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    As always, huge thanks and appreciation to all of you amazing souls out there who lend your time, talent, support, and participation to the challenges!! ❤
    There'll be a brief break for a day or two, and then I'll return with a new challenge that's so exciting it's almost guaranteed to knock your socks off... or at least get your pens going! ����✍
    In the meantime, here's an adorable image of my beloved friendly felines to distract you while I'm gone. See you soon! ����‍♀️

    P.S. On behalf of the canines in this household, they would like me to mention that we also have two dogs, and they're rather tired of hearing about the cats all the time. ��������

    *The image of five sweet and sassy Siamese Lynx Point kittens (who are now much older), is credited to myself, as I took the photo. ����

    #cats #catlover #fabulousfelines #animallover #animalsarelove #bekindtoanimals #dogsareawesometoo
    #hugyourcattoday #alwaysloveanimals

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    UPDATE: I think I'm all caught up with the amazing submissions now, so I'm signing out for a while. I'll be back later to continue checking new ones. ��‍♀️

    Please read and follow all directions in the post, and don't forget to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions at the #cees_cw_chall hashtag. Happy writing! ��✍

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #callofthewild #innervoice

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    Yesterday, I mentioned to a few of you that I'd have the next challenge posted in 10 to 12 hours; and well uh... let's just say that I was a bit overzealous with that estimate, because it's now 7 hours past the time I hoped to have it posted. Oops. Oh well, I never was known for my timeliness, now was I? Ahem.
    In light of my extreme tardiness, I suppose I should get the show on the road here, eh? So, let's do that!
    Oh - by the way, I actually had all sorts of big plans for how I was going to present the challenge; but as they were all turning into near novels, I thought it best to forego them. You're welcome.
    Instead of my foregone grand plans, I'm gonna keep it real simple; thus my humorous monologue ends here, and the challenge rules and regulations will soon follow. Read on for further information, and please be respectful of the rules by fully adhering to them.

    -Write an original, introspective poetic piece of 40 lines or less (BUT NOT MORE), describing the "call of the wild." This should be penned from your own point of view.
    -The call of the wild is that primal voice within, which is wild and free, and it sings the song of ourself while reminding us who we truly are.
    -To gain more clarity on what I mean by the "call of the wild" you're welcome to take a look at my submission on my main account (lovenotes_from_carolyn). That's optional, not mandatory.
    -Please pen in English, one submission per person.
    -Be sure to submit before it says "2d" in the upper right hand corner of this post, which is 48 hours from the time of posting.

    -NO harassment, hate speech, discriminatory language, or anything meant to purposely be offensive to anyone
    -NO erotica/erotic content (due to young followers and participants)
    -NO nude or obscene images
    -NO foul language, curse words, cuss words, obscenities, etc.

    If unsure about any of the above, please ask; or you can check Mirakee's community guidelines.

    ▪MANDATORY HASHTAG: For this challenge only, please use #cees_cw_chall in your caption area.

    *The words "the call of the wild," are credited to author Jack London, who wrote a novel bearing that title.

    *Please be sure that you've read all of the above!

    Happy writing and get ready to ROAR!! ✍

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    So many of you were out there supporting the participants by reading, commenting on, and reposting their submissions, and I was truly overjoyed to see that, so a huge and heartfelt thank you goes out to you!! ♥️♥️♥️

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    Hey everybody! I just wanted to extend my huge thanks and appreciation for your support and participation in the challenges! I couldn't do it without you; although even if I could, it sure as heck wouldn't be any fun, and there wouldn't be much point to it either!
    My nonsense aside, y'all submitted some amazing submissions to the "sojourn" challenge, and I really enjoyed seeing what everyone came up with!
    That challenge has now ended; but up next is the "Call of the Wild" challenge, which is guaranteed to bring out your inner ROAR! Woot!!
    I expect to have that one up and running in about 10 to 12 hours from now, so stay tuned, and thanks again!!

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    *Please spend some time supporting your fellow participants by checking out their submissions. You can easily locate them by clicking on the challenge hashtag: #cees_soj_chall

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #topicprompt #sojourn #sojourner

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    Due to the coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic induced quarantine, people everywhere have been more or less sequestered in their home sweet homes for months on end now. And as much as we may love our homes, it sure would be nice to get away for a brief sojourn, wouldn't it? I figured you might agree, so I've gone ahead and made that term the topic of the challenge. Keep on reading for challenge rules and futher information.

    ▪First and foremost, what is a sojourn??

    In its noun form, a *sojourn* is defined as "a temporary stay." So, kinda like a weekend getaway perhaps.

    In the verb form, *sojourn* means "to stay somewhere temporarily."

    Additionally, the term *sojourner* refers to "a person who resides temporarily in a place."

    Now that we know what the word means, here's what you need to do with it...

    -Write a poetic piece of 40 lines or less on the topic of a "sojourn," or a "sojourner."
    -It can be literal or metaphorical.
    -One submission per person.
    -Please pen in English only.
    -Submit your piece within 48 hours. Do not submit once it says "2d" in the upper right hand corner of this post.

    -NO plagiarized work will be accepted.
    -NO posts containing foul language, cuss words, obscenities, hate speech, harassment, nudity, or otherwise inappropriate language or images will be accepted.
    -If uncertain, you can check with me, or refer to the community guidelines of Mirakee by clicking on the gear icon located at the top right side of your account screen.

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: The hashtag for this challenge is #cees_soj_chall. Please be sure to put it in your caption area.

    Ok, happy writing! ✍

  • _luvnotz_outpost 6w

    Sharing a favorite Ram Dass quote which also serves as a prelude to the upcoming "sojourn" challenge I'll be hosting. ��

    Quote credit: Ram Dass
    Image credit: Pinterest

    #ramdass #quote #writersnetwork #mirakee #unity

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  • _luvnotz_outpost 7w


    With special thanks and a shout-out to @mikeanthony, for inspiring the topic of this challenge. ��‍♀️����

    *Please be sure to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

    #cees_tp_chall #writersnetwork #mirakee #challenge #topicprompt #battlescars

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    Hello out there to my fellow quarantined companions! ‍♀️
    Today, I'm offering a topic prompt challenge. If you'd like to participate, please write an original piece (of 30 lines or less), on the topic of "battle scars." Check out the challenge do's and don'ts below...

    -One submission per person
    -30 lines or less
    -English only please
    -Submit within 48 hours (challenge ends when it says "2d" in upper right corner of this post)

    -No harmful, foul, or vulgar language
    -No nude or inappropriate images
    -No plagiarized content

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: Please be sure to put #cees_tp_chall in your caption area so I can find your submission.

    Happy writing! ✍

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    Yeah we did! Woot, Woot!! ��✊

    Image via Unsplash.

    #wegotthis #victorydance #wemadeit #officialwinners #believeit #woot

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  • _luvnotz_outpost 9w

    Image via Pinterest. Credits go to the unnamed owner.

    #flowerhaiku #mirakee #writersnetwork #haiku

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  • _luvnotz_outpost 10w


    Thank you to the supporters and participants, and a very Merry Christmas to all!! ������

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #challenge #parody #pandemic #covid #humor #cees_covid_chall

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    Ho, ho, ho, and hello!
    Not only are the holidays upon us, but so is this seemingly neverending infernal pandemic!
    To lighten up the mood, I thought I'd host a pandemic parody, covid carol challenge. If you'd like to participate, please submit a humorous piece that pokes fun at the pandemic (in the form of a poem, song, or prose), within the next 24 hours, and hashtag it to #cees_covid_chall. One submission only please.

    -English only.
    -No foul/vulgar language.
    -No obscene/nude images.
    -No plagiarism ever.
    -Don't forget the hashtag.
    -Submit on time.

    Happy writing! ✍

  • _luvnotz_outpost 15w

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Oh those reticent predilections
    Thereof the vagaries of life
    Have led me to be hesitant
    So as to bypass undue strife
    Perhaps my morbid fascinations
    May have left you quite bemused
    But you'll not hear me pleading guilty
    Although so oft I stand accused
    And in the quietude of evening
    Before the coming of the dawn
    I ruminate on machinations
    Left aside for far too long
    In a continuum of chaos
    In some vortex of your mind
    I've been seeking out the answers
    But Lord knows, they're hard to find
    Yet, there has to be some motive
    Some small modicum of truth
    Or some underlying reasons
    All served up as bitter proof
    You've a pocketful of heartache
    That you bear with stoic grace
    Deftly hidden by the smiles
    Always worn upon your face
    And though the contrast is alarming
    It's quite simple to discern
    For those who care to listen
    As well as those who care to learn
    You see, when laughter comes too quickly
    And when smiles are far too free
    We must question why that is
    Although the answer's clear to me
    You've been fighting for survival
    And despite your constant grinning
    The cross you bear is rather heavy
    Thus it's unlikely that you're winning
    And yet despite those lousy odds
    Still, you forge ahead each day
    With a sheer determination
    That stays with you, come what may
    Yet if you'll allow me to remind you
    That hope, though slight, can still be found
    In the lair of the dragon
    Where we two met, on common ground
    And there I learned that though they gather
    With steely knives, prepared to feast
    They've tried and failed to take you down
    Because they just can't kill the beast
    Hail and hearty, you remain
    Undefeated, you endure
    Timeworn and sullied, yes perhaps
    Noble and regal, yes for sure
    And 'tis I who doth bear witness
    To this creature, born of fire
    One who's so oft misunderstood
    One whom I love, and I admire.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 11/20/2020

    For Charles, the boy who conspires with dragons.

    *Title credit: The title "About A Boy," was used in a 2002 comedy/drama film, so I take no credit for it whatsoever.

    *Other credits: The words "steely knives," and the line "they just can't kill the beast" have been borrowed from the song "Hotel California," performed by The Eagles, and credited to the following songwriters: Glenn Lewis Frey, Don Felder, and Donald Hugh Henley. All other lines and verses throughout this piece are of my own creation.

    Thank you for reading!