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  • _adrblogs_ 8w

    I came here to start fresh.
    A new beginning.
    A new life.
    But you can never really run away.
    Demons will continue to chase,
    as long as you keep running.

  • _adrblogs_ 10w

    The memories,
    Still make me smile.
    I’m glad.
    Regardless of all the pain,
    I wanted it at one point in my life.

  • _adrblogs_ 11w

    Old souls have it hard.
    A life that is never theirs.
    A world that doesn’t accept.
    Dreams that can’t be grasped.
    And a body that will never understand.

  • _adrblogs_ 14w

    It’s been five years now,
    I still think of you.
    The ‘what ifs’
    Wonder if things would have been different.
    Maybe they might be,
    In another life, another world.

  • _adrblogs_ 15w

    There was a time when real life was better than dreams.
    A time when bringing a child into this world was the most important thing.
    Now we dream away to stay out of reality.
    And we rather die alone than bring up our children into this failed society.

  • _adrblogs_ 16w

    They say love takes time.
    Be patient.
    It will come when you least expect it.
    But I’ve been waiting a long time.
    Stuck in a loop, that never seems to end.
    Time is racing and patience thinning.
    Feels like I’m gonna be waiting all my life...
    Maybe this love thing is never meant for me.

  • _adrblogs_ 17w

    How long will you wait?
    How long will you hope?
    How long will you punish yourself?
    How long will you wish for something that is dead?
    How long will you try to bring it back to life?
    When will you stop?
    When will you realise that it’s all gone?
    That it’s all finished?

  • _adrblogs_ 17w

    You give and give and give
    They take and take and take
    When will you stop giving?
    When will they stop taking?

  • _adrblogs_ 18w

    Why aren’t you strong enough to say no?
    Why do you feel guilty for saying no?
    Why do you care more about their feelings than yours?
    Why won’t you put yourself first?