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  • _happie_soul_ 14w

    Love you dad❤

    For me you're the best ever.
    I love you more dad.
    Today I would like to take a moment to confess my love and gratitude towards you.
    Thank you for everything dad,
    Youre love towards me is everlasting...

    And I swear that one day you definitely feel proud of you're daughter and cherish...

  • _happie_soul_ 14w


    Who is the best dad..?
    Do you think
    The one who fulfills you're needs is the best...
    I say Nah !
    For me the best dad is not the one
    Who makes you the successor to his wealth
    But the one
    Who makes you the inheritor of blessings

  • _happie_soul_ 15w

    Am I rich..?

    These days...
    Happiness is a new kind of Rich.

  • _happie_soul_ 15w

    Stay positive

    You will never understand her
    As long as you're busy in blaming her...

  • _happie_soul_ 15w

    Yes I'm weak

    I have no control over my thoughts.
    I fall for you again and again accepting your flaws and trusting you.

    Yes I have no stable mind.
    I only remember the love we shared for longer
    Not the fouls between us.

    And yes I'm weak.. Because you're are my weakness...

  • _happie_soul_ 15w

    My heart is mourning for being alone these days...realising the drama of this fake world
    Decided to be alone and stay out of drama...
    And its hardly craving all the time to be sucessfull ignoring all the shit around...

  • _happie_soul_ 15w

    You're pain is painful only to you
    Not to others...
    So never blame anyone for not understanding
    Because they cant

  • _happie_soul_ 15w

    Thank you Jesus...❤

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    Dear lord❤

    You came into my life when I was broken
    Damaged and fading...
    You fought you're way in and saved me
    You loved me
    And by doing so
    You made me love myself too

  • _happie_soul_ 15w

    Moving on after break up is fine but not with one more

  • _happie_soul_ 16w


    Its easy to make a lie to be true
    But its not that easy
    To prove a truth that is true