a poet who dont understand "why we are caged by feeling of other"

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  • _kabier_ 5w

    The bird , that flew with the wind.
    I am happy she is free.

  • _kabier_ 5w

    She is life.
    And I am letting her,
    To take it

  • _kabier_ 6w

    I was treated badly.
    And now I treat someone same.
    That's satisfying for humans.

  • _kabier_ 6w

    If you are still waiting for a change.
    Remember your mother is eating a lot less .
    And your father is working day-night for your comfort.

  • _kabier_ 6w

    I believed ,who could bring me change.
    Then I pointed the person at the mirror.

  • _kabier_ 6w

    Void is true friend.
    It reminds you're empty.

  • _kabier_ 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Hollow

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    Hollow lead to a different being.

  • _kabier_ 6w

    Tell yourself a story to change.
    Don't cry over ,
    How you loose.

  • _kabier_ 6w


    Night after night,
    It eats from me., 
    A piece of my soul,I lose
    With every new day I breathe.

    Its not easy,
    The world had warned me
    It's not only thinking,
    To pursue the dreams you see.

    Life is not fair
    Not everyone can be the heir,
    This throne is for the brave
    Not them who live only to reach their grave.

    But deep within I know the fights worth it,
    My heart wants this every bit.
    For every part of me
    I lose a new one will take form,
    For at the end of my pursuit
    A great man will be born.

  • _kabier_ 7w

    When outside voices are unheard.
    Inner soul shout at you.

    The change starts here.