I could define myself in literally 4 words - Novels, piano, travel, family. Go on and read my poems and snippets and do tell me how you like them.

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  • __neha_s__ 76w

    In the puddle of water
    I was once a paper boat
    Safe and sound in my small world
    With no fear I would float.

    But then I saw a pond
    So I bid the puddle a goodbye
    And into a bigger world I went
    To realize that the tiny me would soon die.

    So I ameliorated myself to a boat
    Made of wood, with bows to row
    But soon I discovered that the pond
    Was too much restricted and narrow.

    Then I went to the river
    Happily flowing along it's course
    Only to be taken into the ocean
    Whose dark waters had lot of force.

    I survived in the deep waters
    Until I was drowned by the rain
    So I refurbished into a ship
    To challenge the sea I was back again.

    However, that was not it
    For I had to face the terrible storm
    That made me want to sink
    But defeat, my mind did not conform.

    Strangling in the churning sea
    I hit a small seashore
    Kissing the sands for giving me home
    I left it behind for there was much to explore.

    And since then I'm sailing
    To a destination unknown
    But one thing I surely know of
    Is that the ocean calls me its throne.

    #paperboat #journey #mirakeepoets #boat #ship #sea #ocean

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  • __neha_s__ 80w

    Of Goodbyes

    To places:
    When we moved into our new home in a completely new town, I remember Mom crying while unpacking the boxes because she missed our previous home, the city and the people there. Back then, the 7-year-old mind of mine couldn't understand the severity of the pain of leaving places.
    Now, when I've got barely a couple of years to spend in this small town, I realize that I'm probably going to cry too while leaving it.
    It doesn't matter how small this town is, it has given me so many memories to last for a lifetime, it has helped me find myself, helped me set goals and achieve them. This small town, sitting in the lap of nature with the arms of lush green mountains around it, decorated by its beautiful people will always be a place I call home.

    To things:
    Mumma decided to give away my and my brother's toys to our maid's children. And when she opened the box, most of the toys that were in good shape were mine, probably 17-18 years old but still in very good condition. "Dada ko khilone pasand nahi the kya? Didi ki hi gudiyan jyada hai(did your son not like toys? Your daughter's dolls are more in number)", asked our maid to which mum replied, "Didi ne pyar se sambhalke rakhe hai, Dada ne toh harr khilona toda hai(my daughter has taken good care of them, unlike my son who broke most of his toys)."
    I remember when dad bought a new car and the delivery person took our old car to put it on sale. I ran after our old car for a small distance with tears in my eyes, my mind not ready to say goodbye to the old car. Sometimes, even the non-living manage to create a place in our hearts.

    To people:
    When I was barely 6 years old or so, my best friend shifted to a new city, leaving behind a huge void inside me, leaving me alone. I cried till I literally choked and got breathless. About a year later when I had to shift to a new place, someone else cried for me too.
    On the last day of school, many of my friends got emotional but I didn't until I got into high school only to know that no one gives a damn to you. The high school teachers remembered my name only after asking it to me, my high school friends are now out of contact, a goodbye I don't mind saying. But the few friends I made at school stand like a rock behind me now and the teachers ask me about my whereabouts every time we meet.
    Soon enough, I'm going to have to leave my close people too to achieve my dreams, people like my parents, my brother and my closest friends. And of one thing that I'm sure is that it's not going to be easy at all to bid goodbyes to these people. Not at all.

    Everyone will always have at least one thing, one place and one person whom they will never truly say goodbye to. And I'm no different.

    #goodbye #farewell #places #things #people #bonds #memories #love #nostalgia #mirakeewriters #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    Of Goodbyes


  • __neha_s__ 81w

    Sitting by the window
    Watching it rain
    My mind goes back to you
    Through the zigzag memory lane.

    As the smell of wet soil
    Travels along with the breeze
    I'm reminded of your perfume
    That often makes me sneeze.

    Like the raindrops make their way
    And run towards the narrow creek
    To hide my tear stained blotchy face
    Your arms are what I seek.

    Tip-tip-tip the drops hit the earth
    Making a melody so sweet
    Just like the sound of your laughter
    That I don't mind playing on repeat.

    And so I'll remember you
    When the skies are grey
    And want you by my side
    Just like today.


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    On a rainy evening

  • __neha_s__ 116w


    On some days like today,
    I wish I were invisible.
    Would anyone even notice my absence
    Or will someone look for me , taking all the trouble?

    Will that keep my worries at bay
    Or will they still follow me like a shadow?
    Will I be running from my insecurities
    Or will I be lying peacefully in a beautiful meadow?

    I wish I were invisible
    Or am I already?
    For no one seems to listen to me
    So I pen down my tragedy.

    And if there exists a world of invisibles,
    Will I find someone who feels home to me?
    Or is there somebody in the visible world
    Who will see me despite my invisibility?

  • __neha_s__ 117w

    A pair of shorts

    Maa's friends exchanged a disapproved look to find me in a pair of shorts.
    Their hushed protests died as I said my evening prayers in fluent Sanskrit.

  • __neha_s__ 118w

    I was a lover of words
    Until you made them look so fake.

  • __neha_s__ 118w

    The wall clock in my room stopped working yesterday. Now, as I look at its still hands, I am reminded of us. Just like the hands of the stopped clock won't move any further, we ain't heading anywhere, we are stuck right in the middle of everything, in the middle of life.

    I consider myself very much blessed to have you in my life. You as a best friend, you as a guide, you as a motivator. Maybe you are more than that, and maybe you know that as well. Or maybe you don't. And maybe I'll never be able to show my love and care for you, cause I'm not very good at expressing my feelings. Plus no one listens to me. That's the reason I write. But nowadays, I don't want just the paper to take in my thoughts, my weird fantasies. I want you to listen to me. Not because I listen to you every time. Maybe because I trust you a little too much.

    It's so nice to have someone with whom you can be totally yourself without bothering about what if they judge you. Someone with whom you can share all the crazy ideas stuffed in your brain, someone with whom you can click selfies with weird faces, someone you walk with, with your arm thrown across their shoulder.

    Sometimes, you are so close to someone, yet you feel distant from them. Why does that happen? I feel so energetic and confident and bubbly around you but when you go away, you take everything along with you, you take a piece of me along with you every time you leave. Why does that happen, again? You say I am special to you, but then, do you say that to everyone? Why is this insecurity? Why is that nowadays almost all of my musings and poems are about you? Who exactly are you to me? What is this bond?

    The next time we have a real heart talk, please answer my questions, cuz I'm tired of hunting 'em without any success. No I won't stop listening to you even though you get all sleepyhead when I need you to listen to me. I'll be there. That's a promise. But I want you to not just promise, but keep it as well, that you'll listen to me, be there. Show me that I matter, show me that you care. And if you don't, tell me that as well. Cuz only words won't work anymore, actions are awaited now.
    It's totally fine if you stare at all those Barbie doll types the entire day. Even I'll check out the Tom Cruises around. But at the night, let's sneak out to the roof and look into each other's eyes and talk about time travel and how vampires could be real and what will happen if you get the superpower of teleporting and fall asleep like that with one earphone in your ear and the other in mine, listening to Ed Sheeran. Cuz I won't share you, but make sure even I don't get shared.

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    Let's sneak out to the roof, stare at the night sky and paint a galaxy together.


  • __neha_s__ 118w

    Pay attention to the songs I play,
    They speak the words I fail to say.

  • __neha_s__ 118w

    Tonight, I'll cry to sleep
    Listening to your songs
    So loud, that they pierce my ears
    The way you did to my heart.
    With every song,
    I'll lock the memories we shared
    Both- the laughs and the fights
    And dream about you one last time.
    Tonight, I'll love you for the last time.
    Cuz when I wake tomorrow,
    I'll give you a real reason
    To run away from me.
    For you'll get to see
    That your worst nightmare-
    It looks just like me.

  • __neha_s__ 121w

    It's alright if I'm not the moon in your sky,
    I'll be the sea beneath you.
    I'll be the mirror that shows you your beauty
    During the day and the night.

    I'll walk along with you,
    Searching for a place called horizon.
    Where finally we'd be one.

    And when we'll be one,
    It'll rain harder than ever.
    Cuz I'll cry out all the tears
    As you embrace me in your arms.

    And the downpour would drown
    The ones who underestimated our love,
    Thinking that only the moon
    Was meant for the sky.

    Cuz the stories of the moon and the sky
    Might seem very romantic.
    But the love that the sea has for the sky,
    That's what real love is,
    A love that is painfully beautiful.