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  • _ish_21 13w

    Reunion is their fate

    No power can be daring enough to create hatred among them...
    Nothing can keep them away from each another - not her sufferings, or his evil, or not even death in the end...

    B'cuz their love story is their only redeeming quality

    Yet both of them are unaware why exactly did they met each another that way...

    ~It was kind of extraordinary or simply a little bit more powerful than love at first sight ; something even more absolute and there's no rules which can bind them now when they are with the one they are destined for~

  • _ish_21 15w

    But my question will always remain the same

    Will You ever know that you're my source of inspiration and the reason behind my writings?

    You're the essential secret of my existence
    Of the existence of each and every word
    You're the meaning which I can't explain
    But at least these writings could be a part of your perfection...

    OHH YESS... Its You and Only You
    You're involved in my every thoughts


  • _ish_21 15w

    Even our lives are controlled by pages

    The soul is already there among those pages and We've just got to give it a reason for being alive
    For being real...

    It's like history has chosen the Same path once again

    That's about a reunion story who's climax was already written before by an extraordinary power
    From the beginning to the end everything has already been decided and Nature can't afford changing that now...

    Those ink on that pages got the two of us involved as the main characters who are Inseparable

    And for once
    we have to be grateful...

  • _ish_21 15w

    Only you and yourself

    "The loneliest moment in someone's life is
    When despite being alive, your life is yearning for a soul..."

    You've got infinite words haunting you deep inside yet those words can't reach anyone's ears...
    When your pain takes over your smile and
    There's not a single power which can chase them away...

    You're solely dependent on the presence of sad night's darkness whenever you would feel
    Like crying out your tears and yelling out loud your pain,
    Since no light is considered sufficient enough to deny the fact that you're all alone...

    And the worse part isn't that you've got no one's support but it more likely when in return of being innocent both your mind and your heart have betrayed you by leaving your side forever...


  • _ish_21 15w

    I'll meet you again
    When the twinkling of the stars
    And the beauty of the full moon
    Will remind you of me...


  • _ish_21 15w

    Is the shedding of blood a solution?

    I wish even tears had a price to pay for
    At least we would have to think deeply before hurting someone...

    I wish happiness was that much strong that it had the power to drink those unlucky tears right before it appears...

    I wish red could only be a symbol of infinite love not a cause of certain wounds which might be beyond cure...

  • _ish_21 15w

    There would be darkness all around
    Even the moon would fail to sparkle
    No noise will be heard apart from
    One's own heartbeats

    Nothing will move apart from
    the trembling hands
    Nobody will be seen apart from
    Fear&death standing in front

    That night would have such powers that
    Only the calmness of a storm will be sufficient
    to snatch one's breath

    It would be an indication of the blast
    Where eyes would capture only destruction
    The mind will be confused between
    passion and hatred
    And the heart would take its revenge

  • _ish_21 17w

    A reflection of my reality

    _You can really lose yourself in a book_
    Let your imagination run wild
    Set your soul free on a magical & spiritual journey,
    Drown all your loneliness in a pool of characters, where there's no pain
    But only relaxation...

  • _ish_21 18w

    Darker than I thought

    I was there,
    Stucked Unwillingly and Motionless ...

    Waiting for the Eclipse to unveil how deep and dark the secret was...