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  • _broken_and_beautiful_ 10w


  • _broken_and_beautiful_ 17w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Insecure

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    Unsure and insecure.

  • _broken_and_beautiful_ 30w

    My letter to him

    Dear love,
    I sit here silently before asking the question of no return
    Did you ever care? Or was my presence a source of confirmation you did not need but wouldn't give up?
    Was I the proof that you finally had control for once of something more powerful than yourself
    Was it true that I played the part of the puppet caught on taught strings only caring about the brief moments of freedom?
    I guess I know the answer because you only look to me when all the bridges have burned.
    I ask only now, what did I do to deserve this?

  • _broken_and_beautiful_ 30w

    Purple Rain

    I long for purple rain to dance across my skin
    A soft pitter patter of love always wins
    Fingertips of silk, eyes of the moon
    In the night i long for the comforting essence of you
    You get my darkest sides, and know my shattered past
    Your mind answers questions my mouth has yet to ask
    I'm calling on the thunderstorm please just take me back
    I long for purple rain to make up for the past

  • _broken_and_beautiful_ 48w


    I barely know anything but the fact that your intentions are unpure
    As you talk you beat me down with black and blue colored words
    I go to leave but the wind acts as the Devils hand
    I want my life back but I love the monster and the man
    I walk the halls hollow and incomplete
    Scarde to stay but also scarde to leave
    If I choose blood runs down the walls
    If I don't I'm trapped in these hollow, empty halls
    They say beauty is inside every single beast
    That means a part of all of us is hollow and incomplete


  • _broken_and_beautiful_ 58w


    I walk on a bed of searing coals
    Your fingertips leave scars, stories untold
    You shiv me with a knife then scream at the blood
    I don't desire pain, but I crave the sting of love

    The weight on my chest restricts my air
    You smile sinfully cause you never cared
    I lie there dying, gasping for breath
    You stare blankly cause there's nothing left

    The trickle of water hitting the tub
    Submerged, I am under, no chance of coming up
    Finally free of troubles and thoughts
    Finally for forever I am numb


  • _broken_and_beautiful_ 58w

    Loving The Broken

    I know he doesn't know that it hurts the way it does
    He thinks my mouth a faucet i intentionally let run
    His mind says im out to spite him for all the wrongs he has done
    He doesn't know that when i see him he's standing with a gun

    His mind is cold and brittle so he doesn't understand
    That though he is part monster he is also part man
    I don't want to admit it but im slightly terrified
    Though i know i cannot hurt him so i push my fear aside

    He says he needs the bottle to cope with what he's done
    But the bottle only bandaids the affect of a gun
    Soon he'll always need it to sleep before the dawn
    And by then ill have lost him, my first love forever gone