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  • __pragya 13w


  • __pragya 15w

    We grow to become beautiful people.

  • __pragya 15w

    When a poet sings a song he wrote for someone, and someone else is.......................

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    My best friend. My first friend. My music friend.
    I miss you.
    Why did you let this happen to us? Why did you allow it all to happen the way you knew it shouldn't.
    I know that I still mean the same to you. And so do you for me. But, what happened involved important people who said unforgettable things to me. Am I yet permitted to be fine with it?
    Come back soon, shall I say?
    Or, did you walk away for the newer things to take the form of love to bring me to heights higher than ever...

  • __pragya 15w

    The entire best friend concept is a hoax.

  • __pragya 17w

    There may be many wise men,
    but the wisest of all is the one who can let it all go, without any ego.


  • __pragya 19w

    Looking back at those moments when your own people troubled you at crucial times, and laughing at it now, now that they are doing it again - feels like you've conquered the world and are seeing everything so transparently.
    We should understand that some people won't change, or rather, they've always been like that and we took guilt for nothing.

    Like "Bro, not gonna let that shit on me again, I'm good thanks!"

    #MorningMusings #PullUpYourSocks


  • __pragya 19w

    Dhadkanon ki baat thodi dur thehri.
    Par ek naya gajab iss dharti par mehsoos hua.
    Chehre se lekar dhadkanon tak,
    Sab ek hi saath khil utth the,
    Sab ek hi saath mehek uth the,
    Sab ek hi saath safalta ki shikhar choomthe.
    Yeh nasha nahin hai toh kya hai?

  • __pragya 23w

    The day you said those words and doubted me, I realised how badly you treated me in your heart.
    Why did you, and still continue to, be nice to me?


  • __pragya 24w

    If you're suffering, know you're a good person. That's the only reason.

  • __pragya 25w

    Kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki kaash hum Naina Talwar ki tarah khud pe himmat, aur apne pyaar pe vishwaas rakh paate...