Things like how ticklish you are and also how you used to drool over Liam Payne when we were back in high school.' her best friend smiled wickedly.
    'I swear to God!! I'm gonna kill you even if you tell him a word about it.' she warned.
    'Don't worry I'm not going to tell him one thing though.' her bestfriend assured.
    'And what is that?' she interrogated.
    'That you love me more than you'll ever love him.' she exclaimed proudly.
    They knew 'No matter how many clouds come and go, they are each other's skies.'

  • __bhavya__15 39w

    Two contacts on her chat list,
    one filled with hate and bitterness
    and the other filled with love and warmth
    But, 'Why is her heart going back to the person causing her agony instead of the one giving her comfort?'

  • __bhavya__15 39w

    With the whole world
    That turned its back at me
    You kept your word,
    That you'd got my back.
    Collecting every little piece of a broken me,
    Your spells were magic,
    Bringing the pieces back together.
    If true love had a shape,
    It had to be you.
    Thanking you, in words,
    Can never suffice.
    All I can do, is fall in love,
    Over and over again!

  • __bhavya__15 40w

    At 16, she wanted someone to love her.
    At 19, someone who won't break her heart.
    At 22, someone trustworthy.
    At 25, she has everything summed up into a 'happily ever after.'