book 1 Beauty for Ashes: life of a single mom book 2 tides and waves

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  • __po8tri__ 13w

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    Teresa lucius


  • __po8tri__ 14w

    My octopus teacher tribute poem

    I dove into the ocean,
    Heard the crashes of the sea.
    Off the coast of paradise it was you and me.
    Under the water, lost in the forest of kelp.
    You found me when I had been lost within myself.
    One little life with such a big impact now.
    How I wish you were here to see the lives changed somehow unbeknownst by you.
    Somewhere deep with in me. The memories we shared will always be viewed by the world. 
    Forever changed in time. You had a great purpose what a wonderful life.
    RIP little octopus. 

  • __po8tri__ 16w


    My words cut deep on the inside of me pushing away everything and everyone I
    could love. Especially u. How I love u. I love u more than a summer's day or rainy night..or sunset breeze upon the ocean...so many places i went without u but in my heart even was a release to me because even getting the worst of u was better than none of you. I'm sorry is just words...what else can I do but let u go.

  • __po8tri__ 17w

    Starfish and seashells

    I know how much you love and miss your mom. I know how much you love the ocean. Let this starfish be like the stars and bring you closer to heaven like she was to you. May you remember to come out of your shell and find love that she wished for you. Even if it's far or not in these eyes I hope you remember how much you mean to those you love. Thank you for the years, the friendship, and all that you hope to be. Rest peacefully in wherever life takes you on whatever shores that is.

  • __po8tri__ 17w

    Cardboard hearts

    Just like every other time we are here.
    I always seem to say to much to break the fall. Through floors that are flimsy upon memories that are card board
    How do I undo what's been done and said when no love runs through my head and fear is in my veins like every other time I ruin things.
    Between you and I.  Between all in my life. You have wrecked me in my deepest parts and my cardboard heart I treat like steel...but you melt every part of me.

  • __po8tri__ 17w

    Let me run

    Let me run far away. At least in my mind I would accept the things I dont understand. We could be together. I wouldn't miss you this much as if I mattered at all. I have to get my mind off you. Away from the fact your killing me on the inside. I dont know if and when or how. I just know I have to trust in what I can't see. Are u going to stay with her or be with me.

  • __po8tri__ 17w

    Where are you

    As time goes on I miss you. I wish you were here. I was so strong before you came back into my life. I am so broken, vulnerable, and unsure when your gone busy living your life. I feel trapped not knowing what to think. Do u love me. Do u miss me. Do you want be here. I have waited this long what's another day. Silence is misery at least when I tried to break it off I wasn't at the mercy of the unknowns.
    I love you but cannot tell you its easier to accept it if you weren't here.

  • __po8tri__ 17w


    Kinda feel ur not coming back. Just my instinct

  • __po8tri__ 17w


    I am the ice and u are the knife hot cutting through every inch of me...I then become something beautiful then melt at your touch every. Single. Time

  • __po8tri__ 17w

    Lead me

    Lead me a celestial ship. To a light overlong and true. Guide my wayward journey home to you.
    Where the path is clear and waves are calm.
    Where the seagulls sing a lullaby song.
    To send me to peaceful dreams on that far sandy shore where hurricanes, typhoons and storms rage on no more. 
    Lead me on to the red sun set before it hits and meets the night time tempest.  
    Beyond far horizons lead me free make me one with Gods eternal sea.