Be MAGICAL✨ , Logical to Bio vi hota hain!! ����

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  • _jit2006_ 3d


    I didn't tasted any dessert sweeter than ur kiss
    It is the sweetest dessert I have tasted in my life
    But it is incomplete without a hair pull

    I didn't touched any strain softer than ur hair
    It is the softest strain I have touched in my life
    But this are just tiny pieces of thread untill touched with ur face

    I didn't drank any drink nourisher than ur slavor
    It is the most nourihable drink I have drank in my life
    But this are droplets of water untill fell from ur mouth

    I haven't achieved any job intresting than a relationship with u
    It is the most intresting job I have ever achieve
    But it is is incomplete without u so where are u

  • _jit2006_ 2w


    Me to friend: jiske saath tune hishu rok rok kar ghanto
    bhar baath kee the, dekh tere armano par mooth ke chale gaye.

  • _jit2006_ 2w


    None can destroy iron, but it's own rust can!
    None can destroy a person, but it,s own mindset can!

  • _jit2006_ 2w


    Happy new year to all mirakeans

  • _jit2006_ 3w

    Just jokking

    Ist friend: mere dada itne pagal the ki wo apne chare ko bister par letakar khud zameen par lat jate the
    2nd friend: yeh toh kuch bhi nahi mere dada ji itne pagal the ki wo paan bister par thuk kar khud khirke se kud jaate the

  • _jit2006_ 4w


    IMAGINATION gives u the picture ,
    VISION gives u the impulse to make the picture ur own

  • _jit2006_ 4w

    Hota hai

    Jo hota hai wo ache ke liye hota hai
    Shaddi hoti hai wo bacche ke liye hota hai

  • _jit2006_ 5w


    Nature is so beautiful it blows our mind
    U can lose yourself in it or find itself in it

  • _jit2006_ 6w

    We can,t they can,t

    We can,t upload luck
    We can,t download time
    Google can,t give all the answers in life
    So just login to reality and
    like the status of ur life

  • _jit2006_ 6w


    Death is not the opposite of life,
    but a part of it