trust your instincts... they never lie ��

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  • __sunshine 3w


    Never look at my eyes when people tell me about love cause you know they'll scream your name even if I shut them close.

  • __sunshine 5w


    People die , love stories end still Love prevails.

  • __sunshine 7w


    It always amuses me the way we convey the word loved ... Does it mean love dearly or does that simply means the love's dead.

  • __sunshine 7w


    I write when am down and recently I noticed I write a lot ...

  • __sunshine 11w


    When even the faintest wish you make come true , be careful it's when the life will take away someone who's dear to you .


  • __sunshine 12w


    100s of days spent without you never could have faded the 1 min we spent being us .

  • __sunshine 20w

    Letter of Apology

    Baby ,

    I've been a lil too harsh on you n I know it's not fair to do so. I know I am still selfish when it comes to your case. It's not because I don't trust you or something like that , it's simply the jealous part of me overpowering me sometimes. I scold you , argue with you , act like I don't care just because I know I do care about you a lot . Honesty I don't know how to love my baby properly , I go running around asking people how to make my cutiepie feel loved and always give you the best there is , but every step taken to do so failed somehow , at some point I was frustrated with a lot of things and I really wasn't myself , you know am a hot head but I calm down real quick sticking around you. Whenever we have a fight two things happen we heat things up and next is we stop talking till one apologize enough , not talking part seriously hurts.
    I know and you know I can't loose you , my babycakes but I'll be make you proud just as I am proud of you just the way you are .
    You are my lil angel , the best gift of my life , my guggurl , my love , miss trouble maker but you are always daddy's favourite.

    With Love


  • __sunshine 20w

    Basic Rule

    Even the wars raged between us shouldn't last more than a single day.

  • __sunshine 26w


    All my muse were numbed at the horizon of love when I lost myself and found you within ...

  • __sunshine 35w


    I know my heart won't break when its with you. Even if we had to walk away with our dismantled souls. I gave you my heart to help you heal yours which was once mine and now forever yours.