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  • __hidden__ 1w

    I ain't checking on you...

    So darling please stop checking on me!

  • __hidden__ 6w

    I wish I had just one person who understood me and made me come out of this toxic life

  • __hidden__ 6w

    I want to hug you and cry out all my pain❤

  • __hidden__ 6w

    Having colleagues who are more like friends is a true blessing❤

  • __hidden__ 6w

    Every decision of my life turns out to be a wrong one!
    Luck matters?
    Or am I dumb?

    I've lost myself in this game of life...

  • __hidden__ 7w

    Sometimes heart endures all the brunt and the mind goes blank and no emotions exist‍♀️
    And finally we forget how to even smile
    Worst cases!

  • __hidden__ 7w

    ...and then there comes days where you are sad
    You are frustrated with the happenings of life
    You feel lonely
    You want peace
    You feel no ones beside you
    That's actually because no ones beside you..
    It's only you who has to bear all the pains and struggle to come out of the tough times..
    It's always you
    And only you!

  • __hidden__ 7w

    The season of joy, sharing and love has just begun.☃️❄��
    Hurray! Its advent...
    Each one of us
    Might be busy saving money to buy beautiful clothes, ��������
    Might be thinking about what to present to our christmas friend,������
    Might be planning on how to decorate the house,������
    Might be deciding on whom to invite for the festival,������
    Might me jotting down the ingredients to prepare 'kuswar',������
    Might be waiting for Santa to come home,����
    Might be framing a plan so as to make a crib.����
    Yes! Sadly we all are busy about the things which give us temporary happiness...
    There's something beyond this.
    Its the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ��
    The Almighty��
    The one who shed his blood for us.
    So to make this beautiful day very meaningful let us all start making
    A crib of love in our hearts❤,
    A crib of love in our thoughts��,
    And a crib of love in our actions��!
    Share love��

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  • __hidden__ 8w

    When people put you out of their life never feel bad...
    It's just that they are not worthy to have you

  • __hidden__ 9w

    When days pass by, the friends circle becomes narrower..

    Coz only the true ones stay till the end❤