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  • _create_23 6h

    Words still remained
    Silence within my head
    This time not by my tongue
    I will speak tons
    With my eyes
    Walls of Misunderstandings
    Start to build when
    My tongue starts to work
    and it tends to finish
    Those which barely started
    Lying made it difficult
    But my eyes can show only
    The truth but with no evidence
    Speaking of which
    I choose to remain silent
    With nothing on my side
    I chose to be broken
    All confused I am
    Hardly can anybody understand
    What I tried to say
    But it is fine for me
    Until I atleast got a chance to say.

  • _create_23 2d

    He whispered
    I hardly understood
    His touch was on my arms,
    I held my breath for a while
    Looked at him
    I reacted in the most peaceful manner
    I could ever
    It hurt my arms
    It sucked
    I finally killed him!
    Chill! It was just a mosquito! It bites and it pains really hard!

  • _create_23 3d

    Dear clock,

    If you could
    Just give a chance to look back
    And laugh in those moments where I could not
    Dance in those moments where I avoided to
    Approve of the things I rejected of
    Love in the moments I sobbed
    If you could stop at these moments just for once,
    I won't ever regret
    I promise I will never dissapoint you
    And ask for it again
    Just for once
    Really..just for once
    I want to feel her touch again
    I want to run and hug my pals
    To whom I said,"sorry,I am busy".
    I want to say "thank you" to so many
    Please..I beg you
    I promise, I won't make another mistake again!
    I promise,I won't waste my time again!
    But please just once,take me to that place again!

  • _create_23 3d

    #global warming

    Whites will be discriminated in near future!

  • _create_23 4d

    Addictive formulas for normal citizens:
    Drinking tea with Parle-G
    Eating mungfali with salt
    And very addictive
    Watching k-dramas

  • _create_23 4d

    Dear novels,

    Once upon a time
    Stories started with "once upon a time"
    When I didn't grow much
    And your kids thin and small were in my life
    I now realize that not all
    stories start with once upon a time
    And end with a happy ending
    Some are left to ponder
    And to weave another piece
    And here I am in your world!

  • _create_23 1w

    She loved the black and grey checked shirt in the store
    She couldn't walk a step without her purple rubber band in hand
    She hates using highlighters on her books
    She often stops by the shop near the intersection to buy her favourite cookies
    She runs from her apartment at 5 on Sundays to eat her favourite Pani puris
    She looks the best when she wears the blue kurta with white duppatta which her mom gifted
    There is no time when she doesn't wear a wrist watch
    She loves to receive handwritten letters
    She is brave enough to face comments and ignorance
    Her smiles heals me everyday.

    I knew all the answers but the question remained......
    Did she also feel the same!?

  • _create_23 1w

    Bitter truths
    Beautiful lies
    Shattered dreams
    Concrete nightmares
    Hydrated worries
    Wilted responses
    Loud alarms
    And silent warnings

    Here stands the
    And chivalrous life.

  • _create_23 3w






  • _create_23 3w

    I shouted
    Brother ran
    Father had the first aid kit
    Mother's hug healed..!

    And I realised family.