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  • __morpheus__ 7w

    It's hard to smoke roses and not get high!

  • __morpheus__ 10w

    I don't hate people
    I hate the fake hopes, the fake dreams, the misused word "LOVE"...
    It's not that I don't want to be in a relationship
    It's just that I don't respect it!

  • __morpheus__ 10w

    There comes a time in life when you walk away from all the drama,
    And the people who create it.
    Surround yourself with good people, who makes you laugh.
    Forget the bad and focus on the good.
    Life is a way too short to be anything but happy.
    Falling down is a part of life, getting up back is living

  • __morpheus__ 10w

    I hope
    you change your mind
    and my phone will chime
    Or my WhatsApp chat will ping.
    You'll say 'hi'
    and everything will be okay.
    I miss you.
    Come back. Please.

  • __morpheus__ 10w

    I swear upon you
    From now onwards you will never see me again,
    And wait...just wait and watch
    One day you will have each and every happiness that a person can have, with you.
    But you still won't be happy,
    And then you will cry, agony will surround you in all possible ways.
    But, still you won't even have a glimpse of happiness within you.
    And meanwhile,
    I'll learn how to live alone.

  • __morpheus__ 11w

    Our relationship was

    Filled with toxic chemicals

    S l o w l y but

    S u r e l y

    Crept into

    My body

    My mind

    My head

    My heart

    The way

    Your love



  • __morpheus__ 11w

    Sadness is a drug
    It slowly drifts you away from reality
    You slowly start to sink
    By the time you know it
    It already has you caught up
    You feel frozen in time

    Sadness is a drug
    Hours, minutes, days, months
    Pass by-
    You no longer know what day it is
    No longer able to fell apart from reality
    You feel like you're alone and no else exist

    Sadness is a drug
    Insomnia consumes you slowly
    The devil never seems to sleep
    It always creeps on you when you least expect it

    Sadness is a drug
    Friends, family hit you up
    Your phone won't stop ringing non-stop
    You just want to sleep
    You feel tired, exhausted
    Your body is numb, it wants to rest.
    Ssshhhh .....
    You just need is sleep

    Sadness is a drug
    I know you want to numb the pain
    It's hard
    Yes, I know.
    But that doesn't mean it's the end.
    No it isn't.

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    Sadness is a drug
    That kills you alive.

  • __morpheus__ 11w

    Strange, isn't it?

    I love him
    He loved me once
    He now love someone else
    He checks my stories around
    Unaware of the fact, that they're for him
    Or might be aware, maybe that's why he checks
    He now loves someone else
    He loved me once
    I love him now too.

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  • __morpheus__ 11w


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    One day

    One day you're gonna see her
    But she won't be looking at you,
    One day you'll feel like she did
    And you won't know what to do.

    One day you're gonna love her
    But she won't feel the same,
    One day you'll know how it feels
    To have your blue skies turn to rains.

    One day you'll dream of only her
    But she'll be dreaming of someone else,
    One day she'll feel as if she's in heaven
    And you'll be feeling as if you're in hell.

    One day you're gonna cry for her
    They way she did for you,
    One day you're going to miss her
    But she'll be loving someone new.

  • __morpheus__ 11w

    You dare not judge me,
    You can't handle half of what I have survived!