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  • _ashes7 10w

    Healing requires help
    And to ask for that help
    It requires a lot of


  • _ashes7 12w

    Where No Man's Heart Lies

    I want a place where I can see you
    and my mind creates a blury image of yours..
    Where my thoughts floats on the
    reflection of your memories...
    Where your memory hits you to
    the blank corner of your past, when I can see the mere reflection of my eyes on yours ...
    Where my silence can tear the curtins of your ears ...
    Where I can ignore your presence .. Where I can stop feeling you inside me ..
    - Ashu

  • _ashes7 13w


    I realized the difference of living and surviving when they holded my freedom.

    I became used to of living in a suffocation when they wanted me to be just like them.

    I saw myself at my worst when I couldn't deny not being me.

    I felt myself similar to a puppet when they made me just like them.

    I hunged my soul when I couldn't go against them, couldn't fight against someone who fed me, couldn't say that "I want my life back, I want myself back"


  • _ashes7 14w

    We think we are
    living 'IN' a society
    But when you will open your eyes
    you will find Yourself
    Living 'For'a Society


  • _ashes7 15w

    One day these uncountable, unexplainable and unknown thoughts will stop haunting you down and set you free.
    Then slowly you gone a win this darkness inside you and comeover these shadows following you since years.
    One day you will witness yourself haunting down the unknown 'you' lurking every night and residing inside you.
    Then you will beat all those nighmares which kept you awake and shiver whole night.
    And then everything will be fine.
    And then everything will be fine.


  • _ashes7 19w

    Even my closed eyes don't want you to escape from my sight.

    Even the gap between these fingers which unfortunately doesn't fit in to yours, only want to hold your hand.

    Even these clear and blur thought of you, don't want you to fade away.

    Even this idiot, careless, and dumb mind sometime thinks of you.

    I do think of you.


  • _ashes7 20w

    You are just like a firefly
    Emits your own light.
    That's why I didn't
    stopped you.
    That's why
    I let it be.

  • _ashes7 21w

    You are just like those rain drops
    Not afraid of falling,
    Just wanted to
    Moisture the hard soul.

  • _ashes7 23w

    I am pushing you away the whole day
    And chasing you every night .
    I am full of mysterious thoughts,
    Drowning me to the depth of darkness.
    ©_Purple Kite

  • _ashes7 24w

    May be I failed to be a good brother
    But you have always been a perfect sister
    दिदी ...