Gibby has lots of feels, but no one listens... So Gibby, decided to write those feels down, maybe someone read em.

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  • _gibby_ 5w


    I knew the end
    I still choose this path
    I knew the pain
    I still stayed on this path
    I knew in the end
    We'll always part

  • _gibby_ 5w

    Are you, you?

    Hey? Wait a minute.
    Can I talk to you
    You been acting different
    You know it's true
    Lately you lack commitment
    That's just my point of view

    But, who are you?
    It's hard to tell the difference
    But their's something about you
    That's fallen out of reference
    Strange, but I don't have a clue

  • _gibby_ 7w


    Note to the wise
    If it's so
    When the moment goes
    Do not for go
    When the moment comes
    Wise to note
    To yearn for
    Dream of the confined
    To dream for
    Yearn of the confined
    If it's so
    Set your mind free
    If so it is
    Set your soul free

  • _gibby_ 7w


    Hey Papa, you asked me the other day,
    If am happy
    Well what did I say, I lied
    Am 22 now, but I can't remember
    Last time I truly laughed
    Last time I truly smiled
    Last time I truly lived
    Am 22 now, what about tomorrow
    Sorry Papa, you asked me today
    If am happy
    Am not

  • _gibby_ 13w

    Run away from me

    Or the foul demons within my mind,
    will creep into your thoughts,
    and bestow such torment the likes of which,
    your heart in kind will gladly not oblige,
    to participate in its demise.

  • _gibby_ 13w

    Let me go

    Lemme tell you this again
    It's not that I have a plan
    It's just that
    I'm slowing going insane
    And it's happening again
    And Hate for you to be witnessing this
    Cause I know more than you know
    You can't stand the truth that is so
    I'm a wild animal that you could never tame!
    And it frightens you
    Oh dear God it frightens you
    But it's okay
    Cause I know and you know
    Am unstoppable
    Just let me go.

  • _gibby_ 14w

    Notice me

    Ever been in a room full of loved ones,
    Ever been in a room full of screaming ones,
    Ever been in a room full of sound
    Ever been in a room
    Never be heard
    Never be noticed

  • _gibby_ 14w

    Hate pain

    If you hate pain
    You're a child
    If you hate mistakes
    You're a fool
    Love to feel the hurt and enjoy the darkness of mistakes
    Cause these two, will define you more than anything in this fucked world...

  • _gibby_ 14w

    Past Future

    The past servers as a guideline for the future
    Its not a determination of the future
    The past sets a path towards the future
    The route, the way you get there
    That's all up to the present

  • _gibby_ 108w

    Preparation for tomorrow is a fictitious belief...
    Stop chasing illusions...