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  • _gauri_151 10w

    I waited.
    I waited till the last drop of hope vanished.
    I waited till the one sided love chose to side with heartbreak.

  • _gauri_151 10w

    Love failed me.

  • _gauri_151 11w

    As the sky roars I push the pillow harder over my ears. I am less afraid of the sound and more of the memories that will haunt me if I spin back to the night we met.

  • _gauri_151 11w

    By unknown writer

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    She will be the girl you want her to be.
    What about the girl she wants to be?

  • _gauri_151 12w

    The day you forget the difference between smile and laughter, you are numb.

  • _gauri_151 13w

    No i can't climb to the top. I know the view is worth watching but what if i slip on the way or i fall from the top? I can't risk my life. I dont want anyone to hold my hand and take me along. I can't risk their lives. I can't be responsible for them. These thoughts are killing me. I feel a knot forming in my stomach. I think i might throw up. How high is that? How risky? How are they walking up so easily? No i can't.
    "..... are you okay?"
    I wake up from my daymare. I am ...... . I am acrophobic. Ever since childhood, a chair the highest i have climbed. I want to tell my story.

  • _gauri_151 15w

    Every end is a new beginning.
    Every beginning is a journey towards an end.

  • _gauri_151 15w

    You know how it happens that sometimes you just refuse to accept a person in your life but that person is so insistent on trying and finally discovers a way to break through the invisible shell of defense that you had been building around yourself.

  • _gauri_151 16w

    Your are someone's sunshine.
    You need to burn for them to glow.

  • _gauri_151 20w

    In your heart there is only space for the right things.
    No regrets.
    No pains.