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  • _angesophie_ 10w

    Boy next door

    Pull my head out in the window
    So that I could see your face
    But it's sad that
    You can't do the same.

    Heard your voice singing
    Doing your rehearsals right away
    I wish I could join
    I feel like it could be better.

    Met you out
    With my heart bouncing
    And a smile on my face
    But you only say "Hi."

    Tried to get your attention
    I brought up so many stories
    At least funny ones
    But you can't enjoy any of them.

    Saw you passing by
    While I was out there alone
    I only said "hi"
    And I thought it's end of conversation.

    I was suprised by then
    You brought up other stories
    And I was like "OMG!"
    But I took it easy.

    Went back to my room
    Wearing a smile on my face
    With a gleeful heart
    And said "At least that's enough."

  • _angesophie_ 11w

    I took my pen
    I had nothing to write
    But I had something to think of
    I had you on my mind
    That's why I took the pen.

    Your love made me a poet.

  • _angesophie_ 12w

    No matter how strange a woman could be
    She can be a good mother too.

  • _angesophie_ 12w

    Miss you

    I miss being loved
    I miss you holding my hands
    And saying " I'm always here for you."

    I miss being loved
    I miss you staring at me
    And saying " you're beautiful."

    I miss being loved
    I miss your warm hugs
    And saying "I love you."

  • _angesophie_ 12w


    I used to care
    All I wanted was to see you smile
    But now I turned to be careless
    And I still pretend.

    I guess I made a mistake
    Ever since the day I entered the picture
    But it was my favorite mistake
    Coz I was happy by then
    Just because of you.

    Though I moved on
    I never regret that I met
    Coz I learned a lot from you
    And it was the best.

    Don't overthink
    I suddenly moved on
    You had nothing to do with it
    You did nothing wrong
    All I wanted was someone to proud of
    You see, I couldn't be proud of you
    But I hope you'll find someone
    The one who's proud of you.

    You know I wish you the best
    Your happiness is all I care about
    I wish you love.

  • _angesophie_ 12w

    She's been quite these last days
    Acting strange too
    She really don't know what to think
    She don't want to get hurt
    Hurt by her own thoughts
    She don't want to think.

    She said she needed some space
    She wanted to be alone
    She's sitting there
    With her weakness beside her
    I mean her emotions.

    She can't stop crying
    But she can wipe her own tears
    She's not smiling
    Which seems to be unusual
    But she can fake her smile.

    All she want is peace of mind
    Though she can't get it right away
    She wanna make it up to her self
    But she can't reach it
    But she said this lately
    "Changes will come
    You'll learn from them
    Life goes on..."

  • _angesophie_ 12w

    Dear pillow

    Dear pillow
    Please tell me that
    You understand me
    You get where I'm coming from.

    Thank you for being there.
    All the sleepless nights
    You're there for me
    All those tears
    You always wipe them.

    I hope you won't leave my side
    I hope you won't get tired of me
    You're the only one to understand me.

  • _angesophie_ 12w

    Changes will come
    You'll learn from them
    Life continues...

  • _angesophie_ 12w

    I wrote NDC
    I got them confused
    No one could reach the meaning
    But I knew it
    "It means kindness." I said.

    Still confused
    It seemed to be an abbreviation
    Or a name
    And that's NTWALI Deo Clovis
    "This name remarks kindness." I said.

    "Who's Clovis?" They asked.
    I smiled
    "He's a good friend of mine." I replied
    But this wasn't enough
    I had a lot of explainings to do.

    He's a guy
    With love in his blood
    With a caring attitude
    With a golden heart
    With a helping hand.

    He's always on my side
    He supports me
    He knows my weakness
    He never give up on me
    He taught me to never give up
    He's a blessing to us
    A good friend to keep
    That's why I'm lucky and thankful.

    I could see that
    The confusion was left behind
    They all got to know him better.

  • _angesophie_ 13w

    I was asleep by then
    But I couldn't see you in my dreams
    I searched everywhere
    But you were not there.

    I suddenly woke up
    I couldn't even see you
    I couldn't see you in my dreams
    Not even in reality.

    I found the doors open
    My doors were open
    And the truth is that
    You walked out of my life.