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  • _eisha_000 1w

    Good morning beautiful people!��


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    Often I find myself amidst
    Poesies of ardent love
    Laments of long lost zeal
    Stories of deadly struggle
    Verses of sobbing melancholy
    Tales of the intense ancient
    And sagas of fiery bravery

    They do not detach me from my mother tree
    But pick my feeble form up from the ground
    Or portray my outlines in their masterpieces.
    They often call themselves ordinary writers
    I call them valiant warriors.

  • _eisha_000 3w

    Hey everyone! Hope you all are well ?!
    It's time to wrap up the year.. Take this time to be thankful.��
    Wish you all a ROCKING New Year! ��


    Edit note: Thank You @writersnetwork for making my new year brighter!���� You are amazing!

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    Thoughts are seeds that grow into bamboo trees
    to reach God and convey our wishes
    as prayers.

    So let's be kind in our thoughts.
    Let's be sage in our actions.
    Let's go ecstatic in rejoining U N I V E R S E.

  • _eisha_000 9w

    It's better I shut my mouth, now!

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    Out of all the lies I have spit in this Universe
    The one I spoke ABOUT love
    Was the the most I n f e c t e d.

    Out of all the truths I have swallowed in this World
    The one I heard FROM love
    Was the most F a t a l.


  • _eisha_000 27w

    Hey everyone

    Please suggest me some
    good books to read.
    Except love stories.

  • _eisha_000 27w

    Go inside yourself. Heaven is waiting for you there! ��

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    'The beauty of a storm'

    And when massive duststorms hit my already blinded eyes,
    my brimful conscience downpours cleansing the insight.