A girl who believes in magic and fairytales! Because she can make one for herself ��

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  • __himaa 4w

    There is this beautiful thing inside each one of us
    Too magnificent to be tamed,
    Dissolved heavily in our soul like a honeyed syrup dissolved in water,
    Embrace that beauty and water your scars,
    Because life may sometimes fall apart,
    But it never ceases to resume, it always goes on

  • __himaa 6w


    If you ever paint me, do it poetically,
    Don't spill the colors,
    Slide the paintbrush elegantly,
    Elaborately paint my hairlocks,
    Beautiful and strong,
    Detangling the knots, reddish brown,
    Infuse the most glossy hues all around;
    Use the deepest crimson
    For my red velvet lips,
    Don't forget my porcelain skin,
    With light strokes of soft bristles,
    Tickle my face with some rose pink tint;
    Don't be lost in the glimpse
    Of my arresting sight,
    Or you won't do justice
    To my deep coffee eyes;
    Be my Picasso, make me your masterpiece,
    Hang me forever
    In the walls of your fantasies

  • __himaa 7w

    You and me are like the sun and the moon,
    You make me shine, I decorate your skies,
    Blinding the world, hiding and secretly intertwining,
    Creating illusions of darkness, emitting a trail of light,
    The magical eclipse is our stolen moment of bliss

  • __himaa 8w

    The forbidden fruit

    Ripest and most irresistible,
    You were the forbidden fruit,
    Shining out gracefully,
    In the savagest of falls;
    Hanging delicately, guarded by the serpents,
    The only fruit I was prohibited to eat
    Yet I wished to commit this perfect sin,
    To decipher the charm of your desirable skin,
    Gripping your supple form,
    I plucked your exoticness,
    You didn't feel like a poison,
    Rather an elixir to me,
    Enriching my soul with every bite of you,
    Neither the sweetest of honey,
    Nor the oldest of wines,
    Can wipe off the taste of you from my lips,
    Nothing ever had tasted sweeter,
    Getting poisoned never felt so better

  • __himaa 8w

    When the skies have adorned the dark delight

    Meet me in the lush valleys after the moonrise

    Following the roads never taken

    Leading to the dark forest wilderness

    Where the fireflies will be our only light

    Trekking through the nocturnal paradise

    Wonderstruck by serendipity at every sight

  • __himaa 9w

    The tender souls

    They may be voiceless,
    But their cries speak a thousand words,
    Giant or little, but with the biggest hearts,
    They are the tender souls,
    Blessing our lives with all they could;
    They cry, they love, they sense,
    They have feelings too,
    Their lives are as valuable as ours,
    Not something to be spilled on the ground
    They are the sunshine, the brightness,
    To light our days profound;
    Are we really humans
    If we can't love and care,
    Crushing their souls,
    Torturing them to death,
    But their undying spirits will never fall,
    With their paw prints in heaven,
    They will forever be pampered by the gods

  • __himaa 9w

    Rise and shine

    Rise and shine!
    You are the sun that never sets!
    Draped in sorcery of the mahogany woods,
    You reify the wishes of escapist souls;
    You are the light that everyone chases,
    Like little kids with mason jars chasing the fireflies,
    You can't be devoured like someone's poison,
    But like a banquet of ambrosia, you feed the sublime lives;
    Illuminating the moons of your starry life,
    You are the lighthouse built to direct the seas and skies

  • __himaa 9w

    Warm cup of coffee

    You are my warm cup of coffee
    The aroma of your fineness
    Ignites my senses,
    Bitter, sweet, strong, yet flavourful,
    With that earthly smell,
    You feel like a heavenly poison
    Sipping every drop of you,
    I relish the taste of this perfect brew,
    Poured to the brim, dripping on my milky silhouette,
    You leave coffee stains on my unpigmented soul
    Wishing you morning with my caffeinated lips,
    Being intoxicated by you is my only wish

  • __himaa 12w

    Queen of her husband, the first of her name, the lioness, the multitasker, undisputed heir of the domiciliary throne, protector of her family, the mother of her mischievous children, the Khaleesi of her house, the unmatched connoisseur of fine cuisines
    She is my beautiful mother!

  • __himaa 14w


    Walking on the beach
    as I admire the sea,
    The sparkling little waves
    come running to me;
    The twilight paints a moonlit path,
    On the waters of the sea,
    To the horizon and beyond;
    My wet feet leave the sandy shore,
    Advancing towards the floating clouds,
    Either to leap and touch the moon,
    Or reincarnate into a rare pearl
    of the sea blue,
    Let me transcend into the milky way,
    And rise as the sun
    of the most beautiful day