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  • __nnmaa 15w

    what is love?
    the media has made it look like all roses and kisses
    just Instagram pics and Snapchat
    date nights,sex, long text messages and then some more sex.
    but,what is love?
    what is true love.
    I'd like to call love a composition of all things pure and light.
    peaceful, serene,hope,faith, beauty, honesty.
    it's what that makes imperfections perfections.
    it's a being when adopted could change the universe.
    it's the one thing, it's the only thing that can make this world better.
    it's a connection between souls,deeper than realms,societal norms,breaks old forms of addiction and forms new ways of living.
    it changes you inside out.
    it leaves a sparkle in your eyes
    a smile on your lips
    compassion in your hearts
    love is magic
    it magically makes you a better person.

  • __nnmaa 15w

    walking down the aisle with my father in my right hand,
    giving me away to what I thought was a "happily ever after"
    with smiles all over and bells ringing I thought
    'yeah, he's one'

    not until he had me 3-feet across the room gasping for breath like I owed oxygen debt,
    made me cling to his wrists like he had my life in his hands, and truth be told,
    he did.
    the very atom of my soul was at the grip of his palms and the insolent words that brushed from his lips.
    at a tight squeeze, he might pull me out of life.


  • __nnmaa 18w


    Sitting in this dark and lonely place
    I ask myself
    Is it meant to be.
    I mean they say what will be
    Will be
    But sometimes you can't just help but ask
    Or wonder.
    I wonder where he is
    What he's doing
    Who he's with
    Whether he felt anything at all
    Did I mean as much to him like he said
    Or did he just want my body
    I wonder
    Does he still smile
    Wonder if he'll still smile for me
    Wonder if he'll caress me with his lips like the last time
    Wonder if he'll break those walls I built back up
    I wonder if it's meant to be.
    We're two different beings
    I'm water
    He's air
    He's free
    Free spirited he is
    I'm water
    I flow..
    I change colours according to the condition
    I'm transitional
    But with him,
    It's hurricane
    It's a thousands volcanoes erupting
    Did he like me like he said he did
    I wonder if it was all true.
    But I guess it's over.
    I'll never see him again
    He won't see me again
    Not that he cares.
    A heavy breath I sigh
    So is this love I feel?
    I need to rip it out.
    It hurts
    Yeah.. It's the end
    Of a love story that never started
    Life goes on
    Now, to the next chapter.

  • __nnmaa 18w

    I was told as a child to dress right and speak well
    "Close your legs when sitting" and
    "Bend down and sweep properly"
    Of course, these are the right things to do.
    When it became frustrating and utterly annoying was when I told to do it not for myself and my well-being but for a man.
    They say "pound well, is that how you will do it in your husband's house"
    "This food lacks salt, what will you do when you get married"
    "Why would you speak that way! Men don't like women that speak such"
    "Don't get a master degree yet, get married first"
    "I know you want to travel the world but do it with your husband"

    So, I was trained with the mentality of a man being my goal.
    I should keep in mind always the needs of man.
    And marriage is the highest form of achievement I could attain as a woman.

    They told me informally "live your life for a man"

    So, I had just one thing do to as a woman
    Use my middle finger.


  • __nnmaa 18w

    Ink on paper,
    Black on white
    Just like the blue leaves a beautiful hue on the sky
    I tell my story.

  • __nnmaa 18w

    I wish

    Sometimes I wish I could see myself through God's eyes. See what he placed in me.
    See the beautiful elements he created in me.
    See the inner most depths of myself that bring so much strength.
    Places deep within my soul that I haven't even tapped.
    Depths that bring joy,peace and happiness.
    I wish to see myself through God's eyes
    I guess only then will gain the serenity I need to overcome this time I'm in.
    I wish....

  • __nnmaa 33w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Isolation

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    Put out in my little place of loneliness

  • __nnmaa 33w

    Broken down like pieces of shattered glass
    Made to conform to rules and regulations that keep me bound
    Tossed around like useless piece of cloth or should I say rag
    Given wounds that led to scars
    Segregated to rights to life
    Taken away from me fundamentals to life
    Turned to a dog, they only give scraps
    Thrown to the wastelands and
    Spat on like dirt
    Being made into shape shifter
    Or baby making machines
    Written out of history
    Denied rights to the freedom of my own body
    Made to feel like I'm less of the person I was born to be
    Cos of my vagina
    But still I rise.
    I rise through the aches and heartbreaks
    Through the pain and the odds
    Through it all
    Just like the Phoenix
    I rise!

  • __nnmaa 57w

    I'm the voice in your head.
    You know,
    The little whisper in your ear
    Loud enough, you can hear and silent so no one hears.
    Your only friend and the one who will ever 'know' or 'understand'
    The one you have conversations with.
    The one who reminds of you those dark memories that hide in your mind.
    Yes. you know.

    I'm your shadow.
    I creep around you in the day and at night,
    I totally consume you with my every being.

    I colour your mind with psychological paints of dryness and sadness.
    I fill you with my words of famine and emptiness.
    I pin you in that little dark hole. A wilderness.
    One where you wallow in confusion and apathy. Apathy for life and all within it.
    I constrict your mind to thoughts of death
    To drive this feeling, feeling of sadness inside.
    "Death is so much easier" I say
    "It'd be a better place without you" I whisper
    "What good is your life".
    I'm that voice,
    That shadow,
    That feeling you just can't describe
    That thing eating you up inside.
    I reside in the deepest darkest place, one you only know.
    I go by a name;


  • __nnmaa 58w

    When a boy tells you he loves you,
    It'd be the first time you hear this.
    You'll smile like a baby that had just been given a candy
    Butterflies will erupt in your stomach dancing to the beat of his every words
    Your heart will beat like that of the sound of an African woman pounding yam
    You will dream day and night of his words, hugs and kisses awaiting till your next meet.
    You'll do all these because his words were not handed to you like crushed berries in the palm of his hands or like the blunt bitter truth our black mothers dish to us in savagery.
    And when the boy tells you he loves you not long after he had you waiting 2 hours in front of a cocktail lounge or, you see him in a bar with another girl reciting the same "I love you" to her.
    Then, you'd know,
    When the boy tells you "I love you"
    It's a mere statement emerging not from his heart but of his holiest of holies waiting to be comforted.
    It is a sentence brought about by the raging sound of the brain down there; a mere konji.
    So, when a boy tells you he loves you,
    Do not crack your face into the fullest crescent moon at the tapered bottom of a blackened sky,
    He's just a boy,