just a girl trying to breathe while drowning

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  • _itxcherryblossom_ 31w


    I can feel it now, the people's beady stares
    I can feel it now, I can't run I'm just there
    I can feel it now, let me evaporate into air
    I can feel it now, it's about to tear

    Fingers rustling, clothes shuffling
    Stripped bare
    To my underwear
    Trying to disappear
    Into thin air

    But it can't be that easy, cant be that breezy
    I can't escape, can't get a break

    Body shaking
    Mind breaking
    Energy fading
    Fear caving

    .......i am dead, and nobody cared

    Anxiety is a bitch or maybe I'm anxieties bitch
    I don't know anymore, but I'm lying in a ditch


  • _itxcherryblossom_ 31w


    "remember when you were little and you were watering the flowers"
    "you were overwatering them since you didn't know when to stop giving,thats why he took you for granted


  • _itxcherryblossom_ 31w

    The heart wants what it wants

    -the heart wants what it wants.but sometimes you have to take it to a dark alley then beat it up until it wants something else


  • _itxcherryblossom_ 31w


    H O P E

    • • • •

    hold on pain ends


  • _itxcherryblossom_ 31w

    Wild creatures

    "hearts are wild creatures",
    "that's why their in cages"


  • _itxcherryblossom_ 31w

    By unknown write

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    Serious shit

    When someone says they are falling in love with you that's some

    SERIOUS shit

    That's basically saying:

    "I am vulnerable to you, you have the power to destroy me emotionally but I trust you wont"


  • _itxcherryblossom_ 31w


    I have


    The stars

    To fondly

    To be


    Of the night


  • _itxcherryblossom_ 31w

    Beautiful all along

    "silly girl"the old lady smiled
    "your different, was your beautiful all along"


  • _itxcherryblossom_ 32w


    There is this feeling called fear
    Something we cant always bear
    Its overwhelming,yes
    Whenever we feel iys despair

    Maybe you are afraid of feeling
    Like you've been betrayed
    You dont know the type of image you portray
    The character to display
    The days that pass with disarray
    Feeling like your going astray
    The days that you feel like you just cant stay
    So you pray
    For the death of the emotion you expect

    You dont have to be in the dark
    Before your worst nightmares can come true
    You just gotta be carefull
    Cause the'll rule over you

  • _itxcherryblossom_ 33w

    Fool in love

    "what can i say"he answered,turning away from the crowd of our wedding and facing his emerald green eyes solely on me
    "she was my galaxy"he continued as he got closer to me and held my hand in his,eyes shinning brightly,grinning from ear to ear."and i was just a fool in love"