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  • __clarity 2w

    It's not the falling that hurts
    It's the landing


  • __clarity 3w

    That's what we are
    But just like Eve
    We can't resist
    When we are
    Eachother's constant temptation
    Forbidden is our love
    But ever since we had that one free sample
    Adam, we can't get over that forbidden apple

  • __clarity 3w

    Dear Insecurity

    Thank you for the lecture
    For showing me I'm a messed up
    Imperfect beauty
    I'm sorry to say you're time has come an end
    Your lesson is over

  • __clarity 9w


    It's the only way you'll be heard

  • __clarity 13w

    I said:
    "Stop making me freak out
    Whenever you smile"

    He answered:
    "Stop making me smile
    When it only makes you freak out"

  • __clarity 15w

    "If your a myth
    How come our love feels so real?"
    She asked

    "Because you believe"
    He answered

  • __clarity 18w

    Do not lie
    I do that on my own
    I don't need someone else
    To help me lie to myself

  • __clarity 18w

    I am more inlove
    With the man in my memories
    And in my thoughts
    Then the man I see
    In person

  • __clarity 21w

    When life gives you lemons
    Don't just think of lemonade
    Think about how you'll make it
    It's never that easy

  • __clarity 21w

    You would be amazed
    If you knew the things
    I am able to accomplish
    When I put my mind to it
    Turns out you didn't bring that out in me
    It was always there