20y.0 Seeker! Dust settles, I dont ��️

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  • _dachiboo_ 10w

    Life is a bubble ❤️

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    You think you've won, you think you've lost
    You think its what you are meant for

    All your life you went behind those
    Fabulous praises and fake promises

    You think your vision and your mission
    Is works and gains and pleasure afterall

    You built up houses and called it homes
    You worked till dusk that really sucks

    All the way for that gold which
    You and your father's treasured for long

    Greedy heart taught you what??
    All these are what you are

    Give me a second! And let me explain_
    You are nothing but black ash!


  • _dachiboo_ 11w


    Knock knock !?
    Who is there!?
    Cancel my subscription >.<


  • _dachiboo_ 11w

    This poem i wrote has nothing to do with my personal life. This is just an illustration of a person whose mind is in contradiction with the comman social sayings ! Do read and support ❤️

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    A losing self

    They say , be happy for the little things life.
    But i can't.
    They say, be greatful for that you are alive.
    But i can't.
    They say, to dream high for dreams knew no bounds.
    But i can't.
    They say, to love without hoping it back.
    But i can't.
    They say, to be there even when you got no one.
    But i can't.
    They say, to hope for the best even at your worst.
    But i can't.
    They say, to have faith for karma hears it all.
    But i can't.
    They say, nothing is impossible for it itself says I'm possible.
    But i can't.
    But i can't for i m just a losing self!.

  • _dachiboo_ 11w

    Have a Good Day ��

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    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

    Sometimes all you need is those four walls. Being surrounded by souls you love. Tasty njam njams . A vast view of the world below. Cloudy sky. Never ending gale. Memories to cherish. Someone to capture those moments.

    Who wants a perfect world , when life itself is nothing but pure bliss


  • _dachiboo_ 12w

    Coz every journey tells a story❤️

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    Thud Thud Thud

    Dashing through the hazy winds
    Pacing with all joy and bliss
    Some instant breaks now and then
    Our maiden ride was perfect one

    Crowded roads and traffic lights
    Cars buses and bikes ahead
    There comes the first red light
    And here goes my head 'thud' 'thud'
    Wonder what that hits so hard
    Nothing but his 'helmet head'

    Joining each ahead of us
    We kept moving in perfect lanes
    Those on the bus kept staring hard
    Those on the seats kept mumbling low
    The blue bus made an abrupt stop
    And goes my head again 'thud' 'thud'

    Days passed and months wentby
    The rides remained as special as that
    Hard hugs sweet talks kept adding on
    But the 'thud' 'thud' 'thud' never stopped


  • _dachiboo_ 12w

    Life of an unknown

    How beautiful is it to stay unknown
    Untouched by emotions
    Unbroken by promises
    Unattached by bonds
    All lone yet in tranquility.

    To feel the very essence of being
    To absorb this fantacy
    Not in its absoluteness
    But in its uncertainities.

    Like the sand carried away by the wind
    Ignorant of its course
    A saga of delusions
    Obscure to human sense.

    Unescorted by the past
    Unaltered by the present
    Unconcerned about the future
    Undefeatable and eternal


  • _dachiboo_ 12w

    Every long distance relation ever!❤️


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    Thicker it grew
    Stronger it went
    Farther away
    Closer at heart...


  • _dachiboo_ 12w

    There are certain things in your life which only you and god knows, things which no one will ever understand, things which even you fails to comprehend, things which are better left unsaid because in your heart of hearts you know sharing them is not going to make anything any better.
    And you simply sit still, watching yourself burn...


  • _dachiboo_ 18w

    Often we all end up in a parallel world! Don't we?!.

    "This isn't real", "This isn't real"...'BOOM'.. I woke up gasping for breath. This is the 5th time i m getting lost in this unknown fantacy. I tried to move around, but this legs! They were aching, they made it hard for me to even feel them below my waist. I can feel my blood oozing out from my ankle. I can feel the tight grip of the rusting chains dragging my soul to some unknown depth.
    I looked out. Purples changing to Gold. The sun's beam creeping underneath my bed, fading even the last lumps of darkness. I stuck out my head through the window and pressed myself against the intensely cold mist. I wished to move out, to walk up to my school, to meet my friends, to ride my bike down the road for one last time.

    I stared at my room, all messed up. It was only when i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror that i realised how much i have changed. There were big swollen red bruises all over my face, neck and arms.

    Nothing made sense to me and I felt deep pain, whenever i tried to recollect my past. "Not today", "not today" i kept saying until i heard Abba leaving. I listened sharply through my door. Mira must have set off to her school with Abba . I remember Mira, a miniature version of mine. But who was she? Who was Abba?
    "Not today", "not today"....
    I sat down with my back to the door. I cant remember anything. I know them i know everyone but my mind kept playing tricks with my memory. I listened close. I can feel Maa near my door. She's the only one who spend time with me. I call her Maa. She brings me food, answer my queries but i dont know who she is or why she keep comming to me and comfort me. May be she owns this house.
    "Who am i?".
    "Not today" , "not today".
    I called out with all my strength.
    "Maa............can we go out?".

    "Its too late betta, its pitch dark outside, we might end up somewhere wrong".

    "But Maa , sun's shining, Abba went out right?".

    "Try to sleep betta, I ll see you in the morning".

    "But the windows?....". I sat there unheard.

    The clock struck 12:00
    The sun was still shining on the other side of my windows.
    Purples changing to Gold.

    My mind mumbled, "Windows to my other world!".


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    Windows to the other world

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  • _dachiboo_ 23w


    Yesterday was a dream
    Tomorrow holds the hope
    Today is a reality

    Lets not mourn for the past
    Lets not fret for the future
    Lets sync with the reality