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  • _aisu_07 2w

    All those hundred words long essays your friends put status on your birthday's work like elixir when lost in a desert of wrecked mind, when the hot wind blows on your face and your throat dries out of thirst and above all you see not a single form of life anywhere; these words will give you the water to wet your throat and the sight of an oasis to which you can ride on the camel of hope.

  • _aisu_07 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Trust

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    Hard to earn easy to break is trust

  • _aisu_07 8w

    Your appreciation might make happen miracles one day!

  • _aisu_07 10w

    When your dream don't let you sleep while your body convince it's urgent to sleep; a dilemma to resolve taking both sides with unbiased seriousness.

  • _aisu_07 11w

    It is seldom that anything is permanently gained by holding back a fact.
    - Booker T Washington

  • _aisu_07 11w

    Why did you give that silent promise if you knew you'll break it.

  • _aisu_07 12w

    When the storm comes just kneel down.

  • _aisu_07 14w

    Having a bunch of people to hug and tell I love you from the bottom of our heart is one of the biggest blessings we can ever have.

  • _aisu_07 15w

    The sky always amazes me.. it's never the same yet there's not much of a difference and never fails to make the majestic opulence.. and we keep on saying build your life sky high!

  • _aisu_07 17w

    The realisation of not being a child itself hits me hard!
    How am I going to deal with the realisation of being an elderly human if time flies faster than I have ever witnessed!
    All my dreams and ambitions are still so safely packed... But the luggage is so far... When will I reach to hold it, to unpack it and live them...
    Time please be merciful to me...
    I promise, you won't regret.