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  • __sni_pan__ 20h

    Are you metamorphosing friend!? ����

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    My Full-time Job
    has always been

    That is why I'd seem different
    Everytime you'd see me
    I am NOT the same person, you had met
    I shed my old self..

    Even Yesterday I was different
    Then how can you hope to recognise me
    From last month, last year, last decade
    I have changed, grown exponentially
    from the time you saw me last.

    I am constantly Improving
    Transforming, becoming
    BECAUSE I invest a lot of time on me
    I invest a lot of effort and energy in me.
    I am my Primary person. I am my BAE.

    It's literally life-changing (pun intended )


  • __sni_pan__ 1d

    Stay Kind.
    Stay Non-confrontational
    Stay Non-judgmental.
    Have more compassion
    Have more Understanding
    Have more Empathy.
    Be better than you were yesterday.

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    Now, Pay Attention..!!

    Everyone's life is difficult
    and full of obstacles

    They are facing the same challenges
    As you are, some EVEN MORE than you.

    They are NOT exactly moon-walking
    or gliding through their life.

    So, in ALL your interactions
    With EVERYONE..

    Keep your Empathy/ Understanding
    Warmth and politeness High.
    Keep your Entitlement/ Expectations
    Ego, Judgement AND YOUR VOICE low

    AND if you have NOTHING nice to say
    Stay tight-lipped..
    REMEMBER, keep it tightly zipped.

    —Note to Self.

  • __sni_pan__ 1d

    AND sadly..
    oftentimes we understand
    the value of True Love
    Genuine friendship
    and Authentic feelings
    ONLY after we have lost them.

    Human heart is ever fickle
    It only runs after what it doesn't have
    Taking for granted, what it has
    Until it's LOST.


  • __sni_pan__ 1d

    Conforming will be the death of you
    You no puppet, nor a puppeteer

    You, YOU..!!
    Crazy, Brilliant YOU.


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    ..BUT My Dear
    you are BRILLIANT

    AND what is Brilliant
    Without a healthy dose of

    —NEVER conform

  • __sni_pan__ 1d

    You will find yourself
    On both sides of the fence
    At sometime or another.
    Here is how to heal a damaged human heart
    ..and how to heal yours in the process.

    There is magic in
    How your own healing takes place
    When you heal another.


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    ANYTHING can be forgiven
    Literally ANYTHING

    if the perpetrator, Realises their mistake
    Takes time to understand, Empathize
    Acknowledges the damage done
    Apologises Unequivocally.

    Repents from heart
    Tries to make amends unconditionally

    Listens to the one wronged
    and validates their feelings..
    ..and remains patient while their feelings
    Run their course..

    There is immense healing in that.
    For both the wrong doer, and the wronged.

    —How to heal humanity.

  • __sni_pan__ 1d

    गीत कोई गाओ, कि मन उदास है आज
    तुम चले आओ, कि मन उदास है आज

    तेरे आने से बहारों के चलन चलते हैं
    आंखों की झील में, सुर्खी़ के कमल खिलते हैं
    फूलों पे रंग चढ़ाओ, कि मन उदास है आज
    तुम चले आओ, कि मन उदास है आज

    मैंने इस आस में, आज घर को सजाया है
    तेरे आने का यकीं दिल ने मुझे, मैंने दिल को दिलाया है
    वो यकीं ना झुठलाओ, कि मन उदास है आज
    तुम चले आओ, कि मन उदास है आज।

    — स्निग्धा

    The song link in is in my bio. Do hear my original song and give me a thumbs-up ����

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  • __sni_pan__ 1d

    The opposite is ALWAYS TRUE.

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    Even if the whole World
    stands UNITED Against me
    and applies all their Might/ force

    I will Stand there alone. DEFIANT
    Unperturbed, Unbowed, Unbroken
    and kick some ass..
    ..and I WILL kick it good.

    Only the Wise and the Fools
    Have such blind Courage
    AND I believe I am both
    In equal measure.

    —in equal measure

  • __sni_pan__ 2d

    Ease up. Relax. Join the party.
    You are JUST on time.

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    First of all we are NOT
    starting at the same point

    Then we are NOT facing same
    Circumstances, weather conditions in life

    Most importantly, we are NOT
    headed in the same direction

    So, where is the competition..!?

    Get out of the Mind-set
    where you have to compete
    With others, or yourself

    Life is NO race..
    It is a beautiful journey
    That you are making at your own pace

    On this journey, whenever you feel like
    Stop, spread out a mat/ a quilt
    Gather people and food and stuff
    AND have a picnic.

    —Ease up. Relax. Join the party.
    You are just on time.

  • __sni_pan__ 2d

    Do not call her beautiful for her appearance
    That's an affront to her warrior Spirit
    She's been called beautiful for
    her skin and her hair, her smile and her eyes
    AND she always turns away from
    such superficiality in disdain

    For, it is her Spirit that is glorious
    AND IT WILL BE glorious
    Long past the spring of youth
    and the fleeting attention that it brings

    Her Beauty is Timeless.
    Her Spirit is indomitable
    Her Soul is Ancient

    AND there is immense Grace
    in her FIERCENESS.

    She is Nature.
    She is woman.

    She is ANY woman.
    She is EVERY woman.
    She is ALL THE WOMEN.


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    She doesn't have to be delicate
    nor graceful, refined
    or pleasant to the senses
    She ain't here to please you
    Or anyone else..

    She can be as RAW as the Desert-storm
    As ABRASIVE as the edgy Mountain cliffs
    As POWERFUL as the turbulent Seas
    As SCARY and as UNAPOLOGETIC too

    AND therein lies her BEAUTY.


  • __sni_pan__ 3d

    Don't tell EVERYTHING

    NOT everyone wants
    What's best for you..

    AND not everyone has the integrity
    To not misuse the information.

    Keep everything on a Need to know basis
    If they don't need to know
    Don't let them know..

    —an ounce of care is worth
    A pound of remedying.