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  • _meraki 2w

    “Grief is love without a place to go”

  • _meraki 7w

    As i see you walk away from me
    With hopes starting to fall
    I keep asking myself
    Are we gonna lose it all?

    For the first time I had no words
    That to you I could say
    I cling to old memories
    While I watch you walk away

    I just don't want to let you go
    Was it me or did our friendship catch dust
    My heart's whimpering with pain
    But it's my mind that I trust

    If only I could handle it
    And bear to just say,
    I'd use my last breath and say the words:
    'Don't Walk Away!'

  • _meraki 8w

    Wipeout your own tears, because if people come to you they will come for a deal

  • _meraki 10w

    You were a good part of my life
    While i hate to say so
    It may be hard for a while
    Holding onto feelings I'll never let go

    You are the poem i never knew how to write
    You are the story I've always wanted to tell
    You being the most part of my mind and my heart
    While yours is the name my heart wants to yell

    Lets just leave it on time
    Cause they say time answers all
    And if it is meant to be
    Time will remove the wall.

  • _meraki 11w

    The past stays in the past for a reason
    That is where its supposed to stay
    But some cant just let it go
    While some just let it go away

    Until all their focus turns to
    The person they used to be
    The mistakes they made in their life
    Only if they could see

    That you cannot change what happened
    No matter how hard you try
    No matter how much you think about it
    No matter how much you cry

    What happens in your lifetime
    Happens for reasons unknown
    So you have to let the guilt out
    Let your story be shown

    Because the past stays in the past for a reason
    It's been there and now it is gone
    So stop trying to think of ways to fix it
    Its done, its unchangeable, Move on!

  • _meraki 12w

    Imagine if I was given one chance
    just a single slice of my past
    I could hold it close forever
    Andd that moment would always last

    I'd put the moment in a safe
    Storing it in my life's episode
    I could open it when I wanted
    And only I would know the code

    I would choose a moment of happiness
    A time of liveliness and fun
    I could've a friend that chose me
    After knowing everything I've done

    I'm building my own little library
    Embedded in my heart
    For all the moments spent with you
    Before life took us apart

    I can open it up whenever I like
    Pick a moment and watch it through
    My lil heart acts as a promise
    And I'll never forget you

  • _meraki 14w

    To learn while still growing
    What this life is meant to be
    To know it goes beyond myself
    It's so much more than me

    To try to understand the ones
    That no one cares to know
    And make them feel some value
    When the world has let them go

    To be honest, strong and true
    That person loyal to the end
    To be a constant source of hope
    To my family and my friends

    To be proud of whom I've tried to be
    And this life I chose to live
    To make the most of every day
    By giving all I have to give

  • _meraki 15w

    Lift your head, bring your smile back
    Paint your world with color instead of black
    Undo your lies, make them true
    Don't let your anger take over you

    Open your eyes, there's sm to see
    There's so many things that you could be
    If instead of thinking, you actually tried
    And forgot about the tears you cried

    You could be living in a world of hope
    And letting go, learning how to cope.
    With everything life throws your way
    And living your fullest every day

    You can learn all this if only you realize
    It only matters what perfect is in your eyes.

  • _meraki 15w

    I've succumbed to my own emotions
    Hoping you to stay
    Now there's a pain in my heart
    And it won't go away

    Those endless nights
    I felt something i never felt
    As hard as I try to be strong
    All these emotions start to melt

    The whole picture of me has changed
    I once was a guy w dignity and grace
    Now tht you've just left me
    I'm slipping through the cracks of your cold embrace

    Waiting or moving on
    Isnt always a choice
    Life's a game made for everyone
    And love is the prize.

  • _meraki 16w

    Forget the one
    Who's caused you all this pain,
    Trust me while i say
    A broken heart can beat again.

    They'll tell you to give up
    Dont always believe wht you're told,
    These are the ones that make you realize
    That the world is so cold.

    They may write you down in history
    With their bitter, twisted lies,
    You may have to go thro shit
    But still, like sun, you'll rise.

    You will get through this,there'll be times
    When you'll be on on your own,
    But whn all this is done
    "You'll never walk alone!"