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  • _diyapatel_ 2d

    Forgotten roads

    Those never ending roads
    And the up flying hues,
    Are yearning the calls
    Of the past fouls,
    But do i need to be?
    The flowers of the bee,
    Or the petals of god
    Or the heights of glod.

  • _diyapatel_ 1w


    The body needs no healing
    The sun is burning
    And the mind is holding
    The discrete pieces
    Thrown over the edge
    Am not bad
    Neither lonely
    Just keep wondering
    The present pages of diary
    Will have heart or soul.

  • _diyapatel_ 2w


    World will capture smiles
    Not the scars of muscles
    World will capture success
    Not the sighs of nights
    World will capture results
    Not the practices of sins
    World will capture outlook
    Not the beasts of simplicity.


  • _diyapatel_ 2w

    8:45 a.m

    I started up the words,
    The words of misery
    The world was blowing away
    A new one was on way
    That morning
    With the magical words
    I preached those words
    Those words that was buried
    Under the shadow of nothing
    And that words gave a jerk.

  • _diyapatel_ 3w


    Perhaps the world dies
    In ice and fire
    Lust and rational
    Hatred and anger.
    We are living, under
    The shade of god, silently.

  • _diyapatel_ 3w


    The fear of being hollow is the only curse i feel today. Nobody is in favor, nothing goes to my way but somewhere theres a will, a hope to take away hollow of mine. To deal with all storms crossing across my mind and body and soul. I know that hollow is hollow till deep, but the funda is to move and and just forget the intensity. With this i m still not stuck but awakened and sleepy.

  • _diyapatel_ 3w

    What if i m dead?

    The world with chaos
    The conflicts of talks
    The duration i leave
    And the pieces i left
    It was still, nobody
    Heard it until the end of time
    Unless it was all over.
    Now that end, has mighty
    Has reason and attention.
    Has a notion and story.

  • _diyapatel_ 4w

    A good day

    Days bygone, seconds
    Being in time
    The wounds were so fresh
    To entangle in pace
    You came across yesterday
    But then thats just a day.

  • _diyapatel_ 4w


    Do we go by the trail
    Or leave apart the way?
    Thats the rhythm we follow.
    The long walk on this
    Made us believe, trust, aspire
    The feets were all nice
    Then this was a betrayal enough.

  • _diyapatel_ 4w


    That feets soaked
    That blood all around
    And the black rise in the shed
    Does it form an illusion?
    Or the fact?
    Along that goes
    But nobody knows
    The smoke of love.