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  • _broken69_ 30w

    My old group chat ❤️

    _bappo no hacko_: Do y'all like your mUlK chUnKY or SoFT?

    RipoffDonaldTrump: I like my MuLK burnt, that's were I hits homie

    _‍♀️DumbWhiteBitch‍♀️_: Y'all still milk...ew, I drink extra CriSpY toILeT waTeR.

    Thatonedepressedkid: Neither Mannnn, I like my mILk THICC with sherk's swamp water mixed in it

    _Anime Weeb 246_: Nani da fuqk? Wat did I just log into

    _The Yeeting Man_: uhm y'all weirdo's, I like my mELk chewy .

    _Anime Weeb 246_: I mean I only drink the blood of children, so I can't really chose

    _-That one person-_: You are all more disappointing than my father

    Thatonedepressedkid: Wat did he leave for mElUk and ciGareTTes 8 years ago just like mine?

    _-That one person-_: Probably but I just don't remember

    _Anime Weeb 246_: You're all fuqked up

    Thatonedepressedkid: AYEEEEEEEEEE MANNNNNN....we already know that

  • _broken69_ 30w

    Hey you
    Yes you!
    You know
    You're amazing
    Right like you can
    Do so many amazing
    Things, and I know they
    Say that you can't do anything
    Just know that their wrong
    They just don't see how amazing
    You are!

  • _broken69_ 30w

    Life sucks
    There's going to
    Be ups and downs
    No matter how hard you
    Try life will get in your way
    But sometimes life can be helpful
    It can teach you things like
    Even though there is a
    Darkness there will
    Always be a

  • _broken69_ 30w

    By Claudia Martin-Davila #life #poetry #life #poetry

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    Does anyone get that......feeling of fear, nostalgia, and sadness when somebody leaves,like you see all the memories you've had with them and then it stops...... your heart starts to hurt then you try to get to them...but you know you can't because it's their choice to leave, even though you want to beg them to stay......but you can't.