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  • _ak47_ 6w


    He promised me to treat with respect.
    Deep down I know ,
    This time he is going to show me hell

  • _ak47_ 14w

    By unknown writer #thoughts #love

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    First, they fill every moment with their presence and then leave u suddenly like those moments were only in the dreams

  • _ak47_ 25w

    Once, He sang a song in school competition...
    Which become her favorite song from that day.

  • _ak47_ 28w

    I don't know how to love, anymore.
    - a seven words story.

  • _ak47_ 30w

    In WAR you bleed blood,
    But in LOVE you bleed words.

  • _ak47_ 30w

    After 5 years,
    You were there,
    Right in front of me,
    Out of blue,
    Just a few steps away,
    I wanted to hug u and never let you go again,
    But all I could do is to pretend that we have never met.

  • _ak47_ 30w

    To be present in the same vicinity with you, is still felt like a dream come true.

  • _ak47_ 30w

    May be the wound you gave, were never healed.
    May be I am still trying to live with them.
    May be, just may be.

  • _ak47_ 31w

    हँसता तो है तू उसके साथ,
    पर क्या खुश भी है?

  • _ak47_ 31w

    One morning, I'll open my eyes and findout that I never have fallen in love with you, over that coffee .