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  • __brahmleen 14h

    /Angelic lassie/

    Under the twilight
    down the cloud
    silence of sound
    adorable than a night
    with a lovely numbness
    steadily mediating
    around herself
    doll with an incomplete people
    gently stroked the hair and gazed with shiny
    E Y E S
    satiating the dreamy wonders
    engrossed in naming the diamonds
    like an empty street bombarded with
    myriad M I R A C L E S


  • __brahmleen 1d

    D O L E F U L
    R E F R I G E R A T O R

    / old refrigerator brimming with entire life /

    What to write today,
    a doleful scribble
    I have found
    camouflaged in the
    childhood lakes of happy fortune
    metallic fabric of 25 year old
    refrigerator brimming with entire
    life bosom shaped memoir
    left unsaid words holding the
    hands of newly wed mother
    whose eyes behold myriad
    spirals of pre defined life
    I saw his cold face,
    not so wintry
    with the blurry
    image pops from the hazy cells of my past brain
    Orange floras in Burnt umber vase dispel
    maroon coloured parchments of all the bundles of lost joys from a glassy frame
    leaving new dawns at her dried lips whenever she surpasses by
    prickled basket of new fruits carry old aroma
    scattering endurings to his innocent
    twigs who are sauntering to find hopes in the hopeless cosmos
    there, I held my stygian weeps falling down my naive layers crossing empty palms
    frozen cascade resists there to let her not be frost in the ancient graves of sombre snowflakes

    passing the haste corridors
    sitting on a heavy mattress holding untied
    inks juggling black blues of short life
    blood coloured smile from a transparent glass oozes everytime I glance after she left for an unknown city,
    short video calls often steal momentary joys of life
    scarlet S I S T E R S are like lotus petals of the same bud tucked in each other's breath who will built real castles to create a new world of happiness.

  • __brahmleen 2d

    Not life a cup of prickles besides
    plate of scenic sonnets
    to be fete in sub rosa...

  • __brahmleen 3d

    Anklet of silver citations

    An obstinate vaccum
    you were served
    with the dip of
    drunked bosom
    into the liquor of tied
    knot of emotive,
    switched with the
    one blow of resentful
    verse, wet ears
    catch the hiss of
    old pothole like
    transmitting the two
    onslaught into one,
    the dry tint forgot to
    glimpse,care for it's
    reticent splendor folding
    grey hands into fresh
    cave of solitude listening
    hums of early bloomings
    frozen sockets interrogate
    with each other for
    drowning into that inhale
    whose exhale water never
    weighed, for hunting the
    lily spirit except the bulky
    sage to let the coquet rest
    on it, sweet woes to dry
    rains view sternly for
    the rheumy blanket
    of rainbow that is absent,
    days till frothing nights
    nights till rippled days,
    shallow coat shrival the
    gleamy soul, Incessant
    veins clasp tightly
    the heart of nostalgic
    poetry, crunchy
    leafage of frons laced
    with anklet of silver citations,
    the dunes of life
    prosper at
    stone-sober stage
    of blue night on a deep
    well where the narcosis
    of locution moves, the
    ballerina of sonnet
    sings an early dauntless
    melody, entre nous are
    the only onlookers and
    spat, abandoning the old eyes
    in the somber dark,clinched
    the spongy of creamy
    cushioned skin, hollow
    of red fist fell on the numb
    terra firma, pondering the
    harsh fracture to cure.

  • __brahmleen 4d


    Like a wet dandelion
    which is prosperous
    even under a weepy costume
    in heavy foam
    tears have no sigh of spineless
    a gentleness bearing the mildness
    as a heart of human sleeps under
    mighty's shimmer


  • __brahmleen 1w


    In between the
    mountains amid moons
    does that where scars alive ?


  • __brahmleen 1w

    When will my wet soul touch the virgin tales of life....
    her trembling voice echoed..

    moment when your amaranthine spirit shall touch the glassy layers of peaked ambrosia
    dipped horizons of your inner sunflower will rise like a rosy cinderella.......

    ~~starry girl~~

  • __brahmleen 1w

    A poem begins as pale moths travel through your numb veins to seek felicitous orbs gazing at burbling silhouettes

    A poem begins at poor child's empy-bellied expression dipped into the sombre woes of long life

    A poem begins as a pensive soul of young lady solving bits and pieces of broken verses amid lost love of episodic life

    A poem begins as an old woman's lap singing myriad lullabies to the joyous teeth of great grand shavers

    A poem begins as lost prints of curtains
    and above the jute bags of firozi clouds pouring orange hopes of new tomorrow on your frozen face

    A poem begins as the bulky brows of fireflies seeking green day

    #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee #poem

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    A poem begins as the bulky brows of fireflies seeking green day

  • __brahmleen 1w

    Holding my ashy lungs
    dry cigars falling
    from the red maple
    turning emerald verses
    to scarlet songs
    entering ancient coffins
    of withered letters

    singing aflare fuels
    waiting for new
    drops from distant
    horizon to change
    sear tints.....

  • __brahmleen 2w

    my muse bleeds amid
    the diamond cobwebs
    of camouflaged waters
    and turquoise shades
    of enigma