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  • _mbabazi_ 4w

    This is part one of this story "my sorrow"

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    My sorrow

    That night everyone was happy. I ate the food that they gave me and went to sleep. That night I could not sleep because they kept shouting as If the following day they would throw a party. In that night I tried to sleep and woke up from a nightmare. This used to happen whenever I missed my long gone relatives.
    In the morning they woke up early. I heard that they went to buy some groceries. When they came back, they were all excited. I saw them boiling water. I thought that they were going to use it for cooking. I didn't know what was going to happen until one of the rest started running after me. I shouted to the top of my voice but nobody cared. No one came to save me. After like 20 minutes of race They all collaborated so that they can catch me. I wondered why they all wanted to take my life away from me. I cried for help but nobody came. I wanted to cry because I was even tired. Finally, they caught me. They started slapping me claiming that I wasted their time. I could not cry cause there was no one who cared. The brought the boiled water and they started pouring it on my skin. They succeeded killing me. I died within their hands with my legs tied tight.


  • _mbabazi_ 7w

    Me, together with @uwloti we wrote this poem and let's hope that you enjoy it��.

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    You were my sailor and savior
    When I was drowning in a hopeless sea
    Of a hurtful relationship,
    Giving me a chance to live with rights
    To love you ,my dreams came true.

    You made me forget what I had first
    As you mend my broken heart
    Which was torn into multiple parts
    You didn't care my shapes,
    All you wanted was to let me feel
    Unstoppable healing happiness
    And from then we fit like gloves.

    We met when I was in trouble
    That's the reason why I will stay with you
    To always save me from weirdness
    And find me when am lost in the darkness,
    In you I found peace and pleasure
    Even into your comforting armless arms.

    See, you have reminded me
    Which was the love I really deserved
    By freeing me from a solitary love
    And I believe we were destined,
    If I knew I wouldn't have given my heart
    To anyone before you.

    You are always my satisfication
    Into millions of stars in the sky
    You shine brighter than them,
    And i can feel your true love
    Becuase we were destined indeed.

    You promised to give me
    Your permanent presence
    And your absence will be my deep depression,
    I love you more than my second love
    To me you are the first and the one for lifetime.

    ©_mbabazi_ & UwLoti

  • _mbabazi_ 8w

    Dedicated to my lovely friend who lost�� both of his parents before He even got a chance to know them. He doesn't even remember their face.��

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    I still sit with a set of thoughts
    With much sorrow within my soul
    Cause I can't avoid that pending pain
    Cause It keeps penetrating within my tissues
    For I never stop those heart tearing tears
    Each and everytime I think of you
    Cause I still miss you every single day
    Though I've grown to be a strong man
    Cause you never said goodbye.

    You've gone too early
    Early enough to leave no trace
    Cause your life was cut much short
    And my life was made a total shock
    Cause you left before I knew It
    Before I even realize your precious presence
    Though we could be seated together
    You got a seat inside my soul
    But still,you never said goodbye.

    If only I can get your clear pictures
    Cause they can maybe heal my heart
    Cause my scars are always scratched
    Everytime I fail to recall your face
    For I fail to stop those fading memories
    Though I still have faith in you
    I always feel that sorrowful anger
    Cause I never got a chance to say goodbye.

    I used to cry over those simple words
    Mom and Dad were the most heart tearing words
    Cause they echoed in my head like spells
    For other kids spelt them happily
    For I never got a chance to call you
    Cause If I had a choice I would have chosen you
    You would still be my chosen choice
    Though I don't even know your last goodbye.

    I just sit with an imaginary movie
    A movie showing every simple move with you
    Cause I created imaginary moments with you
    And I wonder how wonderful life could've been
    With both of you as my precious present
    Cause to me you're the best parents ever
    And my love for you will always live
    For It turns old like a fine delicious wine
    Though you never said goodbye.

    I love you Dad and Mom
    And I always ask the Leading Lord
    To be your daily director
    To rest your souls in peace
    And If Heaven grows Roses
    I ask God to give you a bunch of them
    And say that it's my present for my precious parents
    Cause your lovely son loves you
    For my love will always live.


  • _mbabazi_ 10w

    I need a lover to love me far more than I love myself....someone who knows that when I am angry and tell him to "leave me alone"......He will stay by my side to comfort me.
    I need a lover to laugh at my stupid jokes and advise my stupid brain.
    Where are you now???.....Lover??


  • _mbabazi_ 10w


    I was not a poet
    Not even an imposter
    For Poetry was not my passion
    Cause poems were not my attention
    Until the day you came
    The time you revealed my hidden talent
    The time I got a reason to write
    Cause poems became my attention
    For poems became my passion
    The time you made me a poet.

    I had no love in me
    I didn't even know it's existance
    All I did to love was resistance
    Cause I loved my parents
    And it's normal
    I cared for my siblings
    And it's natural
    Until the day you came
    The day you woke my sleeping heart
    The day you won my seeking heart
    The time you stopped my sliding thoughts
    You stimulated my heart
    Cause I came to love you
    Only you and yourself.

    I only cared for none
    Nobody was my responsibility
    I got nothing like ability
    Cause caring was not my hobby
    For caring was something holly
    Until the day you came
    The time I started caring
    When caring was no longer holly
    Cause caring became my hobby
    For I cared for you
    The day I got that ability
    Cause you became my responsibility
    For I do this for yourself
    With nothing done to myself.

    I was not a prisoner
    Cause I've never been chained
    And I was free
    For freedom dwelt in me
    Cause prison was like poison to me
    For prison was not my promised land
    Until the day you came
    Cause you made me your prisoner
    Cause in your heart I found my prison
    For your heart chained my freedom
    Cause I enjoyed being chained
    For freedom became nothing to me
    Cause I found pleasure in your prison.

    I was not happy
    Cause happiness was far away
    Far away from my sight
    For I could only sob
    Until the day you came
    Cause you brought me a smile
    The day you became my happiness
    The time I became happy
    Cause you made me happier
    Cause you wiped away my tears
    Then the happiest of happy moments arrived.


  • _mbabazi_ 11w

    Sometimes I feel.the sadness that will once break me��

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    My soul still sound sad
    For my sorrow flows like a river
    Cause the pain is still penetrating
    Low deep within my bone marrows
    Cause everything looks like nothing
    Cause there is no soul to save me
    Will you save my sinking soul??

    My soul still cry for safe
    For my hope is held by ur hands
    Cause the faith in me is falling short
    At the far bottom of my broken heart
    Cause my heart is stabbed deep inside
    And you're watching me bleed to death
    Can you save my bleeding soul??


  • _mbabazi_ 11w


    You left me much pain
    Enough pain to break me
    Cause the pain became part of me
    For It does penetrate within me
    Hurting my heart that much
    Making my life this hard
    Cause I still can't move on.

    You gave me bad memories
    Enough memories to fill me with fear
    Cause the fear began defeating me
    For It hunts my heart down
    Cause those memories keep haunting me
    Making an unfair fate for me
    Cause I still can't move on.

    You gave me much reasons
    Enough reasons to cry
    Cause my tears tear me apart
    For It reminds my heart that it's hurt
    Cause those tears trapped my joy
    Making a thorn made throne for my torn heart
    Cause I still can't move on.


  • _mbabazi_ 12w


    Her beautiful soft face is still here
    It's stuck deep inside my heart
    For the scars keep deepening
    Cause her absence scratch my scars
    And I can't let go and move on
    Cause She died right in my hands.

    My wounds are still flesh
    My eyes are red from crying
    My pain is still trending
    Cause I get to hold her toys
    And I can't avoid her room
    Cause it renew my memory
    Though She died right in my hands.

    She fell sick from the start
    She looked pale from the poison
    Her smile faded from the sorrow
    My eyes cried for her pain
    My soul pleaded for her life
    Our bond weakened from the barrier
    Cause She died right in my hands.

    I rely on the memories of her
    I recall the moments with her
    Right before this sad story
    Cause I memorized everything
    For I know everything she used to say
    I recall her soft sweet sound
    Though She died right in my hands.


  • _mbabazi_ 12w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Fury

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    Her Fury destroyed her own fate that day

  • _mbabazi_ 12w

    Dear Bestie

    I don't know If I even deserve you,but all I know is that I'll be there for you each and every time you need me. I'm not rich but I will manage to get all I can,to keep you happy and safe. Sometimes I act like an idiot, but you're always therefor me❤️. Thanks alot for being a shoulder to cry on.Thanks alot for being a caring sisbae. I can't promise you happiness cause sometimes I know that I hurt you but this doesn't stop the fact that you got a place deep inside my heart. I don't know why God loved me this much to give a friend like you. A friend who laugh at my stupid jokes and advise me in those serious situations.You're highly appreciated darlingand I love you so much.