''Cause the drinks bring back all the memories�� And the memories bring back, memories bring back you��"

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  • _janedoe_ 7w

    "Let her live"

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    Dippin' around in the ocean of emotions,
    Sprawled at the beach.
    Lustily accepted her candid pain,
    Insistence to bleed.
    Dangling on past,
    Lived on cobbled
    Murmuring fib tranquilized her soul.
    Incarnating her anxiety,
    Rebuking her depression
    Begged for elixir,
    Sombre she became.
    Lay on jagged,
    Wished for death.
    Jeopardy death sardonically laughed at her.
    Giving her more pain
    Dragged her from beach,
    Threw her on the bed.
    Shuddering around
    Fleetly woke, rapped her soul.
    Doleful dream tore her apart
    Shifted with a grimace,
    Begging to live.

  • _janedoe_ 7w

    NEW DELHI: A 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted, brutally injured and left to die in her one room flat in outer Delhi’s Peeragarhi on Tuesday evening. Neighbours spotted the bleeding girl and rushed her to a hospital. She was later referred to AIIMS Trauma Centre, where her condition is now stable. Police found a pair of bloodstained scissors at her house. There have been no arrests so far.

    Doctors at AIIMS who operated on the girl said that she was brought in a critical condition. “She has a fracture on her skull and her intestine was ruptured, indicating injury by a foreign object. Two surgeries were carried out on her on Wednesday. She was moved to the ICU and taken off the ventilator on Wednesday night,” said a source at AIIMS.

    Preliminary investigations revealed that the survivor was alone at home when she was attacked. The girl lived with her parents and an elder sister who all work at a nearby factory. Around 18 other families of daily wage workers and labourers also reside in the same building. The girl was attacked at least five times.

    One of the neighbours who rushed her to the hospital said that the child was spotted on her balcony around 5.30pm. “There were several wounds on her face, back, and stomach,” he said.

    “A case of attempt to murder and under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012 has been registered,” said A Koan, DCP (outer).

    An officer privy to the investigation said the accused may have found the pair of scissors in the house as the cops found a a sewing machine there too. “The child’s parents usually came home for lunch around 1.30pm and left for work again. So far, CCTV cameras do not show any outsider entering the building. We suspect the involvement of another resident who was aware that the girl was alone at her home,” said the police officer. “We have recorded statements of several residents of the building."

    2 days have been passed, no actions are yet take. Her intestines were cut by a pair of scissors, condition worse than 'Nirbhaya'.
    We girls are taught " don't go out alone, be at home it's the safest place for you." and now this ridiculous episode took place at her 'so called safe home'.
    Is she to be blamed or her parents?(who went out leave a pretty young daughter back at home for earning a fair amount.) Her condition is getting deteriorated and still this case is not in highlights.
    (The victim's identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme court directives on cases related to sexual assault.)
    Seeking for justice.
    Tag those who can rewrite this post .

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    Justice(Another Nirbhaya)

    12-year-old raped, left to die at residence in Delhi; no arrests made yet.

  • _janedoe_ 7w

    Trying to burnish our connection,
    Our love turned into malediction.
    Stuck in conundrum,
    Deride I felt.
    Ebullient in the beginning,
    Egregious it turned.

    Thinking it was an ephemeral,
    Tried to eschew all the vices.
    Ubiquitous influence I felt.
    Moments by moments I was in maudlin tears,
    cracking miserable joke about the disaster.

    Trying to cajole myself,
    By uttering clumsy fib.
    Engaged in nefarious venture,
    Eerie my soul became.
    Veil of venom I wore.
    "Jane doe " was the epitaph that I chose.


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    Fragile love

    Mistaken I was,
    Now vindictive I feel.

  • _janedoe_ 8w

    A kitten died after being allegedly gang-raped by a 15-year-old boy and his friends in Pakistan’s Lahore.

    My family owned cats for more than 10 years. This is something that breaks my heart into pieces.
    In this world where" black cats draw wealth and prosperity." This horrifying incident spills a permanent stain on the existing mankind.

    Do read till the end.

    Lahore: In a horrifying incident of animal cruelty, a kitten died after being allegedly brutally gang-raped by a 15-year-old boy and his friends in Lahore in Pakistan. The incident came to light after JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter, an animal rights organisation, posted about the heinous crime of the teenagers on its Facebook handle.

    The kitten's internal organs were badly damaged after it was gang-raped for over a week.
    Blood and semen were oozing out of the voiceless animal’s wounds.
    The girl who took the kitten from its ‘rapists’ prayed for its death as ‘she could not see it in misery and pain’.


    According to the animal rights organisation’s Facebook post, the kitten was bought by the minor’s boy family. After they brought it home, the teenager and his friends gang-raped it for over a week, leaving its internal organs severely damaged. Blood and semen were continuously oozing out of the innocent feline’s wounds. JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter said, “She could not walk, she could not eat, she could not sit, she never slept due to the pain and trauma. When she was taken to the vet he took out lots of sperm, blood, and lots of shoppers that were used by those boys for raping the kitten.”

    Girl asks 'rapists' to handover kitten to her.
    The animal rights organization added that a girl in the locality became suspicious after noticing the “terrible condition” of the kitten. She asked the boys the hand over the kitten to her, but they refused. Later, they gave it to her after she insisted again as the voiceless animal’s condition had worsened due to continuous sexual torture. The girl reported the incident to JFK as “she did not want to go to courts or come on any platform.”

    The kitten was taken to a vet for treatment but it couldn’t be saved. “The kitten is buried and surely speaking to God up there about whatever happened to her in this cruel world,” said the animal rights organization, adding, “The girl literally prayed for the kitten to be taken by God because she could not see her misery and pain. //

    "Human are no more humane."
    Thank you @saya__
    @mycatharsis �� brave lil girl.

    ▶️ Tag who can bring a change.◀️
    Let me clear this...
    It's not about India and Pakistan, it's not about Hindu and Muslim but it's about the people who exist.

    Question your mentality, question your sanity.
    Animals, girls, newborns, gay, lesbian, boys, women no one is safe in this callous world.


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    Pakistan animal cruelty: 15-year-old boy, his friends gangrape kitten to death in Lahore.


  • _janedoe_ 9w

    "She was guilty, an alcoholic, insane. She did everything to grab the eyeballs of other people. She was a compulsive liar. She used to hide things. She was a 'slut'." Said the people.
    But they were unable to understand "What is it like to have a fantasy prone personality?"

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    Rancorous soul


  • _janedoe_ 9w


    Oh my friend!
    You left me alone.
    In that hardest period of time,
    When I needed you the most.

    Everyone said that I was your clone.
    "Been your shadow, I was your bones."

    You have gone,
    'Our photos' I've torn.
    Your memories have blown,
    But day by day my heart is turning into a stone.

    Oh my friend!
    You left me alone.
    In that hardest period of time,
    When I needed you the most.

  • _janedoe_ 9w


    In this callous world,
    I am a prey for them.

  • _janedoe_ 11w

    Veil of venom

    Take me to the Ale House,
    His eerie Shadow is all I reverie.

  • _janedoe_ 11w

    I managed to scrounge enough quality time from the universe for us. Now it's the time to pay back. I'll grief for all the moments we had spent together.

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    You are gone, now I'm alone.
    Sitting on this beach, paying the loans.

  • _janedoe_ 12w

    When the circumstances turns appalling and hefty bag full of challenges has been thrown on you by the destiny, what will you do?.........

    Benjamin did nothing, when he felt depress, his approach to tackle an episode was by simply appearing serene.
    A poise person in a predicament keeps patience and calms his mind. He with an attitude of perseverance without getting petrified by the problem, tries his best to solve the concern( it is infrequent ). Mostly when challenges comes across our way, we tend to get incensed and forlorn.
    Benjamin said "the main strategy of Gordian knot is to make us lose our temper and take the whole situation under its control."Truly spoken. Delirium is like an insect it makes our thinking ability meagre and in this situation we take wrong decisions expeditiously and regret later. Accepting a negative comment enduringly is not an easy task and for most of the people it seems impossible, but it can be done.
    I know it is difficult to calm our mind as it's human tendency to get panic in a problematic situation but by breathing deep and repeating positive affirmations like " I can do it", " everything is in control", " I'll deal with all this mess easily" etc I assure, you'll feel better and soon a feeling of hope will appear on your face. By doing this you can prevent you tongue to offer self destructive speeches. These diminutive argument can lead you relationships to a atrocious end.
    For controlling the bellicose mind, master teacher Tagore devoted his time in the nature,mountains, rivers etc. He was connected to our mother Earth and this acted like a stress buster for him. I have read much about sir Tagore and I know it well that he lived far from mountains and oceans but still his imagination was so strong that he experienced everything for real.
    We can also follow the same, by simply getting to a secluded place for a short period of time would surely fetch you relief, but here is a warning if you get this as your habit and if you start escaping from the real world this can be barbarous. As living in seclusion is hazardous for you sanity.

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