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  • _mayurakshi_ 5w

    #drama @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Inspired from #tomorrowxtogether 's mv #Drama
    Most of us has felt this n gone through this atleast once on their lives.
    Amazing song n mv

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    I felt m alone. Then I saw them having fun. I was nervous whether I should take a step towards them. By chance they came to me. Introduction took place, smiles exchanged. A new story began. Laughs, smiles, secrets were shared, loneliness bade goodbye. I felt I hold a special place in their lives. But little did I know it was all a drama. They used me for their good n forgot me very soon. I was just a junior artist in the film of their lives with a role of a few seconds. Those smiles weren't for me. I was just an extra like a disguised unemployed. My absence was neither felt nor noticed. I wasn't a part of that team but an outsider who is an introvert, shy n boring. I had no importance in their lives but I understood that m important for myself. They actually don't deserve me so couldn't understand my worth. I realised this late but better late than never. I left, actually, I was ignored so I moved out because I realised its time to get away. Then I realised that it's time to show my play n so I created my own drama where I m the lead role, knowing my worth.

  • _mayurakshi_ 6w

    Birthday wishes

    Once I'd so many friends that everyone used to wish me on my birthday.
    Time changed....
    Friends went away. Only my parents and my sister and few of my friends, I guess the real ones, still wish me on my special day. The ones who used to claim themselves my best friends don't even remember my birthday now. Today a status popped up in my WhatsApp where I saw one of my friends wished a girl who became her new friend some weeks ago. But that friend of mine who has been my friend for last ten years doesn't know when's my birthday. Everyday I see on my WhatsApp status my friends wishing others happy birthday but on my birthday the status area is empty. I am myself very bad in remembering people's birthday but I remember the birthdays of those whom I once believed to be my best friends but...they don't Even remember my birthday and even if someone reminds them still they don't wish me but the ones whom I used to dislike earlier are now among the only few who are excited about my birthday more than I'm. I'm happy about others who get a lot of birthday wishes but I'm also a human, I also want love....
    Every year the number of people wishing me is decreasing.Maybe somewhere I'm lacking. I don't know the reason but I hope I'll get some more love one day ( We humans always want something more)

  • _mayurakshi_ 10w

    Congrats mirakee n mirakeens. Let's promise each other that we'll never stop loving each other n even if we get separated we'll never forget each other❤️

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    Writers paradise, MIRAKEE

    One rainy day,
    I was finding a way.
    Wanted to do something new,
    But my ideas were very few.
    Then I saw you in playstore,
    Smiling brightly like the sun, I wanted to know about you more.
    I installed and opened the new app,
    I learned to like the creativity of people with a single tap.
    Amazed by beautiful writings,
    This beautiful world is far away from hate and fightings.
    That day I didn't knew,
    That I will meet so many Beautiful people, so precious and true.
    Who says only sunlight gives you hope and finds you a way,
    I found a new hope, my mirakee, on a rainy day.
    As shown in kdramas, I was lost in the rain and sad,
    Mirakee came with an umbrella and patted my head.
    Words cannot describe my love for you, but you should know that this love is true.

    Happiest birthday MIRAKEE, love you a lot

  • _mayurakshi_ 12w

    Na aadi Na ant hein..
    Woh sabse bare sant hein..
    Bhole unhe kahte hein..
    Par apni Tishri aankh se pure jagat ko khatm karne ki taakat bhi rakhte hein..
    Sanyasi bhi hein aur grihastha bhi..
    Woh hi paar lagate hein hamare jivan ki kasti bhi..
    Prabhu bhi hein, aur bhakt bhi..
    Komal hein aur sakht bhi..
    Jinka Naam hi kaafi hein Shanti paane ke liye..
    Unki kathao ne jivan ke bade Sikh diye..
    Devo ke dev Mahadev he woh..
    Jisse puri duniya Roshan ho uthe woh Tej he woh...

  • _mayurakshi_ 15w

    LIVE your life to the fullest...
    LOVE yourself and nature...
    LAUGH at the smallest things and be happy always....

  • _mayurakshi_ 15w

    People's words have pricked me so hard that many times I feel so depressed that I just tell myself that I was neither a cute child, nor a beautiful teenager...so I am scared to think anything about the future

  • _mayurakshi_ 18w

    #zindagi (in collaboration with my life)
    Time aur patience ho toh padh lena ��
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Jinhone kabhi kaha tha bhula do humein aaj wo kehte hein humein bhool mat jana..
    Jinhone kabhi kaha tha plz move on aaj wo kehte hein I'm always with you..
    Waah Kya ajib kashmakash hein yeh..
    Jab Kisi ke Saath ki jaroorat thi tab haath chor dia.. aur jab aaj akele apne aasu poch Kar aage badhna chahti hun toh wo insaan apna kandha dene ko taiyar hein..
    Ek samay tha jab sar rakh ke rone ke liye bhi koi kandha Na Deta tha, kandha toh dur log dekh Kar bhi andekha karte the.. aaj aisa samay hein ki subah uthte hi WhatsApp pe good morning wale messages Bhar jaate hein..
    Jinhe apna samajh ke sine se lagaya tha, jinhone badle mein dukh dia tha beizzat Kiya tha..aaj woh humse bade pyaar se madad ki guhaar lagate hein..
    Par hamara dil bhi bada hein, agar samarth ho toh madad Kar dete hein..
    Par kehte hein Na ki rishte dhaage ki tarah hote hein ek Baar tut jaaye toh dobara jur nahi paate, isiliye madad toh karte hein unki par ab unke liye dil mein pyaar aur izzat nahi hein..
    Aur sabse Badi baat ab Kisi pe bharosa nahi..ab unki hamari zindagi mein koi ahmiyat Na rahi
    Yunhi aanhe bhadte hue apne kaam se kaam rakhkar zindagi ki patri par aage badh Rahe hein aur background mein ek hi music baj raha hein...
    "Zindagi kaisi hein paheli haaye, kabhi yeh hasaye, khabi yeh rulaye"....

  • _mayurakshi_ 19w

    People say "live in the present. Enjoy this moment and don't worry about the future". Then why the same people say that we have to decide what we want to become in future, which stream we'll choose etc. Why are we always forced to think about future? Why if we say that we will feel this moment, analyse it and then we'll take decision then people say we are confused, we are wasting time, our life is unsure?

  • _mayurakshi_ 22w

    The moon and me

    I feel like running away from this fake world full of misery, pain, problems. Every time I feel like doing so you, my most favourite moon, give me a hope that this clouds of darkness will vanish soon and a new dawn will arrive with new opportunities and a new hope. Thanks for making my life so refreshing with your beauty, giving me peaceful & positive thoughts and letting me rest peacefully in this gloomy dark night with your calm and peaceful beauty beside me...

  • _mayurakshi_ 25w

    Have you fallen in love with the same person again and again? I have.
    "Everyday I fall in love with you deeper and deeper" said I looking into the mirror..