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  • _chandrakshi_ 2w

    Untied knots

    She rubbed off the vermilion from her forehead and replaced the red bindi with a maroon one. She could hear maa silently sobbing in the next room, lamenting to aunt about how cruel life was to her. She was not unfamiliar with those words but every time they seemed to dig within and stab slightly more. She put on a pale pink saree, put on some makeup to hide the dark circles, packed her ghungroos and walked out of the house.

    When she passed by neighbours whispered of how girls these days didn't think twice of breaking nuptial ties and dating another man. She would answered them but realized they were like rusted iron. Tired though she was of ways they tried to prick her wounds, the blood around them had clotted long back.

    You see, she had chosen to lose the love of her life to know how it feels to love thyself. She chose to be a blank verse rather than a forced rhyme. She doesn't write unrhymed poems but she wrote in free verses, nurturing her own style and new-found liberty.

    //the skin was abraded long back,
    but the frost bites and sweltering summers still irk the unhealed scars.
    she was dancer with broken bells,
    the worldly noises don't distract anymore
    she swirls and twirls to a song of her own//

  • _chandrakshi_ 3w

    Bird in a cage

    In a golden cage I stay,
    Within fourteen bars and a tiny lock,
    My mistress gives me food,
    Sometimes my favourite fruits.
    You come to see me
    Admiring my colourful feathers.
    Saying how lucky I am,
    To be kept in a golden cage.

    (But I want to fly high,
    I want to feel the rain and the wind
    I want to bask in the sunshine,
    I want to go back to where I came from.)

    The day I saw the lock broken,
    I tried to get out and you saw me.
    You complained to my mistress,
    Of how ungrateful I was,
    To be kept in a golden cage.

    (But I want to kiss the clouds,
    I want to stand on the water,
    I want to sing in the wild,
    I want to be free again,
    To die under the sky just the way I was born.)

    Do I want something out of the ordinary,
    Do I want anything you wouldn't,
    Then, why do you call me ungrateful,
    Why do call me selfish when you too want the same for yourself?

  • _chandrakshi_ 6w

    Of yellow and crimson

    I saw a little girl,
    With a cherry smile and pink cheeks,
    A glow of a thousand fireflies radiating from her round visage.
    She had no care of the world,
    Frolicking around she went
    In a bright yellow frock and matching ribbons.

    I see a woman today,
    With chapped lips and a sullen face
    She slashed another layer of skin today, to see the crimson gushing out.
    Her tenebrosity dims a thousand stars.
    Chained by anxiety and thrashed by self loathe,
    She floats in a ocean full of fallen angels,
    With shredded clothes and messy hair she awaits to be one of them.

    'Mad' the world calls her,
    She had exchanged sunflowers for black roses.

    #madnessc @writersbay @mirakee

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    //Mad the world calls her but no one ever stopped by to ask the reason for her madness//

  • _chandrakshi_ 7w

    @writersbay @writersnetwork
    #bingoc (Chilly,empty, loop, promises, perhaps) #pod

    Chilly winds beat against her face as warm fluid seeped out of her eyes. She sat on the rooftop with her back against a wall, rocking back and forth like a baby; navigating her way through the same loop of thorns.
    "Your mother's a witch, she made a puppet out of my son. She is the worst thing that ever happened to this family..... " reverberating in her ears. She had never seen her mother weep like she did. When one day she managed to gather up enough courage and ask her mother if grandma's words didn't affect her, she replied, "Your grandma is an old lady, my dear. She doesn't hold anything against me, but when I fail to meet her expectations she scolds me. That's what every mother does to her daughter, it's all a way to show her love. Besides, I have promised to be with this family through good and bad times so this is where I have to stay for the rest of my life, so these scuffles are typical of all families. Don't worry too much about them."
    Perhaps these were nothing extraordinary, but she is too sensitive to words. At times, she wants to run away from this house and stay in an empty cabin where she wouldn't hear her family shouting at each other for money and gold.
    She can feel the bouquet of her family slowly crumbling, as its colourful blossoms wither away.

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    A vase with rainbow flowers,
    Withering by the day.
    A girl with choked wails,
    Nobody to say.
    A string of delicate pearls,
    Slowly falling apart.

  • _chandrakshi_ 9w

    A letter to the one whose I heart I broke

    Hope you're doing good these days. Just so you know how long I took to write this letter, I had written a ten more of its kind but all of them ended up getting ripped just like my heart.
    Do you remember the first letter I wrote to you? Yeah, I was a kid back then; fascinated by the word called love, the way it could bring happiness in one's life.
    Darl, do you remember the cold day of November when we were in ninth grade? You came with a packet of chocolate and confessed your love. I smirked at you saying that love was far from what you could comprehend.
    From that day onwards, you never crossed my path. You walked away with bleary eyes and an alluring smile.
    But do you know what? Today I want that day back, I want you back. That guy whom I loved turned out to be a jerk. He promised me forevers and left me in shambles. I'm broken like shards of glass, my sharp edges are ripping everyone around me. I hate that reflection of mine, the one he appreciated with those prudent play of words. I trusted him instead of you and I'm paying for it.
    I have no right to ask you to come back, have I? I'm being selfish. But my eyes have no more tears in them, nights and days make no difference, I'm tired as hell but still can't sleep, my soul's turning black. Maybe I deserved it, for letting you go, for breaking your heart.
    #letterc #picturec @writersbay @barasiya__ Hope I didn't ruin such an amazing picture.

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    Would you sing me lullabies to sleep?
    Would you lend me your shoulder to soak the warm liquid flowing down my cheeks?
    Would you be the rays of sunshine to my dying plant?
    Would you paint me with colours which aren't just the myriad shades of blue?
    Would you still love me the same way you did back then?

  • _chandrakshi_ 10w

    Last night they were here,
    They came in to check if my screams still sounded the same.
    They had daggers with them,
    Daggers with which they pierced my epidermis.
    They dragged me to the dark cellar,
    Shackled my limbs and lashed at my broken skin.
    I screamed my lungs out but the fiends smirked at me.
    I fell at their feet with no hope to spare,
    They kicked on my face and left me to perish.
    Blood trickling down my face ,
    I saw their blurry frames walk away.

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    The horrors of my past are the nightmares of my present.

  • _chandrakshi_ 11w

    #streetmeetc #writersbay #dialoguec @say_me_krish

    Sadness and happiness met on the street called life:
    Sadness says, "How lonely I am! No one wants to be my friend."

    Happiness replies, " Have you ever tried befriending positivity? Last night I saw him with over thinking "

    Sadness says, " I tried but negativity pushed him away and now she says she will be my best friend, but I don't want her."

    Happiness smiles, " What about humour! Did you try him? "

    Sadness retorts, " But he never stays forever. The moment he leaves I'm infected by gloom"

    Happiness wonders, " Would you like to be my friend? "

    Sadness sobs, " We are too far away, there are so many rivers to be crossed; the rivers of anger, self-consciousness, sensitivity, stress, heartbreak, pain and so many more. "

    Happiness says with a loving smile, " Don't worry I will help you build the bridges over them; the bridge of calmness, self-love, resilience, hope and faith with blocks of love and lots of strength. So one fine day you'll reach me. After all, friendship is all about helping each other. Do you accept my friend request? "
    Sadness looks with grateful eyes, "Yes, I do."

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  • _chandrakshi_ 11w

    You said you would love me forever,
    Forever which I never believed could exist.

    Though existence would be a bit rough without you,
    You would be broken for days, I know.

    Still the knowledge that you will be better off without me was consoling,
    Consoling would be the fact that I am not pretending to love you, just for the sake of it.

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    That day, I broke your heart and
    shattered my own to another thousand pieces

  • _chandrakshi_ 12w

    Meowie: Aah! How beautiful the night is with the moon so bright and you by my side.

    Meow: Yes, such a perfect night it is. Meoling, do you know how many tales this dear moon has to listen to all night? Selenophiles humming lovely melodies to it, heartbrokens lamenting about their lost loves, lovers sharing lovenotes, loners confiding in their deepest emotions, incomplete verses of musing poets and what not.

    Meowie: Oh dear! How busy he is.

    Meow: You know Meoling, the humans have so much to learn from the moon. They never wait to listen to each other while the moon listens to each of their pain and joy with equal attention.
    #picturec @writersbay

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  • _chandrakshi_ 12w

    #artquill @suranjana__ Teri encouragement kaam aayi, bas hasna mat.
    The most perfect heart l ever drew ��

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