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  • _kalunggayy 31w

    Keep to survive

    Ending the race by running backward to the finish line will never make you the winner.

  • _kalunggayy 59w


    You told me things I really wanted to hear for the longest time. I was mesmerized by how you express your love towards me. Little did I know everything was a lie.

  • _kalunggayy 65w


    Make me realized that not all men are the same

  • _kalunggayy 74w

    Happy new year


  • _kalunggayy 83w

    Win or lose

    For someone who secretly fell in love with you in just a snap of time, I am either; won because i have found the one that i will love, lose because its one sided love.

  • _kalunggayy 85w


    My heart hurts so much. It really does.

  • _kalunggayy 85w


    Can somebody show and give me a little love and care that I've always prayed for.

    I'm too empty.

  • _kalunggayy 85w

    This crap

    I want to love but it's no use,
    I love to be loved but I'm confuse,
    I like to be cared but I refuse,
    I want to write but there's no muse,

    I love you but you went away
    I'm confuse, curious and furious
    I don't wanna be cared anymore
    I want to write anything about you no more.

  • _kalunggayy 85w


    In this world full of hatred, jealousy, insecurities, and negativity it's too hard to turn into someone full of energy and positivity. Everything drain you down automatically.

  • _kalunggayy 106w

    Seventeen Star

    You've healed me with your smile
    I want to be with you even if its a lie
    Dreaming of you five times
    Wishing for you though we are thousand miles.

    We are bounded my million reasons
    I am waiting for you whatever seasons