from the earth to the earth

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  • _gaea_ 3w


    You don't belong to the past nor for the future
    You belong right here ,now!
    It takes time to teach your mind
    Be kind treat it like your own child
    Be gentle , breathe in and out
    Focus on the melody of ear ringing
    Focus on the beautiful flow of energy in the body
    And it shall follow you for it is your child
    It takes time but will surely be there.
    Do not rush to cleanse , just do your bit as assigned
    Don't try to open up those chakra's
    Just align it with your thoughtfulness
    Just be there worshipping the body in and out
    Adoring the beautiful curves , caressing the art
    Just be there unlearning and practicing
    Do it to return back home
    Do not seek as a competence
    It will eventually bloom beautifully
    Just breathe in and out in glory and gratefulness
    Universe loves you abundantly.

  • _gaea_ 9w


    I evolved only when I stopped defending changes
    I evolved only when I observed the change
    I evolved only when I accepted the change
    I evolved only when I lived the change
    I evolved only when I learnt the change
    And I evolved into a new ascension stage
    Evolution is fundamental , law of nature !

  • _gaea_ 10w


    Now that I look back ,
    The acts that I did ,
    The thoughts that I set ,
    The scenes I mingled with ,
    The stories I told ,
    I blamed , ended myself on notes,
    I shattered ,all this was labelled as phase.
    Now that I look back I've realised all the above lines have bought me to this beautiful journey all that was my ego(mind) coming out and soul setting in and now I've finally hugged it and it shall prosper into a beautiful rainbow.

  • _gaea_ 10w


    From the soul's perspective, the law of attraction is a chance to say, "I accept that my desire confirms that what I want is somewhere up ahead waiting for me. I acknowledge my desire as a sneak preview that I'm being prepared to receive. Perhaps the reason I don't have what I want right now is because I'm developing the worthiness to handle having it. Thank you universe, for this time to prepare as I open up to being a more worthy receiver.
    Thank you for the gift of time."

    The universe always has a plan- Matt Kahn.

  • _gaea_ 12w


    My every thought has a choice
    My every scene has a choice
    I don't need to react
    I need to respond.

  • _gaea_ 12w


    The desire to run run
    The desire to catch and fly
    Yes we all want it ,
    After a point we forget a process
    Time and body needs process
    They cannot run, and we loose it
    Then comes in frustration, obsession , eagerness to know What's in store next ? how do I reach there ?
    How do I grab it ?
    This accumulation of ego makes it tough
    One realisation is enough and that is ;
    The mind starts reacting negatively only when the light within is not in harmony with the sources plans.
    If you know , you're to reach there then why do you run ?
    You don't have to run , all you need to do is respond to light , walk as it walks no matter how slow it is because only light knows he's way to home.


  • _gaea_ 16w


    There's life processing
    And then there's isolation!!

    To attain/to demand isolation is a struggle
    To have a place to sit and to write down your mind is a blessing.
    To sit stare at walls contemplate , heal without someone judging you is blessing.
    To have sources to work towards growth is a blessing.
    To love to cut off and people letting you have that space is a blessing.
    To have everyone and yet not hinder you with questions is a blessing.

    Everything is a blessing untill your determination demands isolation !!

  • _gaea_ 18w

    Self love , love within !!

    To the dimension barren and Divine
    Barren and divine !
    But barren.
    I couldn't take the love,
    But the flame couldn't resist and ;
    Everytime I dipped into holy water,
    I was empty.
    Emptiness felt like faux peace,
    Again the flame couldn't resist.
    I surrendered and dipped into the holy water;
    I bloomed , I danced but alone !
    Loneliness hit me & I again ran,
    Ran ran till I could see ,
    I saw, I stood thinking about how do I love,
    When I'm afraid to fall
    Watching it ,feeling it and the flame couldn't resist,
    I ran but this time back home.
    I dipped into holy water
    I dipped deep for once I set the body free
    And there it was the soul floating , blooming into still water.
    No fear, for once I was one with the water it was mine, the depth was mine ,the turmoil was mine !
    I ran again , this time it was to hold on and run
    I ran like never before holding on it going back to the dimension where we belong.
    I cried , I cried ,this time the tears were mine the reason was divine and the eyes were for me, the dimension was mine !
    I woke up and I was mesmerized for the vision was mine and the world was mine which was separated because of fear to love ❤️
    And then the flame got its path and there it was the light , light of self love!!

  • _gaea_ 35w


    I feel like a dagger punched in
    Into the dark abyss
    Abyss that was self created
    And when I think of blaming others
    I stumble upon how cruel the self is
    For letting it in
    For sinking it in like a sponge

    The deeper the dagger the deep the abyss
    For once again wishing to shatter away
    This time the plan is to give up on shattered pieces
    To let go
    To shine on
    To feel the depth
    To fade the dark
    And to free this inside me from me

  • _gaea_ 39w


    How silly !!
    Set principles , follow them
    Break them ,
    Contemplate and change !
    Change them , freeze them
    And get contained in the glass bottle
    Break them with growth !
    Growth they say
    They say life is about growth
    Set your heart
    Conceive your mind
    Put in your love, dedication
    Time breaks them
    And name it as fate!!
    Fate the path they want you to walk
    Written off by them
    Break your heart
    Break your beliefs
    And just keep walking the path
    And if done so they praise !!
    Praise in the outer world
    Who sees the inside dead,
    Shattered , broken ,
    Wandering all around
    To once confirm on love
    To once freeze on happiness
    To once feel the vibe attracted back
    For once !!
    One moment is what you need in life they say
    They say and just say
    Who feels it ?